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LIVE CAP - Australian Idol - "The 80's"

Submitted by djwright on Sun, 2005-10-16 19:14

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Oh dear, yes… Channel ten has gone from Australia’s smartest kids to Australia’s worst song choices. Tonight the Idols try and remind us all of the 80’s by singing the worst of the best songs in the world.

Yes, I am cynical, they’ve had an entire decade of songs to choose and they’ve come up with the most bland selection of songs in the world. It’s night’s like this that provide yet another reason for not letting the Idols choose their own songs…

First Performance:

  • Emily Williams performed I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  • Pre-Performance Interview:

      oops.. wasn’t paying attention.. more later.

    My Comments:

      Emily started a bit dodgy tonight, her vocals were patchy, and I’m not sure why… Emily really needs a stylist to belt her over the head with a few bricks because she’s wearing bright pink converse shoes with a miniskirt and stockings…

      She was able to warm up as the performance went on but there’s obviously something wrong this week, she seems rushed and out of breath.

      **After hearing the Judge’s comments I think that my ears have issues and that I need to see a specialist…**

    Judges Comments:

      Mark: So much big hair around, I can’t stand it… Emily, you are a star full stop, there is no doubt about it. Your voice was absolutely made for recording, if you had recorded that song it would have been a world wide hit.

      Marcia: What a great way to start the show, thank you. You’re doing well.

      Kyle: From where I sit, we knew from the beginning of the competition we knew you had a great voice. You’re our best bet, you’re fantastic.

Second on the stage is…

  • James Kannis performed Truly
  • Pre-Performance Interview:

      When I think about the 80’s I think about big hair, bold clothes and power ballads.

      I used to like Michael Jackson, I loved the ninja turtles, I used to practice with sausages as nun-chucks.

      I think that Ghostbusters was the best movies of the 80s

    My Comments:


      This dude always looks constipated, I think people like his eyes because (in the words of Fender from the movie Robots) he has “big anime eyes.

Omg...Dan England should

Omg...Dan England should kill himself. If he wins the competition, it's gonna be really really really bad. "Broken Wings" was performed much much much better by Marty Worrall.

Dan - he really needs to

Dan - he really needs to perform well tonight. Time for something special or he could be in danger

Daniel S - this guy makes

Daniel S - this guy makes me cringe every time I see him. He and James are out of their league - both look like they are falling asleep which doesn't inspire me to stay awake - can we vote two out in a night????

The 80's is an opportunity to really rock and have some fun - but these guys are just going for the cheesey ballad.... were wrong about were wrong about Kate being vocally better than Emily...

1. Kate was pitchy.

2. Kate does the same routine with her vocals.

3. Kate didn't have hoops in her song, so why didn't she sing well?

4. Kate pretends to have a big voice.

ahhhh, there's that

ahhhh, there's that 'pretends' can you pretend to have a big voice?  You either have it or you don't...

Emily - wasn't her normal

Emily - wasn't her normal spine tingling self but still great - unfortunately all it takes is one slightly below normal stunning self and she could be going home though because people will think she's safe....hope that doesnt happen.

James - Yawn....

Kate - she was good tonight but I think she needs to find a few new moves. Vocally really good but dances a bit like a bloke.

omg..i was SO worried 4 

omg..i was SO worried 4  James 2day..but he was actually pretty good.

very happy..Mark..shutup

Kyle is officially a

Kyle is officially a know-nothing. Even if you don't know the song, take the hints:

1. James said, "It won a Grammy."

2. It was sung by Chaka Khan, a female phenom.

3. Kate (not saying she's a good singer) had atrocious pitchy parts.

Marcia Hines is a shocking

Marcia Hines is a shocking judge and I don't think people have the guts to say it. If she deosn't like, just say so and say why. Don't hide behind all this niceness that just helps these guys think they are better than they are. James was rubbish Marcia, say it!

I hate Lee!

find the sex!! ROFL

find the sex!! ROFL

Emily started off really

Emily started off really great. Got into the groove. Great transition to singing a disco song. Another great performance!!!

Dan England - another boy

Dan England - another boy ballad.

He's trying to be emotional - but it looks fake - like the other guys.

He's got a good voice, sings well - just needs to be a bit more believable. He'll be safe.

By the judges comments - something must have happened in the studio that didnt happen through the TV

Anne - the unacompanied

Anne - the unacompanied start didn't quite work for me (although at least she tried something a bit creative unlike most others tonight) - but once she got into the chorus she pulled it back and built the song really well. Good - could have peaked a bit bigger than it did - but one of the best for tonight. Think she can take it to the next level.

I find Anne's reactions

I find Anne's reactions after her songs every week a little over the top - a little too fragile - emotional - wounded by anything that isn't glowing praise.... is it just me?

