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Inside Idol Show 1 - First Ten

Submitted by djwright on Thu, 2005-08-11 19:55

First Ten Group Adventures:
The first ten contestants were treated to a week of fun, food and excitement. The first adventure we were able to see them on was a boat trip across the Sydney Harbor where they were getting to know one another and have some relaxation. Some of the crew were getting along better than the others, with Daniel Spillane flirting quite a bit with Jade-Lori. Jade and others were seen phoning friends to tell them what cool stuff they were getting up to while others were busy taking photos and having a rest. The trips full of laughs and fun, they’re making the most of the experience of being in the top 30 of Australian Idol.

The ten then were taken up to the Sydney Opera House to dream of what it could feel like to walk up the steps in a number of weeks time to be crowned the next Australian Idol.

Back on the boat John Foreman joined the crew to encourage them to remember to continue working and looking towards the prize.

The ten were then taken out for tea, Irene said that she wishes that she can be the Australian Idol so she can always eat like this, while Chloe and Lindsay talk about everyone getting to know one another and how great everyone is. Chloe talks about hearing Chris sing and how it makes her melt, it seems like he’s seen as the one to beat while Dan and Chris think that Josh with his smile really fit the “idol mould.