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Inside Idol Show - WILDCARD SHOW

Submitted by djwright on Thu, 2005-09-01 19:45

Whey hey heyyyyyyyyyyy

Yes! Tonight is Inside Idol tonight, and that means that we'll find out the Wildcard contestants AND I find out the wildcard's song choices!!!

Verdict Recap
Inside Idol started the evening by recapping the live verdict show from group three, Natialie shares that she’s so scared that her heart is racing, which gives the cameraman a little room to zoom in on Natalie’s chest… While the “three amigos

two things i noticed

two things i noticed tonight:

-lindsay is very short.

-lauren has nice boobs.

hehehehe yes, yes she does,


yes, yes she does, that dancing scene was rather interesting wasnt it?

*cough*  no comment


no comment :-)

no comment? soft...

no comment?


it's official dj!'s

it's official dj!'s roxane not roxanNe

yeah... i actually wrote an

yeah... i actually wrote an email to the official site and grundy suggesting that they change the images and text...

they still could not tell me if it would have harmed her vote result.

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