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Australian Idol - Top 06 - Motown

Submitted by djwright on Sun, 2005-10-23 17:19

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Tonight from 6.30pm we'll be able to see the contestants battle it out Motown style before a live audience prior to Channel 10 flicking over to the ARIA award ceremony/concert. I must admit that I’m a little Idoled out at the moment, noone’s really standing out as a great musician, Emily’s vocals have seen her become one of the best vocalists, but noone’s really grabbed hold of the metaphorical ball and ran with it yet.

This time two years ago Shannon was ripping his jeans prior to the show and Guy was dressing up in fur coats and funky glasses to entertain the audience, where’s the showmanship in this year’s group?

My pick tonight, prior to the show is that Lee will bomb out, but the tone deaf teenagers out there will vote him through another week and that we’ll see either Dan or Daniel be booted out of the competition, if indeed the tides turn and for some strange reason one of the women are kicked out on Monday night then I have no idea what’s going on.

Anyhow, join us at 6.30 for the Idol Motown special…

Pre Performance:
Mark has asked her if she can provide an emotional performance that will encourage the audience to erupt. Mark also talked to her about being spontaneous on stage and letting it go, Kate said that he was a great help and knew exactly what she needed to do.

My Comments:
Kate’s looking like this year’s American Idol winner Cassie, she certainly looks like she’s enjoying tonight’s performance, smiling all the way through. Vocally she seems to suit this style and fashion wise the top she’s wearing suits her as well.

This is another strong performance from Kate, she should be rewarded with not getting in the bottom 3 this week from that one.

Judges Comments:
Mark: What a great way to start the show, a great groove to start the show too… I loved the keychange, loved your adlibs. It’s still a bit of a mystery as to why you chose that lyric but whatever floats your boat.

Marcia: All the direction that Mark gave you you used. I think that was a great rendition of I wish.

Kyle: I think that’s the best we’ve seen you all year. When you put your left arm in the air there’s a major tanning problem, (WHAT THE??) and I don’t want to be looking at that when I’m watching the TV.

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Pre Performance:
Mark really told Lee that his is a ballad, he felt that Lee has bit off too much than he can chew this week, in the studio Lee was showing a lot of pitch problems and he’s really going to have to work on pulling this off.

Lee wants to show that there’s an emotional side to Lee Harding…

My Comments:
Well poke my ear drums out with piping hot forks and belt me over the head with a baseball bat until I can’t see anymore, it’s Lee Harding singing Michael Jackson.

Pitchy pitchy pitchy, if anyone says that they’d purchase a cd of this song they’d either be tone deaf, deaf, mentally unstable or in need of a good bat to the head…

This performance has Lee standing in one spot in front of the microphone stand, he’s trying to show that he can keep the audience in the palm of his hand without jumping around and doing weird dance moves but it’s not working.

Vocally this is an awful performance and Lee really should stick to the one trick that he knows… and unfortunately that doesn’t involve singing in tune.

And yet I wonder why the audience is clapping…

Judges Comments:
Mark: Ummm, I do give you kudos for showing your vulnerability, but risks are only risks if there is a genuine possibility of failure and you really didn’t get there that time.

Marcia: One of the most important things about being a performer is showing your vulnerability and you did that tonight. You did a darn good job, well done.

Kyle: I love you too, I love you cause you’re a good looking hot man and what I really like about you is the punk element, and I really hated that performance. I would not do things for Mark, I would do things for myself… I think you need to sing to win, I want to see you do the same thing every week…

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Pre Performance:
Anne just found out today that Mark wrote a temptations song, she was really nervous in her original workshops with Mark, but Mark didn’t have much to offer her because he thinks that she’s already got it.

Mark is sure that Anne is an accomplished musician already and Anne said that the experience was a lot of fun.

My Comments:
If Anne were my woman…

Anne’s looking nice tonight in a blue dress and she really seems to be feeling the music tonight, her gestures and stage presence is really improving.

Vocally there’s really no issue whatsoever, I guess there was an initial second or two where she sounded out of breath, probably due to running on stage in her boots. Overall another great performance once again from Anne.

Judges Comments:
Mark: Does your mum know that you are a nasty man stealer? Great low tones you are a sensational singer.

Marcia: You did what you had to do, look girl, you can sing, well done.

Kyle: I’m not going to go on any spiel except to say that was world class stuff there.

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Pre Performance:
Motown is all about getting into the groove, and I think that white men can groove.

