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Why Lee can't be the Australian Idol...

Submitted by djwright on Tue, 2005-10-18 16:09

I'm in need of some serious procrastination, so I thought that I'd do some of it here...

There's a massive Lee fanbase out there, some people are suggesting that he might make it into the top 3 and others who are giving him serious odds for winning the competition. Mark Holden's comments and his touchdown last week have boosted Lee's popularity in the competition, but they have also showed a serious misunderstanding of the music industry by Mr Mark Holden.

I'm going to make a controversial statement... Lee's not marketable.

Now, Lee's fan base would probably have my head for this, but to be completely honest I couldn't give a hoot.

Punk is one of those genre's that cannot survive with only one person, it's a genre that relies on the band. Tell me a name of one of the members of Greenday or of Simple Plan who could make a solo career, band members from Blink 182 have successfully started side projects, but they've been bands, not solo careers.

Lee is not marketable because his chosen genre relies on him having a band, and if you can think of a punk band that starts with an individual's name then please tell me.

I'd like Lee to win so that the world can see what kind of punk songs Mark Holden can write, or to see John Foreman jumping up and down on stage with a guitar in hand singing...

"I took her out it was a Friday night
I wore cologne to get the feeling right
We started making out and she took off my pants
But then I turned on the TV"

There's a reason that most of the vocalists that come out of American Idol are pop or country, they are easier to market and you can rely on one person to enter the market. Rock and Punk however for the most part need a group to be established, it's harder to market...

Oh yeah, and Lee cant sing in tune to save his own life...

There's a website called the

There's a website called the Spin Starts Here that rips into Idol each week and now they've launched a campaign to make sure Lee Harding wins because they think he's so bad that his album won;t sell and they won't makie anotrher Idol.

Here's the link. Sorry, don't know how to hyperlink.

Omg wat is going on in here,

Omg wat is going on in here, I am a huge fan of Emily but I think that every single Idol has talent and even though Lee hasnt got the strongest voice, he is marketable, but they all are marketable to their own fans, each Idol has their own set of fans and we should respect them and their opinions, I say like who you want to like and dont worry about what other people say. :D









think twice about their

think twice about their post because YOU dont agree with it? *cacks up laughing*, who died and made you God? What you said was very biased and makes you look like some idiot fan who instantly hates people who obviously know talent (or lack of).

Lee is a talentless hack -

Lee is a talentless hack - wake up and smell his stink

Totally agree djwright. Kyle

Totally agree djwright. Kyle made a comment about how all the people who don't like him would be in bed by now - but I think the opposite. It seems to be the little kids who like him - they just think he's fun (and for some strange reason, girls seem to think he's cute...)

Mark and Kyle were trying to make it sound like you'd have to be daggy and old to not like Lee, but the thing is he is an insult to punk!! I mean, bands like Greenday, that Lee is trying to copy, are awesome musicians. Lee is just fairy floss. He's got a real boy-band vibe - with his silly hand gestures. Plus, he can't sing!!!

I think its really sad, because Lee is giving rock/punk a bad name. And anyone who says Lee is crap is just labelled an old fuddy duddy who doesn't get modern music.

I wonder what song Lee will put on speed guitars next week....? It all sounds the bloody same, and its the band who make it sound any good anyway. Lee just jumps up and down.

I thought it was just

I thought it was just channel 10 rigging votes that kept Lee there, but I see now that people actually vote for him. My god are you serious??

Noise, point, noise, jump, noise, squeel, noise, point, noise, noise, colour in hair, the hell is that entertaining. Especially when he butchers songs - my God he is bad. So bad I had to put on the original versions of songs he just performed to calm myself down.
Last week I didn't know whether to get angry or just laugh he was so pathetic. Just as pathetic as Mark Holden who's touchdown thing is just idiotic rubbish.
So put colour in your hair, jump around, get drowned out by frantic instruments and that's entertainment?? Now that's what's wrong with society right there

He in not my fav, nor to I

He in not my fav, nor to I really like his singer, BUT as I have always said is a very clever smart guy that knows how to sell himself to an audience, weather he wins or not he will have a career, and is indeed a true entertainer, I think the best he did was on big band night, loved his look, so dont fret you will be seeing a lot of Lee weather he wins or not.

ooooo, want some support

ooooo, want some support DJ?  Shall I get into the fray?  Not so sure, but ummm, but I wouldn't be buying any Lee CDs if he wins this...'idol fluffy' punk (hey guys, it's not real punk- sex pistols real punk) week in and week out is boring to me...sure he knows how to work a crowd...but the vocal range is so limited...(touch down boy Holden also said that- not just me)-  'welcome to the 21st century'- yeah, one hit wonders...

