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Submitted by The Critic on Sun, 2005-09-25 19:38

Tonight the Top 10 perform rock! Who did you think was the best? Who do you think should be going home?

Anne Robertson- "Where The Streets Have No Name" by U2

Milly Edwards - "Somebody To Love" by Queen

Kate DeAraugo - "I Want It All" by Queen

Laura Gissara - "Greatest View" by silverchair Shocked

Lee Harding - "Roxanne" by The Police

Dan England - "We Will Rock You" by Queen

James Kannis - "Layla" by Eric Clapton

Daniel Spillane - "TNT" by AC/DC

Emily Williams - "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

Roxane Lebrasse - "We Are The Champions" by Queen

lee was so the best and he

lee was so the best and he should win 4 sure!!!!!!!!he is so hot and anyone who says anything bad about him can go f**** a cow!!!!!!!he is the best and he will win!!!

sms 'lee' to 191010!!!!!!!please vote! he really deserves to win this and we need a good aussie idol winner 4 once cuz guy is gay and casey is crap ass!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU LEE!!!!!!! YOU GOT MA VOTES EVERYTIME!!!!

love from hannah

My bottom 3 4 this

My bottom 3 4 this week..






Text "FANTASIA" to

Text "FANTASIA" to 191010...hehe

go James!!!

go James!!!

Dan e - never adds much of

Dan e - never adds much of his own style to the songs.  i think he's used to singing along with the radio, so he imitates rather than interprets.   still, this song is out of place anywhere except a sporting event.  1/10

Anne - singers shouldnt be so friendly. they should have an attitude, even if it's a fake one. the song went nowhere and hit no particular highs. 2/10

Milly - will be better "next week", according to the lady herself.  "next week" never comes!  0/10

CC - i'm not sure whether i love or hate those faces she pulls when she sings.  my least favourite performance from my favourite in the competition.  (kyle's comments make me wonder if he is reading the forums and hearing the arm talk..)  2/10

Laura  - her vocals were almost completely drowned out (not her fault), so it's hard to have an opinion one way or the other.   but i do give her major credit for being able to smile and say "thank you" to all criticisms levelled at her.  i really respect her for that.  compare her response with Dan Belle or Courtney from last year and you'll see what i mean. ?/10

Lee - energetic if over-long version of a song i never liked in the first place. (as with last week, he seems to have no idea what the song is about..)  3/10

Squeak - her childish squeaky voice grew tiresome a few weeks back.  she could hardly have chosen a worse song for that voice. 0/10

James - even the original of this song would've sent me to sleep 0/10

Daniel S - you know it's a stinker of a night when dan spillane is possibly the highlight.  his voice works really well with this sort of material.  his personality clashes though. 3/10

Emily - about 10,000 times better than i had expected.  she has quite a pleasant voice when she's not shouting. the only song of the night i "connected" with.  5/10

mark holden -  i love when he swivels his chair to the side after making his comments.  he can be such a bitch 7/10

marcia - "well done -- that's all i can say."  yes, marcia, that IS all you can say.  cow. 0/10

kyle - i doubt that kyle even listens to music 1/10

James Mathison - is stealing the show almost every week.  8/10

it's likely that one of the favourites could be booted tonight.  dan e wont be staying much longer unless he lifts (or changes) his game. the only people safe will be emily, dan s, and lee.

Go James Mathison, I only

Go James Mathison, I only watch this show cause he's a comedian, what a legend....

Your scores are a bit odd

Your scores are a bit odd but I agree on most of the things you've said. You pointed out things that judges refused to comment on:

1. Dan England being a copycat.

2. Anne's lack of vocal excitement in her songs.

3. Milly singing "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

4. Lee being clueless about the lyrics.



my scoring system allows for

my scoring system allows for a lot of improvement

I find it so funny that the

I find it so funny that the judges refuse to admit that nobody likes Casey anymore and that she has done terribly. They were like "That is what you have to be" and she was terrible. I think this years contestanses are much better than last years, except for Chanel, she was such an individual.

I really thought Kate looked great tonight and I really hope she gets through, though i'm abit worried because she is in the idol danger zone: Average performance, kind of popular, not the favorite, FORGETTABLE. I'm freaking out that tonight could be her night, when it really should be...

Laura. She has always been terrible and never improves even though she is the worst you can get. Last night showed that she wasnt versitile "Rock is not my cup of tea" What is, dearie?

The other person i'm hoping goes into the bottem three is James. Even though Laura is worse than him, I dislike Jmaes more. He seems terribly arrogant and I wish he would go into the bottom three so that he would stop thinking he's the favorite. Speaking of the favorite...

Dan England didnt come out soi well after his performance, and I think he may have his first bottom 3 visit. I defiently dont think he will leave but bottom three maybe. He is also in the same danger zine as Kate except he has an added horror. He went first.