Mark is really looking forward to seeing what he can do in this song, he needs to be gravelly and strong at the same time. Mark thinks that Daniel could be peaking right at the same time…

Daniel’s got his heart set on a touchdown tonight, he’s aiming high…

My Comments:
I guess that there is one good thing about the ARIAS being on next, and that is that this show is running on good time, there’s no real concern that I’ll have to be doing this for the next hour n a half… Only two more performances after this YAY for me.

Daniel’s looking really comfortable tonight, even if his dance moves are a bit goofy, vocally it’s showing too as he’s really hammering out his notes well. It’s a good song for him too, as Lee tried to do a soft song this one really challenges those who voted for Lee to vote more than they have before to keep the guy in the comp.

Daniel wasn’t as gravelly as he had hoped, but a good performance none the less…

Judges Comments:
Mark: Daniel Spillane, where have you been?! Where did you leave the other guy? Mate, you have totally turned a corner and I just take my hat off to you mate. You’re actually feeling it too, mate, you are no longer the underdog…

Marcia: Just quietly you put the F in the funk, you did a great job and it was so enjoyable.

Kyle: I agree with Mark and Marcia, that’s the person we love and that’s the right attitude… the only criticism is those 1980 shirts that you keep wearing, but the performance is sensational.

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Pre Performance:
Mark’s really happy with the grit in Dan’s voice, Dan thinks that Mark is damn good at what he’s doing…

Everybody has room to improve and for Dan he thinks its in the storytelling and that’s what he’s been working on.

My Comments:
Dan does have a habit of picking songs that suit him, what I’m disappointed in is that his pre-performance vocals sounded better than his on stage performance does.

Vocally he’s pulling it off, there’s no pitch problems and he actually hits some larger notes than normal in this performance too. I’m happy that he finally picked a song that was higher energy than his previous few songs, but it’s still the same ol same ol…

Judges Comments:
Mark: Dan and Daniel, two big surprises, that was great, best vocal you’ve done yet…

Marcia: That’s one of my favourite songs in the whole world and you did a great job.

Kyle: Every single week you stand there and you’re constantly great, good work.

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Pre Performance:
Whenever I walk into these studios I think to myself that I can’t believe that I’ve made it into here…

Mark is trying to get Emily to open up in the studio, she’s started off nervous but soon warmed up to the experience and Mark thinks that the audience will just go bananas.

My Comments:
Emily wanders on stage and gets the audience to clap, but her clapping moves were so out of time that it took a while for the audience to pick up a decent beat…

Vocally she sings this song well, style wise I think she’s starting her own fashion trend, I like to refer to it as OH MY LORD WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT MESS.

Emily works the audience with her strong vocals and hits a couple of really long and powerful notes, her vocals really suited this performance, probably the best of the night…

Judges Comments:
Mark: I just got one thing to say, and that’s TOUCHDOWN

Marcia: Emily, it is so incredible to see someone start to soar, and nothings going to stop you girl, God bless you.

Kyle: Emily, wow, you know… Every single week… that was absolutely brilliant.

How To Vote

My picks for tonight are still the same as they were pre-performances, but I do think that Dan and Daniel put the others on notice tonight, if they get through another week and really continue to pull great performances out they might find themselves being rewarded. I’m of the mind that this week’s performance by Lee really should end up with him leaving the competition on Monday night, but who knows, it might be Emily!

So, that’s the end of tonight’s performances, I’ll be turning the PC off to watch the ARIAS and I hope to God Anthony doesn’t win too many awards and we get to see some decent musicians being rewarded for their struggles…

Top 62003Cosima, Guy, Levi,

Top 6


Cosima, Guy, Levi, Millsy, Paulini, Shannon



Anthony, Casey, Chanel, Courtney, Hayley, Marty



Anne, Dan E, Daniel S, Emily, Kate, Lee


any comments...dont really give much abt stuff like this but just something my friend wroked out

I think that everyone except

I think that everyone except Lee deserves to stay after the Motown night...

It'd just be wrong if someone else leaves over him....i mean....everyone has just found out that he cant sing...other times hes sung songs where the music has overpowered his voice and he doesnt sound that bad....

but theres no excuse now....


and all those people that r sayin that emily will be in the bottom 3...DID U ACTUALLY WATCH THE i mean....she was absolutely amazing....

i fink they bottom 3 shuld b

i fink they bottom 3 shuld b lee,dan s and dan e with lee being eliminated but i fink australia will vote emily kate and dan s 4 da bottom 3 with dan s being eliminated!! cumon people vote! i like kate anne and emily bt i hope emily winz australian idol =)

Lee - hahahhahahhahaha. My

Lee - hahahhahahhahaha. My God is he bad, I was laughing, I still am. What a joke that he even got past the auditions. I mean, was anyone expecting anything else when loudness wasn't drowning out his own loudness. He is so bad. He should finally get kicked off, I'd even listen to him singing it again if he got kicked off.

