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Australian Idol - "Big Band"

Submitted by djwright on Sun, 2005-10-09 16:56

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Tonight the Idols will get glammed up, put on the bow ties, slick their hair back and have a go at trying out songs that were made famous by people like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and may others...

So, get your ears ready for some swinging music, some sexy saxomaphones and some awful singing as our Idols perform in the Big Band final show...

I'll be gone for a couple of hours and should start my recap around 830pm EST, but until then let us know what you think below.

Pre Performance:
“Big band is a theme that scares me so what I’m hoping to get out of this is experience

The thing that I don't

The thing that I don't get is that people around Kate praise Kate for her big voice but she always finishes with a Tom, Dick and Harry note instead of a big bang. She has a strong voice but I can confidently say she doesn't have a big one.

she did have her moments in

she did have her moments in that song, but I was soooo disappointed, cause I figured she could have got a touch down... 

it wasmt ann it was that

it wasmt ann it was that freak kyle there are kids watching and not good for them to here coments like that. Well at last we were entertained Well done. At least 4 good acts Emily Ann Kate and i dont beleive im saying this but i really enjoyed Lee he has something i dont no what but he got my vote tonite good job Lee Hope the standards keep up.

I thought Lee's song was

I thought Lee's song was boring- hate to agree with Kyle-!?!

I think tonight's show

I think tonight's show illustrated pretty well that the guys that are left are treading water somewhat while most of the girls are moving forward.

James, Lee, Dan and Milly were 'adequate'

Daniel S was 'good'

Kate was  'better than good'

Anne was 'very good'

And Emily was the stand out - she's a ripper.

I find the guys are coasting a bit - not really doing much in the way of interpreting songs or adding to the performance while Kate, Anne and Emily each bring something a little unique to each performance that takes it to the next level.

I still think that Dan E could take it up a notch but that James, Daniel, Milly and Lee have hit their peak.

I suspect Milly or James will be going home this week.

I think everyone except

I think everyone except Emily, Lee and Anne underperformed. Kate was seriously out of pitch in her potential touchdown moments.

i thought kate was

i thought kate was fantastic...she deserved a touch down...along with anne

Well  there were 4 definate

Well  there were 4 definate stand outs for me today:



Daniel S (I hate him and tonight he was so good)

Kate (I think im being biased here cause I love Cry Me A River)

Even though James is my favourite I think either he or Milly should go.

My takes on tonight's

My takes on tonight's performances:

1. Emily Williams - a true contender, big voice with a personality to match, totally in a league of her own, shows class every time she is on that stage, great stuff, big note at the end just give me the chills...can take on any song and make a great performance out of it. (11/10)

2. Lee Harding - big band is not his thing but he gave an excellent performane, brilliant, hasn't got as much of a voice as Emily, might have half the range of Emily but every time he is on that stage he has something to give, showed a different side of him tonight which is not necessarily a bad thing, at least we know he's got more to give, not a great voice but he has got a lot of other things going for him. (8/10)

3. Anne Robertson - a great fun personality on the show, not just the church girl from Sydney, her rendition of Minnie The Moocher was quite good, not as good as Tamyra Gray's version, a little criticism about the song is that the tempo was slow, almost too slow...same as some other contestants like Daniel and James but she made something out of that song which I find great. She has to find some consistency throughout the song, she starts of really well but fails to keep the energy level at an increasin rate or at least constant throughout. Great performance, deserves to stay. Sexy, classy performance. (7.5/10)

Others I really don't want to say much:

Kate - Chanel fans will hate you for copying. Had too many bum notes at crucial parts. Blew your chance at a touchdown. Doesn't take risks. Claims that she has a big voice (or at least music teacher says she has) but hasn't shown any of it. If you have some greatness why wait for lateness before you show us you big-voiceness.

Dan - Same routine each week. Not showing any other side of him. A personality of an ironing board. Nothing to give besides hair extensions. Hand movement annoying. Seriously overrated.

James - Hand movement annoying. Out of pitch. Such an easy song. Made it sound so hard. Has a possibility of leaving.

Daniel - Bad arrangement. Sounded dreadful. The worst performance of the season. Wasn't on pitch for a single bar. Bum notes 98%. Doesn't deserve to be on that stage. Makes the same excuses every week. Another person with the personality of an ironing board. Must go.

Milly - This was her week and she didn't give us greatness. Overwhelmed by the crowd all the time. She shouldn't stay after that performance.

That was big of you,

That was big of you, actually Kate has a very good voice and does not screech, has light and shade, and very confident, she is a fine singer. Anne is my fav because of her interpretation of lyric and her warmth, her voice is lovely, Emily has improved heaps and is a strong contender because she listens and applys. James is not good really, and Dan E is overated and becoming a bore. Daniel is not as bad as you say but is not a contender for this just not good enough. Lee is different and loved his style tonight though never a fan of his tonight he really showed his adaptation, good on him. Milly is such an annoyance I hope she goes tomorrow, just a farse. 

Totally agree with

Totally agree with lonelyriver

What you said was what the judges said...I think Kate is just pretending she's a good singer. Show me she can do something like "I Will Always Love You" just any diva ballad and I'll take my words back...

Your kidding, just because

Your kidding, just because you like a song, you want her to sing it to prove a ridiculous point. Singers chose songs (hopfully if they are wise) that suit there key and voice like any singer, not all have the same range, some have better voices in different keys, this is what the judges mean when they tell them to chose the right song, some are daring and get away with it. Kate is classy and does have a fine voice, though she is not my favorite to win, I think she should be in the final three.