I just wish people wouldn't take it so personally...he could get kicked off next week and the world will keep spinning...geeezzze...

"lee is not marketable"...

"lee is not marketable"... there's absolutely no sense in this.

if u said that lee hasnt got a very good voice and he shouldnt win, i'd understand... but 'not marketable'?? lee is the most marketable guy Aussie Idol's ever had! he draws in so many people and so many fans.. if there is a huge fan base out there for lee, how can he not be marketable? ur comment doesnt make sense...

with the fact that emily was in the bottom 3...i believed that it was the same case as ricki-lee last year where people didnt vote because they thought others would. eventhough i like lee the most, i think emily has the best voice and should win this competition....if she had gone there's no point in the show anymore.

but even if lee didnt win this....i can guarantee you that he would be famous. people are going to buy his CDs and pay to go watch him live. he's worth it. he's the only one really worth paying for to watch live. the music of teenagers today is punk rock... of course lee is marketable. what the heck are u talking about.

about the friend who cut herself, etc after reading the comment...just dont bother about it... if lee didnt win he'd still be famous... it's the most stupid comment i've ever read. so many fans, but not marketable? he IS already marketing!

dont get you, man

Get a life you loser. Who

Get a life u loser. Who gives a f*** about what u think? lee got a touchdown didnt he? MEANING HE WAS THE BEST!! and how come emily was in the bottom 3? i thought everyone thought that she was the 'best.' and who cares about what genre he sings in? we like it and its ur problem if u dont. people will buy his stuff when he wins (HE WILL WIN!!) cos they LIKE him. and who cares if he sings solo? he might be good at it. he's been singing punk songs hasnt he? and if u havent noticed THEY SOUND GREAT!! AND LIKE SHIT HE CANT SING 4 HIS LIFE!! HE GOT A TOUCHDOWN, THATS ALL THAT MATTERS. AND OH-YEAH, HE'S CUTE, REALLY CUTE PLUS HE HAS A VOICE, SO THATS WHY HE SHOULD WIN!!

Luv-LEE NiKitA


i can't believe you just

i can't believe u just f***ing posted that comment!!!!thats is absoulutly rude and i hope your happy with yourself becasue my best friend(whos account im using) is probably one of lees biggest fans and when she read this she started balling her eyes out!!!you have absoulutly no respect for others and she has a small case of OCD...obsessive compulsive dissorder becasue she is obsessed with lee and things like your comments cause her to slit her wrists, vomit after each meal and lock herself in her room and cry! my friend has tried everything she can to not be so "different" and all she wanted to do was come on here and post a comment saying how great lee was the other night getting his touchdown because she thought this was a great site and she thought it was a nice way to get in touch with others who like lee and she came across your sh*** head comments that have made her slit her wrists!!!! you should be ashamed of yourself cause u r a bloody d*ck faced mother f***er who needs to have way more respect!

and if u do have any issues, please send me an email at either or because i want to her from u guys who do agree with me and that lee should win and he so deserved that touch down and from those like you who dont agree with me and think that lee is...well you know what i mean!!!!

Oh gawd. Either a troll or a

Oh gawd.

Either a troll or a lunatic.  Or pair of lunatics.

I'm sorry about your friends

I'm sorry about your friends condition, but frankly, Lee sux and I don't mind saying it.

I'm sorry to hear about your

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, I live with a family member who is mentally ill so I know it gets very tough. But you can't blame other people for your friend, because they are ALLOWED to have an opinion, just like you are. There are a lot of people who don't like Lee and thats their choice, they're not gonna change because some stranger slits her wrists when someone pays Lee out. Anyway, you said one post was being disrespectful, well I found your post to be disrespectful, what gives you the right to call someone a "d*ck-faced mother-f**ker" because they don't like Lee, thats called discrimination, did you know that? Maybe you should think before saying things and contradicting yourself.

I'm very sorry to hear

I'm very sorry to hear this...

Hey, where is everyone...???

