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Submitted by The Critic on Sun, 2005-10-02 18:14

So you're either watching Australian Idol tonight or the NRL grand final between the Cowboys and Tigers. Tonight there will be two losers. Unfortunately for one, they will have to wait till tomorrow night to learn their fate.

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This year's Australian Idol

This year's Australian Idol is quickly becoming 'Ho Hum Idol' to me.

What summed it all up quite nicely for me was Mark walking out of the show at the end because that's what I felt like doing also (although was watching it with guests and that would have been rude).

Here's my summary

Lee - I can't believe this guy is really into punk - he's 'pop-punk'. Out of the guys he's the one who seems to be most charasmatic but I agreed with Mark on the song choice thing. Why would you pick a song that had such a strong political message if you didn't believe it. To me that shows his lack of depth.

Emily - come on Emily - you can do better with your song choice than
that! Old song - over sung song - grandma song. This girl is supposed
to be 'hip hop' but tonight looked like she'd had all the life sucked
out of her.

Kate - If I had to pick a best one tonight it would be her but even she didn't give me anything resembling a 'tingle'.

Anne - she's a nice girl but that's about all I felt about her tonight - 'nice'. She's gone a bit backwards in my mind. Seemed to be thinking too much about her moves and getting around stage and not so much on her singing.

Daniel - that would have to be one of the worst performances I've seen on Idol by a finalist. Stupid stupid stupid song choice. He stood there holding the mike with two hands like a school girl singing at a year 7 concert. He was shaking, pitchy and the whole thing was completely woosey.

Dan - I couldn't believe that Marcia and Kyle liked it - to me the song choice was more than lame. Come on Dan - you should be singing Jack Johnson or something from this Millenium with a bit of edge. You look like a greenie/alternative kind of guy but you sang an old boring song.

James - Boring. I think all of the guys in the competition think they've got it made. They all seem to think they are stars but they all lack the charisma, spark, creativity and flare that an Aus Idol should have. I feel like James (and Dan, Daniel and Lee) has hit their peak and have stalled.

milly - poor song choice. Yes it was probably more in keeping with her age - but it had no melody, she was pitchy, she looked lost.

Roxanne - yet another uninspiring performance. She was probably in the top half of the night - but on any other night would have been in the lower half.


Marcia - if there was a judge I wish would have left the show last year it was Marcia. She rarely says anything constructive. Seems to be swayed by the crowd and won't let anyone say anything negative about anyone unless she completely agrees with them.

Kyle - this guy doesn't know music. He keeps talking about how he's seen people in concert but his comments reveal a lack of understanding of some of the basics of singing. He might have a few worthwhile things to say about image - but he's out of his depth when it comes to the basics of singing in tune.

Mark - I usually find the guy makes me cringe - he is so uncool its not funny. Having said this tonight his comments were probably the most accurate. He said most of what I felt during each performance. I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did at the judging desk.

Overall - I think most of this year's finalists have stalled over the past two weeks. Last week was only margainly better than this week for most of them. There has been nothing that has made me want to make me want to vote for anyone this season, nothing to make me want to buy any of their albumns, nothing that has made me want to talk about the show to friends and nothing (except my wife) to make me want to turn it on next week.

The thing that's so obvious

The thing that's so obvious with this group is that none of them are putting in any time to their performace.

- same lighting

- same band direction (for god sake Daniel - Mr. Big had 12 dudes all playing guitar and singing the back-up to that song. Having chicks as back up singers made that song sound weak)

- their song choices look like it takes them about 2 minutes, when really it should take about 2-3 days of testing a whole rang of songs

- Lee and Milly simply can't sing. Imagine what an album would sound like...?? scary

- Emily can sing, but she hasn't learn't to sing well and has no taste in music. I mean, R.E.S.P.E.C.t is just a boring cliche song in all the Idol shows

- James is just so awful it hurts.

Honestly, Anthony Callea has been the only one with a strong voice on this show ever. His version of Bridge Over Troubled Water should be the standard for this show. Not the rubbish they have delivered this year.

Oh so sooooooo true. 

Oh so sooooooo true.  Cheers to Anthony.  Nobody can match his standard.

Hope Milly goes tonigh.  Don't like her voice.  Don't like her look.  Don't like her at all.  Oh man....can't they do any better??

loathe Roxanne, she is so

loathe Roxanne, she is so pathetic, how did she get in!!

Milly is also woeful and i find it extremely painful having to watch every week, James is the most nasal thing i have ever heard

Love Dan, Daniel, Emily and Anne, at least they are worthy of actually being there...

I can't believe the lack of real talent this year!

 Blame the judges for not

 Blame the judges for not choosing better people for us mortal to vote.

Have tried to believe the

Have tried to believe the hype that this year's Idol was better than last year (which didn't impress me too much either), but after tonight have serious doubts ... my summary ...

