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Inside Idol - Semi Final 3 Song Choices

Submitted by djwright on Thu, 2005-08-25 22:42

Unfortunately, the long of the short of it is that my video player failed to record this weeks's Inside Idol. This means that I'm relying on you guys to get involved to let us know what happened and what you thought, that is until thecritic can get to downloading the gig and watching it...

I did manage to hunt down most of the song choices...

The Skinny rocker, Jeremy

The Skinny rocker, Jeremy Bourke, has lots of energy but his voice is not that great.

Lee Harding will get in, unless he is really mediocre. 

Dan might also get in on spunk factor... but Dans always end up sucking.

yeah...last years dans were

yeah...last years dans were terrible

Jeremy Bourke looks like a

Jeremy Bourke looks like a 12 year old

a few random thoughts of

a few random thoughts of mine:  Kate is hot in the same way that CC (from the Nanny) is hot. 

Lee Harding is no oil painting

Light My Fire only works when it's 7 minutes worth, not 1 min 30

James is very good at falling over

Dan England is the male version of Casey.

Lauren looks exactly like that girl from American Beauty.

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