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Australian Idol ­ Audition 1

Submitted by djwright on Tue, 2005-07-26 19:24

Hear that sound?

Yes, it’s the sound of another season of Australian Idol! So grab your popcorn, a quilt, a nice mug of hot chocolate and a pair of earplugs because it’s highly likely that you’ll need them. Prepare yourselves, because in just moments you’ll be a part of Australia’s biggest search.

Channel 10 is doing some cross-over-reality-tv with the final couple of weeks of the current season of Big Brother still to go and the new series of Australian Idol just about to premier I fear that Australia will have reality-tv overload.

Just think of all the cash that they'll be raking in through sms' and competitions...

Ooooh Oooh Oooh, it's just about to begin.

This series begins with some memories...

First we remember the season from 2003, some Guy, some Shannon, some of the final from 2003.

And secondly we are reminded of the journey that Casey (wherever she is now) took thoughout 2004 and the final in which she founf herself to be the Idol for 2004.

Andy G and James greeted us by showing us some of the "success" stories from Australian Idol before moving over to introducing the auditions, the good, the bad, and everything that is in between.

There's nothing like the 2005 Idol Road Train as it rolls over Australia through every capital city, tonight we'll be checking out the Queensland auditions in Cairns and Brisbane.

the jude team are introduced by showing some of the conflict between Kyle and Mark over the auditions. James introduces Mark Holden by reliving some of Mark's history as a musician and producer, Mark says he's heard some of the greatest voices in australia. Marcia is introduced as one of our most respected musical icons, Marcia can feel it in her bones, this will be a great year. Kyle is introduced by checking out the Kyle and Jackie radio show, Kyle says that he doesnt care what other people think about him but Jackie, his co-host calls him a teddy bear. Kyle has no doubt about it, this year is about looking for a star.

Mark and Marcia don't think that Kyle is prepared for what he's agreed to be a part of and Marcia warns us that there'll be some sparks flying this year...

But anyhow... To Queensland.

People lined up for days to audition, Kyle was pumped, Marcia was radient and Mark had his skivvy on.

First up... Mark Crossan who screamed his way through his audiion, glad I have these ear plugs...

Ria Hall seemed to be the first one through with a nice voice that got her a clap from Mark and Marcia, don't ask me what she was singing, I was too busy typing.


Just so it's made clear, I'm here again this year, not because I'm addicted to Idol but because thecritic offered me free broadband, last year's attempts at live blogging awarded me with a possible early onset of RSI and the last 7 months in psychiatric treatment...

*adbreak over*

Day one in brisbane Erina and some of the other vocal coaches went

Timothy Mclarity singing "Still Called Australia Home" made me cry in pain and then, Joycelyn Simpson auditioned with a teddy bear in hand and left with it in her hand, and not as fast as I'd have liked her to... The next up was Jourdan who sang a very very bad rendition of Celene Dion and received a fairly cruel ear bashing from Kyle who told him that it was a waste, Marcia came in and told Kyle off for making the boy cry and gave the kid some advice.

"How could someone be driven to be so cruel" says Jourdan, as he cried and left.

Possibly the next Flynn "Ravel Lee" comes in and introduces himself and receives another earbashing "crap in any language" says Mark and "i felt violated" says Kyle.

What follows is a number of bad performances that I'd prefer not talking about and a number of average singers who just don't deserve a mention.

Kyle's new term is "Puss" - Bacteria infested mucus and then picks people to death, boring dress, boring hair, boring personality and boring boring boring...

Speaking of Flynn there seems to be an infestation of asian young men trying out for Australian Idol this year...

Did I mention that I cooked a great beef strogenoff tonight? The trick is to put in the right amount of sour cream in the end and to use a tonne of fresh organic mushrooms... err, ahh, thats right, I'm watching Idol.. sorry, forgot.

My bad...

Daniel Spilliane was sent away last year by Mark to train and to improve and focus his image. He's taken their advice, resigned from his job and has moved to Brisbane to train and improve his musical talents. He comes out sings Gimme some Lovin and makes his way through the judges. Mark sais he's one of the first people who has come back and improved, he's the first to make it through to the top 100, I guess Ria didn't make it after all...


ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... silence.

*end of adbreak*

Johnathon Elms was the first audition after the adverts and with a rather low and out of tune voice suceeded in making me forget about the lovely meal I ate... Dan England was next up and blew the judges away with his great looks and vocal talents, Dan's day job is a Petrol Attendant and he gets to give up the petrol station for a couple of weeks...

