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Chris Luder

Submitted by The Critic on Wed, 2005-08-10 21:02

Age: 26
Location: Gladstone, NSW
Original Group: Group One
Kicked out: September 12th 2005

Chris gained everyone’s attention with his smooth vocal introduction to
Sign Your Name during the solo performances after making it into the top 59.

Appeared in Wiggli Safari as a dancer.

Inside Idol Aug 12
“I’m hoping to achieve the best that I possibly can from Australian Idol. All I want to do is do the best that I can do and I’d like to entertain a few people, well not a few a lot of people

wow i totally agree laura

wow i totally agree laura sucks she cant sing. Chris should have stayed in he rocked. Him and Roxy were my favourites and they sound great together.WOW i wish we could put him bak in

Chris does have what it

Chris does have what it takes. Hes the best of all bestest bests. I love him. He has the most Beautiful voice. GO CHRIS :{ Sorry you got out. By the way Laura sucks, she should have gone instead of you. ;'[

When I heard Chris sing - I

When I heard Chris sing - I turned up my tv and was rivited to the floor. When I heard him talk, I was in love.  What a voice !!!

Go Chris - you are my favorite idol.

Hey all! I know Chris

Hey all! I know Chris personally and I can tell you that he has the talent and skills to go very far. He has an amazing voice and can dance extremely well. All he has ever dreamed about and worked for is music. Its his life. And im so proud of him. Everyone here is supporting you all the way Chris. Good Luck Tuesday. xox :)

Good luck Chris, in my

Good luck Chris, in my opinion you really have what it takes to win this - great voice, charm, charisma, showmanship and humility

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