How can you pretend you are

How can you pretend you are a good singer, this is live, not a recording where technicians can fix up voices and make them sound better, I think you are being a bit silly, Kate is a fine singer either you can sing or you cant, one cant pretend to sing, that is ridiculous. If someone does not like a certain contestant on idol, just jump at straws to mind something stupid to say.

there's no pretending...

there's no pretending...

from my previous post- you

from my previous post-

you know, it's so frustrating, cause when I try to log on to a new link, like tonight's big band show, the darn thing won't let me...and I'm tired cause I had to wait til the end of the show to hear Kate, and I get stressed, hoping she does now I'm worn more end of show performances please...

as you see, I was able to finally log in...thank you...

It was a funny old night...just going by my first might be too tight to call...I think nearly everyone was uncomfortable with the genre...I thought Kate would have really nailed it...I was waiting for those high notes darn it from everyone...even from Emily...big crescendo at the end...**sigh**...Mr. Holden was far too kind...and Kyle really showed his ignorance...why comment then?  I thought Milly was out of breath???  Was that just me???

best on the night-

Emily, Kate,'t like Anne's song choice...but it would have to be her...

weakest on the night-

James, Milly, Dan S...

But there may be some surprises in the bottom three this week...

i agree with spudnic

i agree with spudnic

Milly is always out of

Milly is always out of breath. She hasn't managed to catch her breath in nearly two months.

three stand outs

three stand outs tonight:

anne         emily         kate

I know, my mum was going

I know, my mum was going crazy.

Is it me, or does tonights

Is it me, or does tonights show have a little more sexual innuendo in the jokes than normal?

Yes there was innuendo

Yes there was innuendo especially from James, dont know what his go is.

But  Kate, Anne and Emily were by far the best tonight. Daniel Spillane gave a good shot and improved heaps. Lee looked great and slick with his change of style and was good. I thought James was as mixed up as usual. Dan England is becoming a bore. Milly is a joke and should go tomorrow.

yep...that Anne

yep...that Anne one...kiddies are watching....pleasssse...

My bottom 3 for tonite is

My bottom 3 for tonite is James,Milly sorry need to learn to breathe Dan S  i think milly will go not good enough hasnt someone that teachs these kids taught her to breathe ,i find myself taking the air for her. James wasnt to bad but not good, and dan well if thats all his got forget it its over red rover . Emily is so good and she has the guts to get out and get what she wants good on you. Ann is so sweet and what a voice she worked it last nite and showed a lot more than a churchgoing girl should but if she wants to go all the way then she must go all the way good on you to ann fantastic. Kate is just kate needs to rev it up a bit. dan e well just singing and thats all no feeling or entertainment there.

they were all crap last nite

they were all crap last nite except 4 lee! he was awsum!!!!!!he looked so adorable! the bottom three tonight i rekon will be millsy, daniel s and kate!!!!!!!!but i love milly so i hope she stays and dan s goes cuz no 1 likes him!!!!!!!!!!!

GO LEE sms 'lee' to 191010 pplleeeeeeeaaaasssssssssssseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

My judging:Lee: 8/10... he

My judging:

Lee: 8/10... he did a good and solid job... wont be in the bottom 3.

Milly: 7/10... Could of done better, i expected more... will be in the bottom3.

Daniel: 6/10... Didn't do as good, i don't know how he thought he could do well with that song... will be in the bottom 3.

Anne: 9/10... should of got a touchdown, she was 'friken unbelievable'... wont be in the bottom 3.

James: 3 and a half/10... don't know what he was thinking, blew his chance of gaining more fans... will be in the bottom 3.

Emily: 7/10... Fianlly, did an o.k. job, she shouldn't of had a touchdown, didn't deserve it, she only it got it from the high note at the end... wont be in the bottom 3.

Dan: 8/10... good job, i liked it alot... wont be in the bottom 3.

Kate: 7 and a half... liked the performance, not her best, but it was a solid performance... wont be in the bottom 3.


Milly, Daniel S, James.


As much as i think this person is talented, i believe James will be leaving (hope he doesn't though) i want milly to go, but she wont.

If james go 2day..I WILL NOT




MARCIA: 4/10: Really wasn't honest. She's usually using this comment but never last night (THANK GOD SHE DIDN'T) she always says "you sing from the heart"... LADY! TIME TO GET A NEW SAYING BECAUSE IT'S SHIT... BELIEVE IT'S PUSS.

KYLE: 6/10: Only judge that was quite honest, not completely though, he did a good job... Really deserved that 6.

MARK 5/10: He would of got a 6, if he never gave Emily a touchdown, NO OFFENCE: Her performance was as lame as Marica's judging.

NOOOO!! James cant go!!!

NOOOO!! James cant go!!! please now, all James supporters vote vote vote! i'v already done so 20 times..we need all of us 2 do it!!!

Milly..please go, ur not wanted here hun.... 

who are yaa maan....f***ing

who r yaa maan....f***ing get over youself

shut the f*** up.. it's like

shut the f*** up..
it's like all of a sudden i'm not allowed to give in my opinion...
Emily was crap... what are you ganna do about it... bash me, well firstly you'll have to find me...
huh! like to see that!

gud on ya bro...emily wasnt

gud on ya bro...emily wasnt crap...she just wasnt...its simple...ur the only one that thinks she was...and ur only saying that because you dont like her....

wake up mate

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