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Australian Idol ­ Audition Show 4 - NSW

Submitted by djwright on Wed, 2005-08-03 18:19

Tonight we'll be tortured over and over again by the worst of what NSW threw at the Australian Idol judges at the NSW auditions. It's highly unlikely that we'll get to see many great performances as last night we saw 8 from WA and 23 from Adelaide go through to Sydney but only saw 9 of the successful auditions.

For those of you not mathematically inclined, that was only 29% of the successful performances from last night.

So, from 730pm tonight Idol continues...

Sydney, it’s time to prove yourself…

It took 3 full days of judging to get through all of the auditions in Sydney, from people dressed up as Ronald McDonald and Batman to guitar-playing-beanie-clad young people waiting for their audition.

But never fear, King Kyle turned up 3 hours late to the auditions anyway due to traffic so they didn’t need to rush.

Anthony Callea even appeared during the auditions to sing for the hopefuls and cheer them on to their auditions…

I’ll keep a list of bad performances at the end of this post like I have for the last three states, it seems like I’ll be typing a lot into that list from the looks of the Idol Hopefuls…


  • Chris Luder – NSW – 26. Chris is a replacement Wiggle, he used to replace Greg and Anthony (blue and Yellow) came out and sang some Diesel “Tip of my Tongue

hey have you herd lee

hey have you herd lee harding sing its great i hope he is in the top 12!!!

Scott Walker's in the top

Scott Walker's in the top 30?  Maybe there's hope after all.

I hope he sings something off Tilt

i googled Leah Rushforth.

i googled Leah Rushforth. apparently she's a finalist in "Lesbian Idol"!

Shandell Manson (the one

Shandell Manson (the one kyle stopped mid-song) wasn't bad at all! and she was a babe.  i felt really sorry for her.

Leah Rushforth is the one i

Leah Rushforth is the one i was thinking of.  (i think!)  Compared to the other performers she seemed almost ....human.   I'll have to keep an eye on her progress.

Natalie Matiuk was another favourite.  I wish they would show more than 20 seconds of each performer.

re: Samuel Wallis -- I have no idea how he got through either. The judges criticisms of other performers ring very hollow when they have such bizarre double-standards.

Guilt Trip, Names are

Guilt Trip,

Names are above...

Re the site, it'll take a couple of weeks to have a large number of participants, Idol came onto us fast this year and the NZers are all watching NZ idol at the moment.

Anyone interested in typing up live posts or getting involved in the wiki? Just let me know.

i can do some screen caps if

i can do some screen caps if you want.  it's very helpful to put a face to the names.  i've recently got myself a tv capture card, so i can capture pics live from the show.  though the reception isn't exactly ideal at the moment.  

one contestant that did catch my eye: Angelina Rizzeri.  i think she'll go reasonably far this year.  she was very easy on the eye and seemed to have a promising voice.

what was the name of that

what was the name of that plain looking girl with the long, straight dark hair who got through to the next round?

i can't remember anyones name! argh.  they're all so same-y aren't they? especially the guys.  though the girl i mention seemed somewhat out of place, which is why i remember her. 

and what's the deal with all these balding 20 year olds?  most of these contestants look at least 10 years older than the age listed.

i also think that kyle knows what he's looking for, but has no idea about how to put it into words.  the babe-factor in his choice is obvious, but is that really all there is to it?  i also doubt that he can give constructive criticism. it'll be *very* interesting to hear his comments in the later rounds.  perhaps it would have been useful beforehand to show short interviews of the judges where they explain what they are looking for, especially taking into account the perspective they are supposed to represent.  i.e. mark as the guy with studio experience, marcia the performer, and kyle the music marketing dude.  we havent really heard any comments apart from yes/no/pus.   were the early episodes last year like this as well?

i have a very bad feeling

i have a very bad feeling about the talent this year.  i haven't been wowed by any of the contestants so far and i almost always struggle to see why the judges choose one person over another. 

also, where is everyone?  usually this "posts" section is full of discussions.  has this site been moved or something that i wasnt aware of? it does look a lot different.'d probably take a'd probably take a lot for you to be "wowed" you sound entirely boring- poor thing. Perhaps you should go back to watching the re - runs of Hi- Five that you keep under your bed.

are you one of the

are you one of the contestants?

"it'd probably take a lot for you to be "wowed""

i should hope so.  it's called having standards. 

i'm not sure what Hi-Five is

Cheers dj    It won't be

Cheers dj :)   It won't be the same not getting to see the show over here - but I will keep an eye on your entertaining

hey i recon this year is

hey i recon this year is going to be great but i think that anthorny calla should of one cause hes doing better than that other girl.....hey how spunky is lee harding

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