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Australian Idol ­ Audition Show 3 - Adelaide

Submitted by djwright on Wed, 2005-08-03 00:32

Andy and James walked around Adelaide hugging their fans, yes, the Idol Train has well and truly entered the City of Churches.

Guy Sebastian visited the home town Idol hopefuls to encourage the crew to audition…

I’m going to start the poo poo list again, scroll down to the bottom of the post to read it…

Josh Williams – a 16 year old lad from the UK sang a nice song, but had a good package going, attractive, young, nice smile and polite. Josh got 3 yes votes and rushes to work to tell his colleagues about his good news.

A number of hopefuls made it through, but we missed all their auditions because Andy G and James wanted to moon a church and the editors found the painful auditions funnier to watch. Seriously, why do we have to watch crap auditions over the ones that made the judges think that they had something to offer?

Sarah Lloyde – SA – 17 Sang a powerful song, was a tad pitchy but received a yes from all three judges before hugging each of them and dancing out singing “oh happy day