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Milly Edwards

Submitted by Idolblogger on Thu, 2005-08-04 09:16

Age: 17 Location: Mt.Eliza in Victoria Originally appeared in the Tasmanian auditions and was brought back to Victoria for the competition. People thought she was from Tasmania until the Group 2 Inside Idol. Inside Idol Show 2 - Group Two Melbourne girl, just had her hairdresser dye her hair blue, she’s 17, has been a musician for ages, her hairdresser thinks that we’ll like her hair her vitality… “I first started when I was 15 and I started at a young talent night and from then on ive been in their theatre restaurant shows

MILLY is just

MILLY is just faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic!! She has ALWAYS got the best songs to sing on the night. Milly is the one i always look forward to hearing coz her songs are always just so great and she sings them perfectly. LUV THE MULLET!!!

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