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Australian Idol - Semi Final Three Recap

Submitted by djwright on Sun, 2005-08-28 20:35


Sorry that this was not a live recap, I usually work Sundays, so can’t usually do live gigs on Fridays, but I’ll fix that now and put up my recap…

Before I start I thought that I'd share Ozii's unofficial opinion... just to kickstart the conversation below:

    Nat - too over the top - wont make it
    Jeremy - very poor - couldn’t hit a note - flat the whole song
    Lauren - 80's - wont make it
    Leah - ok, but too frowny - good voice but wont make it
    Joe - bizarre fellow - no chance
    Natalie - great vocals - reminds me of Tina Arena - should make it
    Lee - good could make it - young audience will like
    Dan - excellent - hope he makes it
    Emily - very good - reminds me of Fantasia and Paulini
    James - thought he was good too
    So Natalie, Lee, Dan, Emily and James will compete for it

We started the night with Andy and James asking the judges what they thought of last week’s results, Mark deciding to remain rather silent re his thoughts saying that “it’s one man verses a million and the public is always right

Nat - really great voice but

Nat - really great voice but not right for Idol

Jeremy - really bad. I was shocked when he got into the top 30.

Lauren - cringeworthy. bad song choice.

Leah - beautiful eyes, nice voice but needs more of a stage presence.

Joe - sounded worse than usual. Also a shock Top 30 inclusion.

Natalie - she has got a great voice but she overdoes the wavering voice thing (there's a name for it but it escapes me).

Lee - Man he was good. Put a smile on my face.

Dan - I was already a Dan Fan.This was not his best performance but definitely a standout on the night.

Emily - I thought she nailed the song myself but she is a bit scary to look at. BUt that can be fixed.

James - gorgeous until he smiles (harder to fix). Good voice but didn't like the dance moves either.

Top 4 - Dan, Lee, Natalie, Emily

Top 3 - Dan, Lee, Natalie


good to see i'm not the only

good to see i'm not the only Leah fan out there.

"He sings and looks like someone’s shoved an entire bunch of bananas up his bottom."


I loved Lee and James

I loved Lee and James tonight (his reverse Moonwalk funky dance was Genuis!).

Liked Dan but thought he didn't deserve the level of toungebathing he got.

I'd like Lee, James and Dan to go through, but expect Natalie to go through instead of James. I think Natalie seems like a nice girl but vocaly overrated and her song tastes are horrific.

Nice to be back! I thought this season was going to stop me posting till tonights show. I think we'll see Hakea back soon too. Will someone be live blogging the results tommrow? We will be working!

I think dan was the best by

I think dan was the best by far-Great song choice-I have always wanted to see someone sing this on idol,with a good voice that is,and he has it.I think he will win.

I also liked Natalie and James out of this group.

Nat - just didnt like her,

Nat - just didnt like her, sings ok but an eyesore

Jeremy - one of my favourite songs, pity he botched it up

Lauren - Good performance, probably not good enough to make the 3 though

Leah - Song and vocals were great, emotional stuff, my choice for 4th place

Joe - Sounded like Jon Bon minus the testosterone..

Natalie - Best female vocals of the night - my choice for 3rd place

Lee - Great stuff, i reckon he'll be the dark horse of the comp - 2nd place methinks

Dan - Love this guys vocals - Number one without a doubt :)

Emily - not my cup of tea, sang well but didnt connect

James - Did ok, good song choice, maybe a wildcard

my $3.50 worthNat - ha!

my $3.50 worth

Nat - ha! ha!  she does kinda look like a bloke, doesnt she? heh. anyway.  light my fire doesn't work as a snippet, and definately doesnt work if your only focus is on the lyrics. 4/10
Jeremy - awful. 2/10
Lauren - cute, but .. *shrug* 4/10
Leah - one of my early favourites. she didnt let me down at all. i dont think she'll go much further in the competition, though she's done all she can.  am i the only one who finds her really hot?  she seems to have a good sense of humour too.  i wouldn't make a very good judge on this show.  i always seem to be sizing them up as girlfriend material :-)   plus she's apparently a lesbian :-(   reminds me a bit of darlene now that i think of it.  only without everything i didnt like about darlene.  7/10