The women of Queensland are just not delivering, the auditions are going from worse to OH MY GOD CUT OUT MY EARS. The first girl up Emily Williams, a young mother from brisbane who managed to impress the judges and laugh mid-audition which impressed Marcia "she's joyous."

Is it that the judges are hard to please or that Queenslanders can't sing?

Andy and James head to Cairns to see if they can find some singers who may not be able to make it to the auditions to bring over to Brisbane... Oh great... Andy and James are judges...

The line in Cairns is fairly large, even though theres a tropical storm outside... April Thomas almost frightened the two young men away, and she wasn't alone

Natalie Zahra, a beautiful brunette from the local area sang a very strong version of "Somewhere over the rainbow" and got the nod from Andy and James while Maryland Tanti, a good friend of Natalie came in and also knocked the boys over with her voice. Both of the girls will be taken to Brisbane to meet the judges.


Someone in the comments asked me what I thought of Kyle...

I listen to jjj and community radio wherever I go... his radio show annoys me, his arrogance smells like poo and his hair is just plain frightening.

Oooohh, I just saw an advert for a concert with Anthony Callea... so, he is still alive... Who'd have guessed?

*end of adbreak*

Ok, due to thecritic fluffing around on the server I lost an ENTIRE POST, so without me wasting more time…

a) Natalie, Shaye and Marylands from Cairns made it through
b) That makes 3 for 3 from Cairns
c) I almost quit idolblog because the server lost my post
d) Kyle got Shaye to do a dramatic portrayal of her killing a pig, he pretended to be the pig, she jumped on him and killed him.

That’s about it, however my original section was a lot longer and much funnier, but because of thecritic you all miss out!!!

*sobs, I can't work like this, I really can't work like this*


Kill me now

*end of adbreak*

I’ve spent the last 5 minutes telling thecritic and admin about my woes and how much I’m upset about my last section being lost so I forgot to keep watching and typing…

My bad.

Mind you, from what I’ve been hearing there wasn’t much to write about…

Lauren Street comes out and says that she sounds like Nikki Webster and knocks the three judges over with her audition… another girl through to the 100.


Tomorrow night's episode heads to Melbourne, I can't wait...

*end of adbreak*

After 3 days of auditions a young blonde Tarni Stephens, who regularly plays in a band in Brisbane came into the room and rocked the floor and received praise from both the boys and Marcia.

All up 40 people

That’s right 40 people

40 people made it into the top 100 from Queensland…

Only 60 more? Or will they allow more people in?

Anyhow, I’m worn out... time to go to the pub, 7.30pm tomorrow night we’re off to Victoria for the Melbourne auditions.

And with only 60 more positions left I’m sure we’re going to hear a lot of rubbish…

Can someone please rewind

Can someone please rewind tapes or something and tell me what song the "heavy metal dude" sung? with the 1 line of screaming in it. Please email the answer to
Please reply, Ive heard the song somewhere b4 but i dont know where
thank you
--Ryan Stock

Ohh, I was in Aussie - but I

Ohh, I was in Aussie - but I came back to New Zealand the day Aussie Idol started.  Was so gutted.  Yeah. I wanted to see what Kyle was like.

Well. Ummm. Hello.Things

Well.  Ummm.  Hello.

Things have gotten prettier in here since last year.
Fun enough show.  Lots of Wanna-Be Chinese dudes.
felt Kyle was actually pretty darn good. Rather blunter than Dicko, and
not as up with the witty putdowns.  But he'll do the job. 
Far better than that strange englishman in X-Factor anyway.

Usual Nutcases. Nutcases. Nutcases. Nutcases. Nutcases. Nutcases. Nutcases.Nutcases.

(bugger.  The colour things, and the Table editor don't work in Firefox)

The show was gr8  <- (will the txt converter convert it?)  Nope.

:) :( ;) ;( :P 8) :O :D  Smilies remain unconverted. :(

  1. I loved the pig killing girl
  2. And the Heavy Metal Dude.
  3. And the really spunky chick from Inisfail
  4. But no Chanel yet.

(Sorry.  Messing about with the new editor.  I wont do it again.)

Oh well.  the superscript and subscript thingies dont do anything after all.

And it doesn't put newlines where you want them.

DJ Wright - back at idolblog

DJ Wright - back at idolblog again for another obsession filled season :-)

Nice work mate

Heh, yes where IS Casey

Heh, yes where IS Casey now??

What do you think of Kyle? I've never seen/heard him.

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