Anne was great. Right choice

Anne was great. Right choice of song. Agree with Mark. Not touchdown standard.

Lee - he's definately the

Lee - he's definately the most popular guy - and he's the only one doing something with personality. His style wont be everyone's cup of tea but he's leaving the other guys for dead with energy levels. He's no where near as good a singer as them but he's giving it a go.

On a side note - can you imagine if he gets to the last two and they have to write a song that he can sing? I can't imagine imagine him singing an 'Angels brought me hear' type winners song.

That wasn't worth a touch

That wasn't worth a touch down.....

i don't think so Mark.


WOW TRULY DESERVED! Lee...a little messy. but WOW!!!

Lee is the 'happiest' punk

Lee is the 'happiest' punk I've ever come across. I used to hang out with quite a few punks and they would have eaten him alive....

Bottom three

Bottom three tonight:


Daniel S

Dan E

Kate could be a little vulnerable too

Top 3: Emily, Lee, Anne (the

Top 3: Emily, Lee, Anne (the same as last coincidental)

Go home: Kate, James, Dan E, Daniel S

Bottom 3: James, Anne

Bottom 3: James, Anne (definitely too much 'flicking'), ??.

James to go.

I don't think Dan E should go his voice is too good. Everyone else sang well even Dan S. I hated Lee's version of that song but it was a good, if too noisy, performance strictly speaking.

DJ..can i ask you

DJ..can i ask u something?..i seriously respect u ..but y r u so f****** mean 2 James?

my bottom 3: NOT JAMES,

my bottom 3: NOT JAMES, Kate, Daniel and Anne

~*luving James 4eva*~

Well I neva thought James

Well I neva thought James was good... but I think hes getting betta now but i still want him out...

I know james... My neighbour is James's grandparents.

the order from best to worst

the order from best to worst performance tonight....
1) anne
2) lee
3) emily
4) kate
5) dan e/dan s/james
6) dan e/dan s/james
7) dan e/dan s/james

a blushing Kate, Dan S who

a blushing Kate, Dan S who does feel like himself on stage, welcome to sex idol

Oh boy, I ended up feeling really cranky after tonights show...but maybe it's just me...but was the eighties really that boring?   

After every one bashing out Kate...I watched her performance again and it worked for me...although 1st time around I wasn't convinced...I don't like the heidi look...but I do agree- she needs to push herself to the next level to stay in the comp.  It's getting too tight now...she needs to capture it before it is too it in the swinging hips?  Dunno...

All I can say is the top three will be Emily, Anne and Lee...

that's not saying I liked the Lee's song...I thought it was of those at home viewers who thought it was crap...must have sounded heaps better in the's like he was singing to keep up with the rush of it all...talking the lyrics it just me....????  Touchdown??????  No way....

James will lose votes just by having that disappointed look on his face...'like I know it sucked'...and Dan S...great he got rid of that fluff on his chin...but the poor guy...just hasn't got the standard that you should have by week it week 7???...ain't these guys meant to get better????

Bottom three-

James, Dan S and it's could be Kate (although I don't agree)...unless people think Dan E has pushed himself enough to keep himself out- which I don't think he has- just sounded like the same old Dan...but with a few extra high notes...

gezzz...another nervous wait...I hate Mondays...

I thought John Foreman looked the best!!!!! 

Tonight was the low point in

Tonight was the low point in this series, not only by the "singers" *cough cough*, but the judges, but even more accurately the show's producer who have so obviously told them to start pumping these guys up.

Let me start at the worst.

LEE - god help us all. He just belts out bad pub style rubbish, and they say he's a great performer??? He holds the mic like a cigar, keeps shrugging his shoulders, and then pointing to nowhere, while doing am aerobices style jump routine. It's so bad. I was actually in pain last night, serious pain. And then for Holden to do this touchdown garbage made my so mad at the show. Holden when speaking musically can sometimes be quite observant, but it's too personality based. Hate Laura so he bags her singing technique.  Loves Lee so never comments on it. God I'm still mad. I had to put on the Survivor version of Eye of the Tiger after that episode just to help me settle the anger. I'm still mad. Lee - get off now!!

James - he's just no good, stop talking him up, he's just not good enough

Dan England - more drivel from this guy. Can you even remember anything he has sung? Same rubbish week in, week out. That forced smile he puts on really grates.

Dan Spillane - nice guy doing the wrong thing. Go home.

Anne - problem with Anne is that she is forgettable. That's it. Neither good nor bad.

Emily - think running around the stage a bit more caught her out but you can see her being able to sort her voice out doing that pretty soon.

