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Wildcard Schmildcard

Submitted by djwright on Tue, 2005-08-23 11:17

There's been a lot of talk on the forums of the official site today about the shock inclusion of Laura in the top three in last night's verdict. The rumour mill has been running in overdrive with people suggesting that a workplace newsletter from her dad's place of employment might have encouraged more votes and there has also been a rumour that the spelling of Roxane's name on the official site might have also harmed her chances.

The long of the short of it is that Idol fans all over the country are pretty annoyed at Laura's inclusion and that in itself begs to ask the question of "who the hell spent a million dollars of sms' to get her through?" It obviously wasn't the majority of people viewing this website and very obviously not the majority of people who are a part of the official site's forum... so who the hell DID vote for her?

Anyhow, in an act of grief and denial Roxane fans from all over the country have been trying to deal with her missing out last night by suggesting that she’ll get through in the wildcard show.

I have one word for you.


Laura's inclusion makes a

Laura's inclusion makes a mockery of claims by Holden that this year's top 12 would be better than last year's finalists.

I think it is hugely funny and an acute embarrassment for the judges.


THIS is THE Australian Idol

THIS is THE Australian Idol Blog, the rest are imitations.

they should pack up that site and join us over here.

*fingers crossed for Irene*

*fingers crossed for Irene*

i seriously doubt it i doubt

i seriously doubt it

i doubt that the producers would allow the top 12 to be 90% female, what you (might) see is victoria and roxane, but i doubt there'll be many females in the wildcards.

there's no justicei'm

there's no justice

i'm keeping my fingers crossed because i know it's a long-shot.

"what's it gonna BEeeeEEEee!??"

here's a disturbing thought:  laura will probably last a few more rounds.  she obviously has a lot of people willing to vote for her, especially if she cries.  it's highly likely that she'll tank next time as well. the result? more tears, more votes, thus she stays in the competiton.

i don't think she knows how bad she is.  she thinks that mark "doesn't like her", not "doesn't like her voice."   she was told by catherine "see, i told you you were fantastic."   marcia said she was "very good."  she treated the result as a triumph for the underdog.

it's a huge train wreck happening in slow-motion right before our eyes and there's nothing we can do about it.  the only hope is for Kyle to admit he was wrong about her.     how likely is that :-)

how great would it be if she won the whole competition?  oh man. i can't wait :-)

hey... brainwave... i wonder



i wonder how BMG and channel ten would cope if we started a "laura for idol" campaign asking people to only vote for laura, continuing the farce...

wouldnt it be funny if on the final night she's standing there on stage with about 10 people around her clapping...

If she won? It would mean

If she won?
It would mean she had made a brilliant turn around, and showed herself to be a great performer afterall.  That WOULD be a great story.

she could win without giving

she could win without giving a single decent performance.   lots of tears will be needed and the sympathy voters will have to work overtime.

winning the competition doesn't make her the best performer. hell, look at Casey.

edit:  i've forgotten how the final 12 system works.  do people vote for who they want to keep and then there's a bottom 3?    i reckon laura will be staying for at least 5 weeks.

Casey had many good

Casey had many good performances...but I agree with your feeling that Laura will be staying for many weeks.

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