Best Vocals ... Kate, Dan E ; Worst Vocals ... Roxanne

Best Performance ... Lee ; XFactor ... James

Personal Favourites ... Kate, Daniel S

Bottom 3 ... Roxanne, Milly, Daniel S

All of these people are

All of these people are rather boring, aren't they?

I've seen other people comment this way the few times I've looked in before, so I'm going to copy them.

Kate - I only saw the last 30 seconds of her. That 30 seconds recieved was equally as entertaining as the rest of the show. 3/10

James - He could give that Axel fellow a run for the Video hits job. 1/10

Roxane - She came next, didn't she? I've forgotten. 0/10

Lee - 'I sings the songs but I doesn't know what they mean.' 2/10

Emily? - Hey, she can sing pretty loud, can't she? 3/10

Dan S. - I must have fallen asleep. 0/10

Milly - Whee, ska! She's not happy enough to sing ska. 1/10

Dan E. - I only watch/ed this show because I've met this guy a couple of times.
Those backup singers are all right, aren't they? 2/10

Anne - I turned off halway through. 1/10

I'm bored and have nothing better to do on a Sunday night than this. I know, I'm such a loser.

I can't believe you did not

I can't believe you did not like ROXANE, tell me one thing you dont like about her.

If she's got that funny squeak in her voice... atleast it's different. We need an Australian idol who will sell records and someone with a different style... and she's got it.

you're even harsher than i

you're even harsher than i am!  but you obviously have a very good ear.  i would've given the sames scores except i would've given kate a 4 and milly a 0

Well, as I said: didn't hear

Well, as I said: didn't hear all of Kate's song, and I just have a big ol' soft spot for Tragic Kingdom; Milly's 1 was for having taste.

you are!

you are!

best to worst for me:mark

best to worst for me:

mark (great walkout. i felt your pain)


lee (besides the lyrics fiasco, still entertaining)


dan e


dan s




pretty close...... mark is

pretty close...... mark is totally right apart from kate and emily who were a cut above the rest ...who were ordinary ordinary ordinary...why dont these people see they need to bring the house down ..they need to perform!!!

I didn't think much of

I didn't think much of Daniel or Milly's performances tonight. I thought Daniel was the worst, though. Also thought the judges were tough on Milly.

Mark became very annoying - he was carrying on like a spoilt child. It was a relief to see him walk out.

can't you see why mark was

can't you see why mark was like that??  ie with those performances??

The judges weren't tough on

The judges weren't tough on Milly - they were pretty accurate.

And why did she think that impersonating Lee would be the answer to her problems??

Milly is the biggest

Milly is the biggest disappointment this season.  she *still* hasn't given us a great performance.

she's gone from bad to worse in the last few weeks.  (and i dont think the judges advice is helping her at all!)

i agree completely, she is

i agree completely, she is really poor and i'm not even sure how she got in, but i have to say Rozanne is the WORST!



that's the strangest

that's the strangest australian idol episode in memory.

Ouch, Roxane - judges are

Ouch, Roxane - judges are being far too kind

HERE HERE!  Finally someone

HERE HERE!  Finally someone who agrees with me, isn't she poor??

Lee ... maybe showing my

Lee ... maybe showing my age/politics, but agree with Mark re a singer understanding the lyrics

james is worse than laura

james is worse than laura

mark doesn't look impressed

mark doesn't look impressed

and he wasnt.squeak is up

and he wasnt.

squeak is up next.  earplugs at the ready..

how HOT is kate looking

how HOT is kate looking tonight?

holy moly

Oh jesus christ.Lee is so

Oh jesus christ.

Lee is so amazingly SICKENING.

And I applaud Mark immensly. I'm sick of him singing songs he doesn't even understand.

And what is with the lack of talent this year? These people STINK! And what the hell is with that Roxanne? The judges go all ga-ga over her, she's just like this cute little kid that can't sing but they love her anyway. It sickens me.

The whole competition sickens me. How on earth, seriously, did Laura stay for as long as she did?

Last week when Lee put "his own twist" on Roxanne by the Police? I'm wondering, has anybody heard Roxanne by Fall Out Boy? It's from a tribute to the Police CD called Policia. And Lee sang it EXACTLY the same as Fall Out Boy did.

He's so insanely pathetic! I'm tempted to curse, but I can't. Which sucks.

*Screams* There has never been talent out of this show, it's a joke.

Last year a bus won, and a midget came second place and ended up making it bigger than the bus. And don't get me started on Guy Sabastian. His voice hasn't even broken yet!

Enough of old stuff, tonight's show was overall pathetic.

Yet intriging...

