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Australian Idol ­- Victoria / Tasmania Auditions

Submitted by The Critic on Fri, 2005-07-29 10:38

After a record 41 made it through to the next round from Queensland, tonight Victoria and Tasmania get their chance to bid for the Idol crown. Last year Melbourne gave us Anthony Callea. What will they give us tonight?

Victorian's had been camping out for two days in the freezing conditions for their chance to impress the judges. Daniel Konefka however isn't impressing anyone. Kyle calls him a bean bag with legs who can't sing.

Allan Kofoed is totally confident that he is the next Australian Idol. I imagine everyone is praying the judges send him packing right now. Kyle tells him he's perfect for a drag show but has nothing for Australian Idol. Allan says he really thinks he has talent. Boy is he dillusional.

John Jakubenko is back auditioning again this year with Maroon 5's Sunday Morning. He gets three yeses after auditioning for the last three years.

Daniel MacDougall is confident Marcia will like his good looks. Will she like his voice as much as his mother proudly does? He's got a huge voice but Kyle thinks he needs a makeover. While Kyle and Marcia think he's got what it takes, Mark is in shock. So much so that he bets $10,000 with Kyle that he wont make it into the top five. This will make the competition interesting! Kyle reckons he's better than Shannon which leaves Mark in a state of disbelief.

Natalie Oates sings 'most people I know think that I'm crazy'. You know she's just asking to be insulted. She gets a triple 'turd-burger' from the judges. Yup. It was that good.

Steve Bousdoukos is a big voiced Nirvana singing rocker. Arna Rox sings a chick rock version of Offspring. Both sound like they had gravel for breakfast.

Melbourne being Melbourne there are plenty of Italians around. Pretty boy Callea represented well last year and this year it looks as though the other stallions have bolted from the stables.

Singing teacher Rocky Loprevite has a nice falsetto and makes it through to the next round. Laura Gissara gets through cause Kyle says he doesn't want it to be ugly idol. Mark can't say yes. He says it's a nice rig but too much ego. 16 year old Deanna Campese can certainly sing and looks good. Kyle gives her a yes but Mark doesn't like her voice. Marcia says no because she doesn't think she's humble which sets Deanna off onto a speil about how it's just nerves but she just needs the chance... yada yada yada. Marcia changes her mind so it's a clean sweep for the Italian trio.

Stephanie Choo shakily sings Alicia completely out of key. It's pretty horrendous. Apparently she has been getting singing lessons. Someone needs to sack her.

Ally Pearce sounds like an Australian version of Fran Drescher and looks almost as bad. Belly Dancer Rikki Ibraim is a Paris Hilton look alike. She says she gets those comments all the time but just thanks God she's attractive. Mark asks if anyone has a five dollar bill.

Flynn returns to give some advice for the next segment about "a how you need to dress to impress". Patrick Ryan 'Sven' from Sweden has obviously ignored that advice wearing ripped jean shorts that almost have bits hanging out. Emma Halfpenny dressed like a Pirate and Julia Zass dressed up like Minnie Mouse to sing Hey Mickey. Ebony Wood wears a green jumpsuit with a four leaf clover on the front and jumps around throwing Gummy Bears around the place. Adam Tsen butchers Amazing Grace and a very similar looking Mark Nicholson who is wearing a Lion costume.

Tip two from Flynn is to pick a song that matches your personality. Laura Gaal breaks crystal right around the country while Travis Cole loses his pants during his song. Jack Watty is all dressed up to play cricket and sings hows that.

Tip three from Flynn is Sexy is about feeling horny, from your heart. Jeremy Kwong attempts Phil Colins and asks that we 'take a good look at him now'. Unfortunately he was still standing there when Mark could no longer control his nerdometer and slammed his hand onto the table.

Jordon Koster, Christopher Chung and Alex Rathgeber redeem the last segement by sounding reasonable.

Dharshan Arnold is pumped up. Mark psychs him up in a mini shouting match before he launches into Livin La Vida Loca. The judges were not impressed with the Dharshan styles. He says he'll take directions so Kyle tells him to walk out the same way he came in.

Casey Donovan turns up to surprise all the contestants on the day of her 17th birthday, just before the release of her new single, Flow.

Adrian (Age) Lay tells us that the reason he wants to be the next Australian Idol is that he's got big ears and wears glasses and no other Idols have that. He sounds like a drowning cat. Mark looks like he wants to throw his chair out the window. While Adrian keeps singing Mark takes off his microphone and starts to strangle himself with it. Adrian gets the message and leaves.

Our hosts Andrew G and James Mathison scoot off to Tasmania to scout for talent while the judges remain in Melbourne to trudge through the hopefuls. We get to be reminded of the shockers that they encountered last year. Hopefully they find someone great for the judges.

Nathan Brown is classically trained and joins the hosts list to go to Melbourne. Chris Turner has had a bit too much spring water. Milly Edwards has her own style and can sing too. They end up taking 9 back to Melbourne from Tasmania. How many of them will go through to Sydeny?

Day three in Melbourne and the Tasmanians are here. Nathan gets told he has nothing Kyle wants. Kyle Steele stomps and claps while Elly Hoyt and Pagan Newman continue to let the side down. Milly Edwards sounds great and impresses all the judges and is through to Sydney.

Jason Brohier aims high but misses. Lindsay West gets told he's got the best rock voice he's heard from Kyle. Marcia agrees and he's through. Joe Sait has a big and a unique sounding voice singing Living on a Prayer. He has a voice a lot of women would kill for.

Nearing the end of the Melbourne auditions and the judges are getting cranky. A number of wannabees are told to 'get out' which leads to the inevitable tears. Oh what great moments of television.

Victor Duarte attempts American Woman which doesn't impress the judges. Victor botches it up and Kyle jokes that he was going to put him through. Victor then tells Mark that he likes his opinion of the music industry. Mark then tells him that his opinion of him is that he sucks. Kyle lets him continue singing much to Mark's disgust. Kyle says, "But Marcia might be into" which sends her into hysterics. Outside, Victor is upset about being laughed at by Mark and thinks Kyle was being serious. Delusional!

Irene Bosmans tells the judges before she starts that they will be regretting it if they don't put her through. She performs well and gets what she wants.

David Mardini is having his last shot at the industry at 27 years old. Marcia loves him and it's an emotional moment. All the other judges agree and in total 33 made it through from Victoria.

Next week, Western Australia and then onto Sydney.

was that $10,000 bet for

was that $10,000 bet for real?

the reaction to his "better than shannon" comment was hilarious. of course he's better -- it's hard to be much worse.

same goes for any comparisons to casey.  if they say "hmm, she's no Casey" i'll bust a gut.  i'd certainly hope that she was absolutely *nothing* like casey.  look how far she got ffs. her career was over before it began.

Kyle sounds like a real try

Kyle sounds like a real try hard. He reminds me of some kind of yucky mild mint that leaves a stale flavour in your mouth, you know what i mean?

I've enjoyed most of his

I've enjoyed most of his comments.

and i have a video recorder

and i have a video recorder now, so if i miss an episode i can tape it :)

thanks thecritic

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