Dan England - boring boring boring. Everyweek boring. One week blends into the next with this guy. You know that cheesy smile is fake.

Dan S - well, got the best out of himself I guess. But that ain't a whole lot.

Anne - you know, she's pretty good at most things, not great, just prety good.

Emily - so far a better singer than anyone else you may as well stop the comp. now. But putting her on last was a clear ploy by the producers to get her the votes back.

Kate - bah, i've had enough of her. Same facial expressions and actions when she sings really annoys.

i think youll find that

i think youll find that theres a lottery each week to choose peoples positions on the night, whether they sing first or last has to be random...

i'm sure that's what they

i'm sure that's what they want you to believe

ever noticed how it is always girl followed by boy followed by girl followed by boy...

no last night was different

no last night was different

last nights order was: kate,

last nights order was:

kate, lee, anne, dan s, dan e, emily

Yes I was in pain listening

Yes I was in pain listening to Lee. Poor thing. From best to worst for me tonight:

1. Dan E - I just love his voice. I know he looks a bit scared when he sings but come on people! he worked as a servo till Idol. He loosened up a little bit today. I really hope he is not in the bottom 3

2. Emily - amazing voice but I hate the way she dresses and moves..something about her shoulders is not feminine.

3.Anne - a little bit cliched with all her little mannerisms and over-flicking (or is it licking?). She is starting to sound the same to me but a strong vocal

4. Daniel - I thought he was great tonight. A little bit awkward but his voice is melancholy with a rough edge. He was especially good on Friday.

5.Kate She needs to do something to blow everyone away. Sings really well but is not a standout. Unlucky to be in with Emily and Anne.

6. Lee - sorry mate bad call.

Bottom 3 - should be Lee, Kate, Anne, Lee to go

Will be - Kate, Anne, Dan S or Dan E :(

At long last we have

At long last we have validation that Lee has limited vocal capabilities- it's all there in black and white- I begin yelling at TV- that Marica better tell the truth...if she says it was a good performance I'm going to turn the TV off- but how do you make a bad song sound good?  Um, you say something like-"One of the most important things about being a performer is showing your vulnerability and you did that tonight. You did a darn good job, well done."  Hah!, if that was James or Dan S- it may have not been such a kind response.  Lee should be in the bottom three- but I think his (shrinking?) fanbase may save him.  I think he will be forgiven- this once.

I was confused- Dan S still looked 'ioning board stiff' and the song didn't really show off a strong vocal range- sure he looked like he was having a good time- but he seemed to repeating the same words- consistancy is more important than singing a few okay songs here and there...

Emily rocked...the upbeat songs seemed to have more of an impact tonight- it didn't matter who was singing them- she deserved that touch down...

Anne was another confusing one for me- the tempo was all stange- mixture of what I do not know...I thought the low notes like were too low- and wondered if she was going to sing like this for the rest of the song.  I just don't get it...

Why does Kate always get to go first?  I found it hard to hear the lyrics first time around- but she seemed confident and pushed herself on some of those notes-Kate does have a adventageous quality- she has nice 'shades' in her voice- which are subtle- and blend nicely- although I find you have to have a good ear to appreciate them-and she offers that difference between Emily and Anne- the song seemed a bit obsecure to me-and I hope that doesn't go against her- I still would like her to really let go-

Dan- good song choice- yeah, he does know how to pick his songs (like Kate)- I thought it was the 1st time he had really relaxed- no, I think it was one of his best.

bottom three should be-

Lee, Dan S, Anne

But will be-

Dan S, Dan E, Kate.

 hope my predictions are wrong...?!?  It's getting harder to pick...

No way Dan Spillane should

No way Dan Spillane should be in the bottom three, if justice serves us right Lee should leave, Anne was not up to scratch and Kate is not lifting Daniel is and he deserves to stay, out with Lee.

what about consistancy

what about consistancy though?  Sing  two 'good' songs and all the sudden you can win this thing?  I'm not buying it...

Lee should go- but I think his fan base will keep him safe... although I'd love to be proven wrong...

shannon noll didnt really do

shannon noll didnt really do too well untill the later half of the competition, yes consistancy is important but so is growth.

Dan england for example doesnt seem to have grown at all in his performance or singing during the competition, yet he is consistant...

bottom three, Lee, Anne and

bottom three, Lee, Anne and Kate

lmao ...and uhh..yea i

lmao ...and uhh..yea i remember u Fantasia..but i think ur a fake >.<

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Hi, I'm Fantasia y'all! Remember me from American Idol?

how come the poll is at the

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cause i broke the site

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