Bottom 3 - Daniel S, Milly &

Bottom 3 - Daniel S, Milly & James - Goodbye Daniel

After they're gone, hopefully Lee will follow. Thank God he sang a Green Day song so everyone can stop talking about how 'original' he is - yeah right. Punk rock? Hee hee. And what about not caring about what the song meant? What a d*ck.

Best performances in order:

Emily, Kate, Roxane, Anne

I would normally rank Anne higher but she seemed to be trippin on her shoes tonight and seemed a bit out of breath.

I dont know why everyone's hatin' Roxane - she can sing and her voice would sound incredible on a record... she just keeps choosing the wrong songs.

well once again a flop I

well once again a flop I have watched idol since the start ALL OF THEM??? I wonder when we are going to see some real talent?? there is a big question on who will win and after tonite I dont think any should. It just seems that they are a bunch of sissy/prissys and are frightend to let go and show us what they have got if they have anything. I sit and wait for one of them to come out and show some guts and let fly with anything and they just stand there and sing in the most boring way they can and hope that it will get them through again, well ive had enough of waiting unless they put an effort into it then that is it for me { the poorest show yet } sorry I once was a fan

i kinda liked roxanne to

i kinda liked roxanne to start with but her squeeky screachy voice is getty a bit old

lol yeah getting to me too

lol yeah getting to me too :)

Everyone i must say tonight

Everyone i must say tonight was the worst performance of any round since AUS1 till now.
I don't know why everyone is being so mean to anne and roxanne. Their cool.
But, i couldn't stop laughing when Mark left and Kyle started to dance... serves him right for insulting Anne. I think Roxy was great, not her best performance but still did good

DAN... like Roxane more but Dan has a better voice
EMILY... obviously the biggest show off, reckon she can sing... she better take advice from Mark about her clothing.


Okay. I thought it was funny

Okay. I thought it was funny when Mark left.... I wonder what he will say tomorrow? Go Kyle for dancing... Mark was spot on for a couple of them but not for all of them. I think that Kyle does know his stuff. He's great on the radio. But I think he should have replaced Mark instead of Dicko... Oh well.

Seriously I thought that Emily, Anne, Dan and Lee and Kate did the best performances tonight. Kate is slowly growing on me. I loved Lee singing Greenday... he should definatly stick to what he is doing. And, okay, who is voting? How did Laura stay in for as long as she did and why did Natalie leave before her??? I so don't understand. The judges all think that this is the most talented year but I definatly disagree. I think its the worst.

I think its between Anne, Emily or Dan England to win. Lee could come close. I'm not sure about Roxy. She is growing a bit old. I hate it when her voice scratches. Its annoying.

Lol @ Mark. Chants *Water, water, water* haha.





lee has just destroyed his

lee has just destroyed his chances of winning. he was going uphill at top speed and now he's totally tripping ova his own feet and won't be able to pick himself up

he's been caught out twice for not understanding the lyrics, actually 3 times, roxanne is about a prostitute and he jumped around with tropical fish hair like he was going to a theme park -marcia and kyle should be reprimanded for allowing ignorance

he is arrogant (he said 'when i win this thing' in inside idol), he is calling this concept a 'thing'- just shows how seriously he takes it

no one wants an arrogant, ignorant and immature boy who does not even take it seriously enough to win 

Listen people!!!! they were

Listen people!!!! they were all rubbish (Emily and Anne get a pass mark).

Kate - that song is just too boring for that format. When will you learnt to pick a song that builds slowly and has a big kick to it. Are u that stupid!!

Lee - he can't sing. Fess up ppl! He is just a very bad pub singer. How can u like him? And for him to just pick noise over substance is disgraceful. I hope he gets voted off straight away he is just terrible.

Milly - i didn't realise she was such a bad singer, but she is. Hopeless! As bad as Lee.

Emily - can sing, but hasn't learn't how. Has potential, but her hunchback isn't appealing. Yet again, another shocking song choice. Why can't she pick songs sung by feminine singers with that touch of beauty in their voice, and not over-sung dribble by Mariah Carey. She has the most talent, but her song choices will end her.

Anne - good effort of a disjointed song. Another poor song choice again.

Daniel S. - Can't sing, can't bowl

Dan - Made a great song sound like a high school performance. I've run out of patience with this guy now. "ohh he has quirky dreadlocks" He is no good. FULL STOP.

James - can't sing, can't dance, can't sing, can't sing. How can anyone "believe" in him. It's un"believe"able

Roxane - Singing Christina Aguilera is suicide, and you just gassed yourself. Go back to singing stuff from Pochahontas where your voice belongs


ooohhh, everyone is being so

ooohhh, everyone is being so harsh!!!!!

Take a breath please...Kate...Kate...WOWED performer of the night...gorgeous looking...and actually looked happy and contented for a change (with out that stressed look...)...only advice...maybe keep the tongue in???  I dunno...but it was Kate's night.  Come on Kyle- keep attacking her looks- I'm just glad other sites slagged him for being such an imbecile...

