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LIVE VERDICT - Australian Idol - Top 8 - Verdict - 10 OCT 2005

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2005-10-10 19:23


Eeny Meanie Miney Mo, which idol hopeful will have to go….

Tonight is the evening straight after the big band extravaganza where Lee slicked his hair back, Kate showed the woman behind the dress, Dan England dressed like Mark, Anne made men drool, Milly shook her bootah and Emily was awarded a touchdown.

But now all the performances are forgotten as the top eight are forced to endure yet another verdict, another Monday evening where eight will be made into seven, where one of these hopefuls will join Laura Giss… whatever her name was in the cold hallways and corridors of society’s forgotten one hit wonders….

Yes, tonight it’s VERDICT TIME, tonight one of these eight will be kicked out, and we’ll show it all here as it happens…

Idolblog Polls:

Before the performance the poll results showed that the four least favorite idol contestants were:
Dan England 13%
James Kannis 7%
Milly Edwards 4%
Daniel Spillane 3%

After the performances there wasn’t much of a change showing the four lowest percentages going to:
Dan England 6%
James Kannis 5%
Milly Edwards 2%
Daniel Spillane 2%

It’s likely that tonight will see an all male bottom 3, but there’s a possibility that Milly voters were upset that they didn’t get a touchdown performance last night…

Earlier on this week:
Earlier on this week the Idols took the day off to head to a couple of Ronald McDonald houses to play with some children who were more than delighted to meet their favourite idols. James M gate-crashed the party to give out some cds away as the Idols learnt the power that stardom gives them and were humbled by the children and families who are true battlers, Anne was brought to tears by the experience…

As the day came to a close the Idols cooked up a storm on the bbq and brought out a cake and sang for their new fans…

*sniff* damn that’s so touching, I’m almost *sniff* crying… that was such a heart warming promotional exercise for McDonalds…

Judges Comments:
Kyle: “I still hate big band, I would not buy a big band cd, I enjoyed Emily’s performance last night.


IF NO ONE KNOWS: CHANEL HAS AN ALBUM... (actually she's in a band)

people in the band are... chanel cole, daniel belle and these two other people.


ALBUM'S NAME: "The Dusk Sessions"

The album is out now. More information visit,

omg..r you serious?!..i

omg..r u serious?!..i really hated them...

bloody hell Kate, look after

bloody hell Kate, look after yourself...jeopardising your health over this show isn't worth it...

Isn't there someone to make sure these 'kids' look after themselves???? 

I reckon the idols should

I reckon the idols should release a Christmas album...

 I came across this funny

 I came across this funny article-

"The superstitious types behind the scenes believe a picture tells a thousand words and this year's Idol final 13 group photo could point to the eventual winner. In the centre of the final 12 poster for 2003 is Guy Sebastian. In the centre of the final 12 for 2004 is Casey Donovan. Going off this picture pattern, in the centre of the final 13 for 2005 is Emily Williams and Kate DeAraugo. Spooky! "

Hope it's true...although one can only win it...but yeah, I have to agree that coming 2nd is sometimes better!?!

I have to agree that coming

I have to agree that coming second does pay of, so I hope then that Kate or Anne come second.



James smokes...


Emily smokes...

Anthony smokes for the

Anthony smokes for the record...I've the picture to prove.

I know, go to google images

I know, go to google images and type in Anthony Callea and the 3rd picture you can see him with a cigarette smoking it...

Sooooooooooooooooooo It is

Sooooooooooooooooooo It is leagal, as long as they are not promoting it is no skin of my nose, anything really bad to tell us?????????????????

i know it's legal... it's

i know it's legal... it's just that when everyone knew Casey Donovan smoked, they made a big deal.

but when James Kannis smokes it's a whole different story.

he does?!?! did you

he does?!?! did u know..? i only know that lee does..

 dc bout emily

 Does lee smoke???I know

 Does lee smoke???

I know that James smokes... because when i went to idol... my group was the second group their... and i saw James smoking.

Really, does Lee smoke... How old is he??

u saw James?!?! LUCKY!! i'm

u saw James?!?! LUCKY!! i'm hopin 2 go 2  next sun..and hopefully he wont b out by then..

yea lee does, my friend saw him when she went..he's like 21-22? older than James thats 4 sure

I can't believe I found

I can't believe I found another reason to dislike Leigh - well there you go, I have

I hate Mondays...but at

I hate Mondays...but at least some order has been restored to the idol it just me, but do some of the idols actually sing better in the semis and when they are going through their practise sessions?  I actually thought Milly had great protential in the semis, she was unique, and stuff...but then she sort of fluffed out when it counted...that's pressure for you I suppose.

As for Dan E, it just goes to show, too much of the same thing can be a bore...Lee might being heading the same way...I don't know...but the guys are just boring the pants off me...

