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The Critic's picks from Group 1

Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2005-08-16 09:21
Australian Idol Group One Now that Kyle, Mark and Marcia have finished eliminating contestants from the Australian Idol competition, we can have our turn. This week our first group from the top 30 perform for our votes in the hope that we'll all be gracious enough to grant them a place in the top top 12. Here's how I see it shaping up.
  • Anne Robertson
    One of the biggest problems that these semi final contestants have is that some of them go in with little or no screen time, up against others who have had their image and personality already warmed to by the public. She has a nice voice and personality but I don't think it's going to be enough to push her ahead of some of the others in this group without a big performance.
  • Chloe Zuel
    Chloe is possibly a little out of her league amongst this group. We'll probably all enjoy her performance, but not enough to want to see her again.
  • Dan Spillane
    I am reasonably confident that Dan will be one of the better performers on the night. His voice sounds fantastic with his song choice and as long as he holds it together, I'd be surprised not to see him in the top 12.
  • Irene Bosmans
    There is something about Irene that just irks me. Is it her cocky attitude? I'm not sure. I don't think her song choice for this week is smart and I don't think she'll be making it through to the top 12.
  • Jade-Lori Crompton
    I quite like Jade-Lori's song choice for this week and along with her unusual vocal sound may just sneak in to the top four from this group.
  • Josh Williams
    I'm not sure how having a british accented bloke in this competition would make some of the contestants feel if he makes it into the top 10. He has a nice tone and appears to be well liked. I suspect he'll be one of our finalists.
  • Lindsay West
    Lindsay is an average singer who, even if he were to win Australian Idol would have a very short career. Why? Because his style is killing his voice. How long can one sustain belting with a mouth wide enough to house an entire watermelon? It may be a cool and quirky attribute to have in the competition but I can imagine the novelty will wear off faster than the X-Factor.
  • Seth Haapu
    I am keen to hear Seth perform as he's got a great up-tempo song which will suit his voice fantastically. He's certainly in with a chance but he'll have to outshine some others who have had more exposure if he wants that top 12 spot.
  • Tarni Stephens
    Having a rock chick in the competition would be a great plus for Australian Idol. She's a seasoned professional and I expect she'll pull off her performance and earn a spot in the top 12.
  • Chris Luder
    While I'm not sure that you'd want to be known as the spare wiggle, it probably will have it's advantages. Something would have to be seriously wrong for Chris not to make it into the top 12.
Top Four I'm picking Chris Luder, Tarni Stephens, Josh Williams and Dan Spillane. Narrowing it down to three is extremely difficult and who ever it is I would expect them to make it through in the wildcard round.

Who I think will advance:

Who I think will advance: Chris Luder, Josh Williams, Tarni Stephens

Who I want to see advancing: Jade-Lori Crompton, Irene Bosmans, Chris Luder, Seth Haapu (wildcard)

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