Joe - interesting voice.  probably one of the few voices i could listen to for more than a few songs.  did anyone hear mark mention Tiny Tim?  what people tend to forget is that tiny tim is actually pretty bloody good. 4/10
Natalie - less annoying than i remember.  disappointed that she didn't pull many faces tonight.   the praise was over the top. good, but not great. 7/10
Lee - the most surprising performance so far this year. his performance almost made me forget i was watching australian idol.  (that's a very good thing.)  i've been into punk music for donkey's years and i'd have to say that as far as pop-punk vocalists go, he can certainly rank with the best of them.  the only question would be whether he and the Idol team are any good at writing originals. 8/10

Dan - knows his oldies, so could be this year's courtney. he's in the top 12 no matter what.  if he isn't top 3 this round, he'll be a wildcard.   i wasn't blown away by him tonight.  7/10
Emily - rubbish.  has anyone here seen a comedy series called Bottom?  her hair looks *exactly* like eddies did when he dressed up as Rik's wife.  3/10
James - girls this year all fall head-over-heels for the funny looking ones, so he's a dead cert.  5/10

the top 3 i'd like to see:  Lee, Dan, Natalie (with Leah as wildcard)

the top 3 we'll probably see:  Lee, Natalie, James (with Dan as wildcard)

worst 3: jeremy, joe, emily

For what it's worth, here's

For what it's worth, here's my take on tonight's performances:

Nat - Didn't like it.  Too keen to be "her own style".  Someone needs to tell her it's Australia that decides who makes it, not her.  Shouldn't be top 4.  5 out of 10.

Jeremy - Making up the numbers in every way, I'm afraid.  Poor vocals, hasn't got the look of an Idol either.  Nothing really going for him.  4 out of 10.

Lauren - Great vocals, was the clubhouse leader at that stage.  Unlucky to be in group 3, could have made the cut in group 2.  7 out of 10.

Leah - Agree with Kyle.  Looks depressed 24/7, but actually can sing a bit.  Needs to lighten up a lot, and back herself a bit.  Not bad, but wont appeal to the masses.  6.5 out of 10.

- Weird voice, don't know really how else to describe it.  Poor song choice will result in Joe missing the cut this week.  4.5 out of 10.

Natalie - Here's where the show got good.  I've liked this girl from the outset and she delivered in a big way.  A huge chance to take this year's Idol - her voice is huge and importantly she has the looks and quirky personality to go all the way.  9 out of 10.

Lee - Excellent performance, would be a worthy addition to the top 12, especially given the lack of guys this season so far.  Sang the song really well and will appeal to many.  8 out of 10.

Dan - Really, really good - I didn't know how the judges were going to respond but they loved it.  Would probably be my other selection for the top 3 on the night, with Natalie and Lee.  8 out of 10.

Emily - Sounded nice, but there was something missing.  Maybe it was heart (as Mark said) or just conviction - I don't know.  But I guess the main thing is, she sounded good.  Probably wont make  top 3 though.  7.5 out of 10.

James - Judges gave his a lot of praise, but I didn't love his performance.  His hand movements were downright awkward and icky to watch.  I would have preferred a more "normal" version of that classic song.  6 out of 10.

My predictions:

Top 4 - Natalie, Lee, Dan and James.

Top 3 - Natalie, Lee and Dan.

(I SMS voted for Natalie and Dan).

Leah does look like she's

Leah does look like she's gone through some hard times.  she works as a child counselor or something, doesnt she?

this is one of the reasons i like her. she looks like a ...... real person ....

"If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn't be a human being. You'd be a game-show host."

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