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Australian Idol Elimination to the Top 9

Submitted by The Critic on Mon, 2005-09-26 19:34

Australia, you have voted. According to our polls, tonight's bottom three will be Laura Gissara, Kate DeAraugo and Daniel Spillane.

Who will be going home? Results... live... now...


Supposedly the tightest result they've ever had in the history of Australian Idol

Group Song: My Generation from The Who

Bottom Three
James Kannis
Laura Gissara
Daniel Spillane

Apparently there was less than 1% of the vote separating them.

Daniel Spillane

Going home
Laura Gissara

No doubt, millions of Australians will now be happy that their nightmare is over and we can all go back to finding someone else we want to turf out off the competition.

i found where milly got her

i found where milly got her hairstyle from:

Milly looks much older than

Milly looks much older than her age, and wears far to much make up her lips are to thin for the shade of lipstick does not suit her, and her hair looks so laquered that that it would break if you touched, bring on natural beauties.

am i the only one who hadn't

am i the only one who hadn't heard the original version of "greatest view" by silverchair?  (i think that's what the song is called.)

Yes you are....too busy with

Yes you are....too busy with your homo friends no can you give an opinion on Laura when you don't even know the songs she is singing??

Moron, she deserved to go as all her performances were not even close to being bad as they were so far below that!!

i'm only familiar with

i'm only familiar with silverchair's early work.  not many australian bands interest me :-)


I don't think you are a

I don't think you are a moron. Live and let live I say and I admire your loyalty to the woman you love :)

Loyalty? More like blind

Loyalty? More like blind ignorance....but anyway, she's gone she should be.....she was just plain terrible...nothing more to say.....

lol, you luv watchin you

lol, u luv watchin u guys argue..

james can't sing for s*&^%

james can't sing for s*&^% he's just in with the ladies but as for singing and him as a person he's so pretentious and up himself yet when it comes to being on stage his voice is nothing special!

he better go next week! laura deserved it.. mark hit the nail on the head! (she was a great actor nothing more)




HES .....AMAZING!!!!


I think he's at his wits'

I think he's at his wits' end. No more new tricks.

I KNOW!!!!

I KNOW!!!!

whats done is done, kinda

whats done is done, kinda feel sorry for laura well at least she tried and gave her best shot and had to live through all the criticism and hate she had gotten.

I don't hate Laura, but she

I don't hate Laura, but she really sang crap last Sunday.

Yipeee, Yipeee for

Yipeee, Yipeee for Kate!!!!!!

poor little laura.  she was

poor little laura.  she was such a trooper :-(

Yeh such a trooper, having

Yeh such a trooper, having to live the life knowing that you're there because you're rich family and friends have been spending a mint keeping you in the competiton.....

good riddance to a crap singer and for showing Idol to be nothing more than an sms writing competition.....

James is crap too, his 'rendition' of Layla if you can call it that was absolutely shocking and he should be going home ASAP!!! If he was dead Eric Clapton would've been rolling around in his grave!

Dan England was poor, Emily always screams and never sings, reminds me of Ricki-Lee....hopefully she goes down the same path.....Milly is just plain boring and can't sing.....Daniel Spillane was pathetic.....Roxanne was average.....Lee was great, his arrangement was brilliant.....Kate was pretty good too, bit boring though......Anne is sooooo overrated, she never does anything special and is too safe and boring.....

This year Idol has been so crap and the winner the be the best of a very bad bunch.....Lee is the only one who has impressed me so he should win because he entertains, can sing and is a good for the rest, bleh.....

Dan E is the one that is so

Dan E is the one that is so over rated. At the very least Anne sings with heart, and her interpretation of lyric is fabulous, she has so much feeling, and sells the song to the audience, I think she is the best in the comp, followed by Kate.Daniel had a bad night, but I think he has much more to offer, think we have seen the best of Lee, there is nothing more to see, Milly is pathetic. The rest do nothing for me.

yea feel kinda sorry 4

yea feel kinda sorry 4 laura..but she deserved it, and seeing her go was so much better than seeing James go..just him  being in the bottom 2, i was crying my head off..-phew- 

recovering from the shock

recovering from the shock that James was in the bottom 2..but i'm ok...

about freaking time too.

about freaking time too.

sing you ppl! SING!!!

sing you ppl! SING!!!

haha. i just heard

haha. i just heard silverchair's version of "the greatest view".  

i prefer laura's version :-)   daniel johns is a terrible vocalist.

god silverchair suck.

after watching inside last

after watching inside last night , i am dissappointed at the song choice again from the group. I hope its a better night this sunday and they give it there all. I like Emily the most but I dont like the song she has chosen, well all i can say is im glad shes singing it and not me.

Guilt trip is that you over

Guilt trip is that you over in the official forums causing havoc in the 'skinny' thread?. How reactionary are some of those posters ? Feral as!

I disagree about Daniel Johns by the way. I did like Laura's version but silverchair are very talented. I don't necessarily like all their songs though.

Dont like Silverchair or the

Dont like Silverchair or the lousy song, and dont like Laura or her lousy singing.

and both versions still

and both versions still remind me of a Wham! song.  

You remind me of a Wham!

You remind me of a Wham! song.....very gay....

Greatest View is an ok song...pity Laura strangled it and killed it......

Daniel Johns isn't the best vocalist, but he writes his own stuff and that makes him better in my opinion.....

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