I am very pleased toi see that my old favorite Millie has pulled herself back together. I think the fact that hs wasnt in the bottom three last week has boosted her confidence. Plus now when I vote for her I feel like she deservs it. Good work Millie!!

The standout of the night was easily Emily. She had everything going for her (as always) Looked the part sounded the part, was the part. I could listen to her all day if I could. The only thing missing was that she didnt get a touchdown.

Another person I think almost deserved a touchdown was Anne. I really liked how she did the song ans I really do look forward to her singing. Mark was too harsh with her and that might get her down abit.

Roxane and Daniel  have improved alot and Roxane is finally given back thanks to the judges that let her through. I thought that she would screw it up horribly, but she game out pretty damn good. Daniel though improved still is one of the weaker singers in the competition.

Finally Lee. The more I see him. I start to realise how over rated he is, but also how smart he is. His verson of roxane was well but topgether and the finalk note at the end washed away all remberance of his other bum  notes.

Bottom three:

Kate :(

Dan England


Larua to go. She was WAY too horrible last noight and with all the cheating scandle surronding her, I think hs emay have lost voters. Good riddance.

Your comment on Lee was spot

Your comment on Lee was spot on I must say. He is really smart playing with what he's got.

"He seems terribly arrogant

"He seems terribly arrogant and I wish he would go into the bottom three so that he would stop thinking he's the favorite."

james was in the bottom 3 last week

Was it just me or did

Was it just me or did Roxanne miss a few notes. That childish high pitched voice its so annoying it almost sounds like a bad version of a mini me of  Micheal jackson impersonator. That's right Micheal Jackson likes little kids send her to him and we won't have to see her again. I'd rather listen to someone running their nails down a blackboard.Why are the judges reluctant to tell her how it really is? put some credibility into the show or can it next year. Not just my point of view but everyone I talk to agrees , get it right judges get rid of the sympathy comments.

good call on roxy's voice

good call on roxy's voice

listening back roxy wasn't

listening back roxy wasn't as good vocally as i imagined...but add the overall presentation and subtract her pitch problems...she was easily in the better of the night.

roxy?     thumbs down.

roxy?     thumbs down. it made me want to leave the beach

Kyle's right who wants a

Kyle's right who wants a flabby armed tuck shop lady have a look at Casey what a flop that Idol are refusing to admit to . If Kate wins she will just go back to her lazy self , ship her off to the love boat cruise liners where she can sit on her ass this is what she admits to liking to do the most she's not a dag more like a dork

What's up with the 'tuck

What's up with the 'tuck shop woman arms?'  (Sorry to put that in print). Totally inappropriate ...and I  hope Kate doesn't take Kyle's advice...she always looks great...and wasn't he the one who called her 'sexy' last week???  Consistency my boy...consistency would help...Emily pushed the limits once again...James...what happened????  Dan S wasn't convincing as the hard rocker...Milly, most improved...(except for the stunned rabbit look) Lee, just the old same stuff, Dan E set the night for the downward spiral concerning the judges comments...couldn't see Roxy behind  the mic, Kate, Kate, Kate...I'm worried and depressed....that Laura will sneak though again on the sympathy for Kate!!!!!  That's all  I want to say...

wat do you mean James wat

wat do u mean James wat happened? !?!?!

obviously...he was the best yesterday

i'm a bit worried about kate

i'm a bit worried about kate too -- almost worried enough to think about voting for her.

Tonight the Top 10 perform

Tonight the Top 10 perform rock! Who did you think was the best? Who do you think should be going home?

Well, for one thing - Laura and her Telstra employee father shouldn't JUST go home!  They should escape Earth, and go to Pluto and hide under the BIGGEST rock that they can find in the universe, because FRANKLY, it will NEVER cover up how CRAP a singer she is!  I could do a better job than that!  My piece of Blu-tack could do a better job than that lol!

No wonder Idol is so horrible this year! lol

Personally my favourite

Personally my favourite performance was Roxane's "We Are The Champions", it has been my favourite performance of this years Idol. So for today she was the best I think (even though I'm a James fan). People James was in the bottom three!!! PLEASE SMS JAMES TO 19 10 10.

Does anyone know next weeks genre? I want Daniel Spillane or Kate to go.

I spoke to Alvin from The

I spoke to Alvin from The Band of Alvin And the Chipmunks and he is so disappointed with the impersination that Roxanne is trying to do , and what's up with those stinking armpits when she lifts her arms , is she trying to be seen from behind the microphone.

Now that was nasty, did you

Now that was nasty, did you enjoy all that venum, not keen on Roxane myself, that was tacky.

ROXANE was the best of the

ROXANE was the best of the night. Sang her heart out, that song is good for a recording contract, what more do you expect from her.

Why is everyone making a big fus over Roxane's squeak? Atleast it's different and we need an idol winner to be different and to sell records... and she's got that.

I HATE EMILY... i don't see her winning.

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