Hey, where is everyone...??? No updates???? Interesting up and close personal show- wow Anthony really can was awesome...

where is everyone

where is everyone tonight??......theres no posts...thats really odd...:S:S

Daniel Spillane and Emily

Daniel Spillane and Emily were the best tonight, I really admire how Daniel has improved and tonight he showed what a good singer he is, good on you Daniel, you leave the guys for dead, go for it.

everyone's gone on a

everyone's gone on a holiday...

I reckon Daniel is a really

I reckon Daniel is a really nice guy and it was a good song last night, but personally I don't think he has what it takes...he still struggles alot and is more out of the pocket than in... and I don't think you can afford that so far into the competition...but being a guy sure helps you stick around longer...

I still think the girls have stronger and better vocals and would hate one of them to be sacrificed over Daniel...

First of all i just wanna

First of all i just wanna say that if people dont like or vote for the idol you like best you dont have the write  to  abuse them or swear at them. People can go for who they want to go for. hannah rowe if ur friend loves lee instead of showing her a site where people can abuse him why dont you teach her how to make her own fan website up for lee or on the austrlian idol website buy her a tee shirt.!!

Think about it, really!

I don't know about Lee being

I don't know about Lee being not marketable....I think he is, to an extent, because he'll appeal to a lot of "punky" teenagers out there (as he clearly already is).  But the thing about him is that I don't think he has longevity.  People will get bored of him pretty easily. 

And what luvleenikita said: he got a touchdown meaning he was the best?  ROFLMFAO umm since when did Mark Holden's pathetic little catchphrase become the be all and end all of who was the best on a particular night?  pfffft, Lee murdered Eye of the Tiger.  I'm not some old fuddy duddy and even I hated his "interpretation".  I give him props for makin it his own style, but geez, some consideration for people's ears would have been good.  I think the only reason Mark gave him a touchdown was because he was hyped up by the end of the show and because he wanted to make up for a couple of weeks ago when he went off him.  I dunno what the big deal is with touchdown's, they're purely subjective, and by whom?  Mark Holden.  What a joke.

Lee's alright but Idol material?  I think not.  No offense to his fans.  He seems like a great guy and he's entertaining enough, but I think we need an Idol that's gonna appeal to more people and last a bit longer.  Not another Casey "where the hell is she now?" Donavon.

johnny boy!!! lolyea hardly

johnny boy!!! lol

yea hardly anyone's on now :(

A lot of what you said is

A lot of what you said is true, I have followed Anne Kate and Daniel from the beginning, I have noticed that Anne is slipping, she has not improved or pushed herself, and not keen on most of her song choices, Kate is remaining the same standard which is good, but although not going backwards she is not moving either, Emily is, but Daniel who I have been disappointed in up until a few weeks ago, and especially last night is progressing and seems to be getting over his nervousness, hopfully he will lift even further this Sunday, so I think this comp; is more open than I thought a few weeks ago.

yea i know!!! i thought he

yea i know!!! i thought he improved SO much compared 2 last year..

i no no1 is on....maybe

i no no1 is on....maybe roxane lover realised that emily was the best after the up close n personal show and he shut his hole...LMAO

yeah, I agree with you

yeah, I agree with you too...Anne has become boring for me...but I think Sunday will  really test Kate's capabilities.  She has talked about pushing herself in Inside Idol, so I do hope we can see her get right up there.  It is true, she has held back.  But now it is about taking risks, just to save your neck from the voting chopping board!  Anne seems to be a bit on cruise control...but if you think about it, Emily and Anne have the similar RnB style (and I could listen to Emily all day), so Kate offers that difference.

You know I'm already bias!?! 



hahaa...yea emily's getting

hahaa...yea emily's getting really good now!..actually starting  2 like her...



eMiLy WiLLiAmS 4 AuSt iDoL 2005...:)

lol...Go emily!!! hahaa

lol...Go emily!!! hahaa quote: " luv ya girlfriend! ;)"






ANNE... DAN... LEE 4 IDOL !!

hahaa..awww but she's so

hahaa..awww but she's so nice 2 James....

omg..u like Dan?!?!? he's a creep *shivers*

good on ya lilmiss ...lmao

good on ya lilmiss ;)...lmao roxanelover....emily can sing better than dan and lee combined ok...

lmao hahahaha AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA u make me laugh

lol, and i suppose

lol, and i suppose roxanneluver should take him makin u laugh as a compliment?

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