I have to admit...I agreed with most of grumpy Mark's comments...he is the most honest of the three...although I was glad Marcia didn't hold back...Lee- good entertainer- but just the same stuff...have to agree with Holden and know what you are singing about-ghee- Dan S gets bagged for not 'feeling the song'- so why is Lee any different?  You ain't going to connect or convince anyone if you don't care what you're singing about (that's what we're told every week). Emily- took a chance- not so sure she pulled it off-like a bit sedated- James- oh, he's such a trooper...but...Milly may save him from getting the axe (just like Laura did)...LOL...someone commented Milly was becoming another Lee- that's who she reminded me of too- trying toooo hard- song all over the place- and have to agree with Mark...Roxy- it worked for me...but the mic always hides her face- she needs to have more movement or something-Dan S- I thought it was his best performance- Anne, girl- murdered that song- why wear those high heels when you can't walk in the darn things???  What's with all that back to the audience stuff- just found it annoying- Dan...Mark may have been a bit too harsh...but at least he got rid of that hat!!!!  *******stars all around...

bottom three should be:

Milly, James, Anne

But will be:

Milly, James, Dan S

I don't have a problem with

I don't have a problem with Lee, at least he knows his market and is going for it. Next week will be interesting though because it's BIG BAND week. How is Lee going to punk up a big band song. Time to go Milly Vanilli

To be honest i think

To be honest i think everyone is being really harsh even myself. I think it's because were waiting for a touchdown so where putting all our anger out on this website.

COME ON HOLDEN... Surely Anne, Dan or Roxane deserved one.

No-one vote for Emily.... she doesn't deserve to be their... i mean how the heck did she get in their. (my only criticism)

I never really liked Kate but now i think she's really cool.

KATE=HOTEveryone was soo


Everyone was soo average tonight. Kate was the only good one and even Emily, who I had high hopes for screwed up. Ann was good too and didnt deserve what Mark said. I was really hoping for her to say "Where is your darling Casey now? At Maccas? What a star!!" I mean who does he think he is saying this year is crap. Casey (the winner) was AWFUL and is no-where now.

I wonder (and hope) that Mark dosnt return, though im sure he will.

My votes go out to Kate and Millie. Milly only gets the vote because she was so awful and i'm worried she'll leave. Daniel Spilliane was SOO dreadful! I was cringing the whole time!

P.S Idol was on at 12.00pm today! I'm thankful as I has yo watch the footy instead. Stupid family and stupid one TV

I agreee totally with Mark

I agreee totally with Mark Holden for walking off.  At least he has the balls to be truthful and say that they don't meet the standard.  Most of the contestants are just lazy.  It is like they already have their fan base therefore they don't need to ramp up the energy or put in an effort to knock people's socks off.   Mark was totally right about that dreadlock singer Dan.  There were 3 choruses and he just half ass ad-libbed his way through them and let the back-up singers sing it.   I can understand why he has not given anybody a touch down.  Nobody has moved me.  They actually make Casey look accomplished.  She may not have been perfect but she definitely moved me at times. 

I wonder what the finalists would have been like if Dicko had still been on the show.  Surely they would be better than the current situation with Kyle.  He doesn't know jack about good singers and judges with his d**k - as evidenced by the presence of Laura. 

I think it will be a male that leaves tonight.  James or Dan.  I cant believe everyone rags on Roxanne.  She did an album with the Rockmelons so she aint that bad.










If Kate can ride out this

If Kate can ride out this storm of medicority and continue to improve with each performance, girl you'll  have this thing in the bag...

No-one can convince me a person whose's only repitore is punk, week in week out, deserves to win this...

it's getting boooring...

it just freaks me out the males get by so easily...when others have said- no-one is really pushing themselves cause they think they can cruise...same stuff every week-(I see that in Dan E and Lee and Anne (I know shes not a guy...but her arrogant comments irked me...noticed she tried to amend it Monday) maybe the Roxy thing will wake a few people up...I know I would s***ing myself...

okay I got it wrong...but

okay I got it wrong...but Roxy???? 

Life can sometimes be soooo frustrating...

I reckon Roxane is good, so

I reckon Roxane is good, so as Kate, i agree... Hoever I disagree about Mark. I wish he stays and continue to give his honest comments. I always agree with Mark, I really do.

yeah, i want to see anne a

yeah, i want to see anne a bit more humble.  i like roxane for some reasons, i think she is trying harder than anyone else, don't ya reckon?

gee... i totally agree with

gee... i totally agree with you!!  mark is the best judge... the most honest.

Emily is better than an

Emily is better than an other contestant on Idol this year.

To be honest i think she's

To be honest i think she's the worst...
i can't believe Roxy left...


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