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Song Choices For The First Ten Show

Submitted by djwright on Thu, 2005-08-11 20:28

Here's the complete list of the songs (and lyrics) that the contestants will be singing on the 17th of August in the first ten's live performance show.

Personally, the idea of Lindsay singing a Cyndi Lauper song sends a shiver down my spine, this could be a show of high highs and devastating lows.

What do you think of the song choices?

A bad version of Cyndi

A bad version of Cyndi Lauper is always hell.

Tarni gets my vote though, for getting a Gunners classic onto the TV.  Sensational work Tarni - really, really good stuff.

I think Lindsay West has

I think Lindsay West has heard the matchbox twenty version of 'Time After Time' so he is just copying

I think Lindsay West is a

I think Lindsay West is a little ambitious...trying to change 'Time After Time'.

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