The girls rule...but now we are down to only three...James and Dan S...will have to be the next to go...or...I will have lost faith in all that is good...

I think you summed that up

I think you summed that up really well. Though I would not be surprised to see Dan England go before Daniel Spillane. Be a shame but he just keeps doing the same stuff, while Daniel made am improvement last Sunday Dan E didn't. But I think James should go he can't really sing.

sorry to see milly go but

sorry to see milly go but every one would agree that it was time to go . well i hope dan e. was woken up and starts to show some expression and feeling now that he knows he is not just going to walk away with the show . Come on idols show us what you got, and dan s its about time you got it together as you have been lucky to this point and i dont think that the public will be fooled for to much longer , and james is walking on thin ice as well he seems to have a little bit of an attitude and will fall flat on his face soon. GO THE GIRLS i think you are all great and it will be a toss up between Emily and Ann Go Girls and kick A.......

Milly off the show has made

Milly off the show has made my life better. Just 100% shocking she is!!! If that is the fashion that cuts it in Tassie these days, then maybe it's about time we pushed Tassie closer to New Zealand.

Dan England - I've had enough of this guy now. His flat "sameness" every week has grown thin. And his fake smile that he puts on for the camera has worn out to. He has about 2 performances before "bye-bye".

Frankly it's between Emily and Anne, we all know that. Emily is a class and a half above Anne in ability, but if it was ability that wins, then Casey would be working in a fish 'n chip shop.

ohhhh wellll

ohhhh wellll



scared you a bit didnt it?

:) scared you a bit didnt it?

yes it did lol ...especially

yes it did lol ...especially u and heaps of the other ppl here sayin how bad James was..:S

God help us if James doesn't

God help us if James doesn't get kicked off soon with his terrible singing, hopeless dancing, and boring song choices.

I dunno, do chicks think this guy looks good?? He has horrible teeth, probably a hairy back, arms the size of golf club shafts, and a nose you could land a helicopter on.

omg..if you think he looks

omg..if u think he looks bad..i'd sure like 2 see wat u look like

point made loud and

point made loud and clear...but lay off the personal attacks...he's probably a nice guy, but vocally one of the weakest...I'm always  happy when Kate and Emily are safe...if one of those were to go over James...I would be...well, fuming...

well they all bleat about

well they all bleat about James being a "good-looking" guy. And if that passes for good looking these days, them I'm going to join Manpower.

Have any of the contestants woken up to the fact that finishing 2nd is better than winning? I mean, when you win you shove out a Celine Dion style album in 1 week. Come 2nd you still get a deal but get to shape an album around your own style. I can't even remember the Casey single from last Idol series, that's how bad these song writers are.

NOTE: Who is Holden kidding thinking that anyone is going to buy his new album... what the..?

lol i know!! gay

lol i know!! gay

yeah I haven't seen anything

yeah I haven't seen anything that gay since I last slept with Bob Downe....

oh, hang on , it wasn't me, it was my.......twin .Horatio!! Yeah, yeah, that's who it was, my twin!



who did you like last year?

who did you like last year?

lol, you remember

lol, u remember Carlos Velazquez from the top 30 and wildcards..? i LUVED him..and still do lol

Absolutely, no doubt Anthony

Absolutely, no doubt Anthony has been the most talented singer on the show. You may or may not like what his songs are, but his depth of voice is fantastic. 2 highlights for me on Idol are;

Bridge Over Troubled Water - that was something special, not ever mentioned, but if you can get a hold of it, it was just superb.

The Prayer - probably cliche to like that performance, but if you look back on it now you can remember how amazed you were when he was performing that.

Noone has even come close to those 2 performances.

I think "The Prayer" was the

I think "The Prayer" was the only performance that Anthony Callea delivered well.

For Anthony, "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was not built emotionally enough and the vocals were below that of Clay Aiken's. Both finished second in their respective seasons but Clay obviously covered "Bridge" a lot better than Anthony did. A "Grand Royale Touchdown" for Clay's "Bridge", "Solitaire" and "Mack The Knife" but no "Touchdown" for Anthony's "Bridge".

i didn't even notice him..

i didn't even notice him.. maybe cos he was so short lol 

Absolutely, with out a doubt

Absolutely, with out a doubt that Casey was clearly the best. She had her up's and down but in the end she hanged in their and won it.

Good work Casey.

Also Chanel, she always had her ups never downs... except her boot off performance. 

i sooo luved chanel... she

i sooo luved chanel... she had a magical voice and chose really beautiful songs and i loved her style...

Chanel???  You serious??

Chanel???  You serious?? Really?? But she can't sing. Wow, there's no accounting for tasts is there.

I'm shocked.

Yo know, Dicko had a bit of a thing for her.

last year there were clear

last year there were clear faves and i loved chanel's performances

this year i don't think any of them have it all... the sunday show is so bad i only watch the end recap

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