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Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2005-08-11 14:26

Centrebet has installed a teenager with a British accent as its favourite to win Australian Idol.

Adelaide-based Joshua Williams heads Centrebet's exclusive betting market at odds of 6.00.

Innisfail sweetie Natalie Zahra (7.00) is Centrebet's pick as the top female in the competition.

Wiggles dancer/Sydney singer Chris Luder (9.00) rounds out the top three in Centrebet's book.

"The Poms may not win back the Ashes but one of their exports has a favourite's chance of becoming the next Australian Idol," says Centrebet's Gerard Daffy. "They're good at music!"

Australian Idol winner
6.00 Joshua Williams
7.00 Natalie Zahra
9.00 Chris Luder
11.00 Milly Edwards
13.00 Dan England

13.00 Lee Harding
15.00 Michael Williamson
17.00 Irene Bosmans
17.00 Jeremy Bourke
17.00 Seth Haapu
21.00 Jade-Lori Crompton
21.00 James Kannis
21.00 Ben Worthington
26.00 Leah Rushforth
26.00 Joe Sait
26.00 Dan Spillane
26.00 Tarni Stephens
26.00 Lauren Street
26.00 Emily Williams
26.00 Chloe Zuel
34.00 Kate DeAraugo
34.00 Laura Gissara
34.00 Rocky Loprevite
34.00 David Mardini
34.00 Victoria McGee
34.00 Anne Robertson
34.00 Lindsay West
41.00 Roxane Lebrasse
41.00 Nat Matiuk
41.00 Catherine Vasilakis

I might have to put some

I might have to put some cash down on a couple of these...

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