Kate - looked flat, the competition is starting to grind her down.

hmmmm lee.  I have to say

hmmmm lee.  I have to say in the end I didn't mind that performance, but honestly when it start it was like OMG, that is way too fast, I and I think the rest of the country was taken by pure suprise if nothing else.  As they said he whipped the audience into a frenzy, as I think they were all taken by the force and speed, and didn't know what the heck to do.  Marketing wise, I totally agree, this is someone they can make $$$ on.  I actually like Dan England, and have from the start.  Some of the song choices people have made, you have to think, seriously is that all they can come up with?  I would have love to have heard the full version of the Cold Chisel song he did in the lead up and heck, let him take his guitar out there as well, I think that would have been a better choice than what he did do.

Here's a latest opinion poll

Here's a latest opinion poll from last night's show,

Lee Harding 39.2% Anne Robertson 16.2% Emily Williams 16.2% Dan England 10.8% James Kannis 8.5% Kate DeAraugo 5.4% Daniel Spillane 3.8%

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Kate goes before two guys who cannot sing!  It's just soooooo sucky...

This can't be happening...

Yeah I agree with you

Yeah I agree with you totally. On stage she is one of the best in the comp, it is just her off stage antics that are off putting. A little too sickly sweet, playing it very sweet and innocent, not enuf edge......I love the way you summed her up.

Cheers, Go Lee!

It's time to go..........Daniel S

Ohhhhh yeah she was looking

Ohhhhh yeah she was looking incredibly sulky tonight!!! Gee girl get over it!

I think James Daniel and

I think James Daniel and Kate may be in the bottom three, I was a bit disappointed in Kate tonight, and find myself shifting, I dont think the remarks that Kyle gave to Daniel were fair, thought he did much better than James, I hope James goes tomorrow, not that I dont like him, I just think he is the worse of the seven.

Dan E has a crap voice.

Dan E has a crap voice. Can't hold notes properly.

No, it's not just you.

No, it's not just you. There's also my friend and I. *frowns* Thank you, Mark...*frowns* Thank you, Marcia...*frowns* Thank you, Kyle.

Yeah I agree!  Good him

Yeah I agree!  Good him for staying true to himself and having a great time doing it!  It's great to see personality in the comp.

And it sounds as though the audience loved it, so I reckon it must have rocked actually being there for it.

Definitely those 3 boys. 

Definitely those 3 boys.  Daniel and James just have to be the next 2 - not the same standards.  Dan needs to do something different to excite people I think.

sorry but i cant believe

sorry but i cant believe that im seeing that you think anne is going to be in the bottom 3....she deserved a touch down tonight...

I'd like to think that I'm

I'd like to think that I'm equally cruel to each of them, but James doesn't deserve to be there, his vocals are not strong enough and I'm getting sick of him saying "i sing better in teh shower" and the judges saying "sing like we know you can"

I'm beginning to believe that they're all lying.

Would people buy enough of his cds for him to make the charts?


OMGISH.. are you

OMGISH.. :o r u serious?!?! LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where do u live? lol

~*luving James 4eva*~

lol..thnx for having James

lol..thnx for having James from the top 5 downwards..

atleast he's just not plain LAST

My bottom 3;Lee, Lee,

My bottom 3;

Lee, Lee, Lee

Going home: Lee

I have to agree with most of

I have to agree with most of what you said- and yeah, that's the 1st impression I had of Kate- she looked flat and tired...but I still think vocally she did okay...

A few of them looked like they weren't putting their all into it...James looked... dazed... like he's already accepted defeat...

I agree...but will it

I agree...but will it happen????  Will James or Dan S actually go??? I'll believe it when I see it...

..i think James was really

..i think James was really good 2day!

she looks like shes about to

she looks like shes about to cry straight after every performance...i think its just a habit...i love anne:)

..ok. well i think that he

..ok. well i think that he will b a success bcos a) i'd DEF buy his CD lol and the thing is..i have heaps of friends all who like James but they just dont vote..cos they think it's a waste but i know they'd all DEF buy the CD u cant just judge James bcos of that and the fact that he's always in the bottom 3..IF ALL his fans start voting..*hint*hint* instead of thinkin it's a waste of money..and this goes 2 ALL my friends out there 2...VOTE!

~*luving James 4eva*~

yeah that was a shocking

yeah that was a shocking post-song interview James did. At least Dan Spillane has a genuine look about him that says he is doing his best even if it isn't good enough. James thinks he has a lot of hidden talent that he's trying to unleash - but he doesn't. Time to accept it.

But I won't let the Lee thing go. Week in, week out it's like being in a smokey pub listen to him. Noisem no substance, no talent. I just don't get it. Put colour through your hair, make some noise, and people go for it. That's the power of T.V.
Give me Anthony's Bridge Over Troubled Water, Prayer, I Wanna Know What Love Is performances any day of the week compared to these guys.

well i think that they are

well i think that they are all ur welcome....:)

James and her tonight both

James and her tonight both looked like they were going to cry...I thought a few of them looked a bit lost and a daze or something...

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