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Inside Idol - Top 07 Song Choices - "80's"

Submitted by djwright on Thu, 2005-10-13 23:46

I'll spend some time later giving my feedback on the song choices and this week's Inside Idol episode...

But for now I'll say that I was alive in the 80's and there were a tonne of great songs that came out during that period, why then have all the Idols chosen some of the most corny and phenomenally boring songs for this week's performances?

Don't you think Lee would be

Don't you think Lee would be great singing 'Counting the beat' by The Swingers?

i think that daniel spillane

i think that daniel spillane deserves to stay over someone like james or dan e...sorry but james has shown that he cant really sing...and dan e is just the same, very crap and boring and he is annoying...soo go daniel spillane.....anne=touchdown this week....:)....sorry xlilmissx....'s k...'s k... everyone's entitled 2 their own opinion

hey...i like james more jus

hey...i like james more jus a lil more than daniel...but if james continues the way hes goin...well then daniel deserves to stay...hes gota pull something big outa the hat this week....its do or die for him....

yea i get wat you mean..but

yea i get wat u mean..but the thing with James is that u can totally mould he's got the whole entire package..when he gets a recording deal...taught a few more things..he'll be AWESOME...

yeah your probably

yeah your probably thing i spotted from watchin inside idol is that...he gives up too when he was singin...he wuld stop n say "oh f*** i cant do this"...thinkin like that would let him down....

yea i know..he's just afraid

yea i know..he's just afraid to take really big risks..:(

i know if he believed in himself more..and he should cos he has the potential, he'd b goin so much further in the competition.

it's also prob cos he's been in the bottom 3 so many times i suppose...well, let's just see how he goes 2night and hope 4 the best :D

yeahh i cant wait for

yeahh i cant wait for tonight...but the song choice sorta let me down...because i was lookin forward to 80's...

i dont even like the 80s...

i dont even like the 80s... it'd b so cool 4 them 2 sing songs from like 2005 lol

yer that would be good

yer that would be good to...i just like old funky music for some

i honestly think daniel and

i honestly think daniel and james deserves to stay over lee... we all know he's better as a frontman and not as a solo artist, then isn't he just wasting space? its so unfair ppl like james and daniel have to leave before him, its just really sad

yehh i no what your

yehh i no what your sayin...and i sorta agree...but lee is good...

i really really hope that

i really really hope that Daniel gets out..he's a nice guy i mean..but if i had to choose between him and James..def JAMES!!...also dont people as soon as they get in2 the top 6 all have an album out?



Australian Idol 1: (people who have released albums)

Guy Sebastian (1), Shannon Noll (2), Cosima Devito (3), Paulini (4), Robert Mills(5), Levi Kereama (6), Rebekah LaVauney (7), Peter Ryan (11), Courtney Act (Semi-finalist), Joel Turner (Auditioner)

Australian Idol 2: (people who have released albums)

Casey Donovan (1), Anthony Callea (2), Chanel Cole (5), Marty Worrall (6), Ricki- Lee Coulter (7), Daniel Belle ( 8), Chole Skipp (semi finalist)

So your answer about the top 6 releasing albums is that it's not true. Hayley and Courtney are yet to release albums.

but he should have a good

but he should have a good chance now shouldnt he? cos ricki-lee and rebekah were both number if James gets out 2moz..he'll b 7 and therefore have an album out like a year later?!? lol :D

you got a point

you got a point

lol, yes ofcourse

lol, yes ofcourse :D

yea i noe...  i'm addicted

yea i noe...  i'm addicted to james, just can't get enough of him even though i know where his flaws are but some people just can't stop rubbing it in:(

top13 aussie theme album is out soon and top13 auditions too. dont they have an album for every week? are u talking about individual albums?

btw did u see james' bum crack OMG total crackup:P (poor james)

lol, omg it was SO

lol, omg it was SO EMBRASSING ..turned me off completely xP

i think Anne will be the

i think Anne will be the only one who will perform solidly... TOUCHDOWN, this week!

hey lol...i finally agree

hey lol...i finally agree with you...

gee, I don't want to go all

gee, I don't want to go all pessimistic...but I have to agree with DJ for a change.

Lee and 'eye of the tiger'?!?  What the?!?  I'd be surprised if he makes anything out of that...I think some German guy from that one off 'world idol' thingo did it, and it was total commercial…

Emily, seriously, I think it's a bad song choice, how is that going to highlight anything great in her voice???  It seems to be a drop in her standards…

Kate, bias I know, but I think her song choice will highlight her voice capabilities...the best song so far...for her that is...

Dan E...might be able to pull it off...if he increases his vocal range...still very subdued, though

As for the't remember Anne's how it goes...Dan S...I like that song...sort of...I think it suits him...but James and Dan S seem to be struggling every week, just getting the vocals right...and we're like halfway through the competition...I admire them for enthusiasm...but sometimes that ain't enough to get you through...(who knows with the way the voting goes...)...I just don't want any of the girls to go!!!!!!!!

bottom 3 should be-

James and Dan S...and maybe Dan E?

bit harsh though, haven't even heard them sing yet!?!

and bloody hell Kate, look after yourself...I'm a bit surprised someone isn't making sure these 'kids' are eating properly and stuff...

Interesting song choice by

Interesting song choice by Lee. Wonder if he will funk it up.

I think that song could be the end of Dan. He needed something more vibrant so he could shake some booty.

James - right artist wrong song. Should have done 'All night long'

Kate will be great with a wonderful song.

Emily will also be safe. Although I hate that particular Whitney song, it is nice and lively.

Am not sure which Open Arms Anne is singing as I havent watched the show yet. I can only sing of the balad 'And so I come to you with Open arms...' is that it? I cant remember who the artist is.

If Dan E doesnt go, then Dan S will. This song is the most boring song in the world!!!

Bottom 3: Dan Daniel James with Daniel to go.

haha , this could very well

haha , this could very well be the most stupid collection of songs in all 3 seasons. I just don't know where they are getting their advice from. This is going to be like watching a comedian not getting a laugh - they will all go this week.

Emily, here's a girl with a terrific voice but just no idea how to choose a song. I mean she basically just picks a popular song sung by an african-american. Gees, that takes all of about 1 minute of thought. Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, blah blah blah - it's 100% cliche. She is a bit of a puppett, needs to learn about music badly.

Lee - hahha, there is no way he can sing this. Hahhaha. I hope people finally vote him out after this.

Dan England  - he just hasn't learn't yet. He is boring. Same same same, and his fake cheesy smile that he puts on has worn off.

Kate is the only one with a half decent song choice, but it's the best of a terrible bunch.

Judges need to go hard at them this week and not like Holden who was obviously told to pump up the performances last week by the producers.

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