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Lee Harding "Vents Off Steam" With Christy

Submitted by djwright on Wed, 2005-10-26 13:13

Idols cut loose
From Sydney Confidential
Link: Idols Cut Loose

    Which might explain why punk-rocker Lee Harding and Shannon Noll-lookalike Daniel Spillane used the ARIA awards to let off a bit of pent-up steam.

    But we're not sure what Harding's de-facto partner of 4½ years, Nicole, would think of his pashing Big Brother bogan Christy during the cranking after-party at the Novotel.

    While Harding - who didn't arrive back to the Idol house until midday on Monday - is denying his night of passion, Christy confirmed the story on radio. Classy.

"Meanwhile, Spillane chose

"Meanwhile, Spillane chose to unwind by downing a few too many shandies and woke up in a corridor of the hotel - minus his wallet, belt and jacket. How rock'n'roll."

i got that from the link that you

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