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The Apology and Explanation:
Thanks to those of you who have been whinging that there was no update last night, I guess that I could give a huge explanation, or possibly lie about how my social life is way too interesting and that I couldn’t be here last night but that would be too much work.

The truth of the matter is that I had to work last night and when I did arrive home and watch the gig I wasn’t inspired to post anything, let’s face it there were no WOAH performances and the touchdown given to Dan was a pathetic example of how Mark Holden is trying to keep the audience interested in their show that is failing to please this year.

This time last year the judges were complaining that Casey had no media skills, and that every time she was interviewed she wouldn’t say anything, yet Emily gets away with saying nothing every single week without being told to grow up, she’s as thick as 40 bricks and a few litres short of a full tank (if you know what I mean). Emily can sing, and BMG would love her because she’s dumber than Mariah Carey and less likely to get married in Las Vegas than Britney and even less likely to make an entire book about her naked like Madonna…

Lee looked like the lost member of High Five last night, his vocals were dodgy to say the lease and his very existence in the competition is a massive joke. Lee sang one of the many songs that came out in the 70’s that didn’t require him to be vocally brilliant, yet he still fluffed it up, I wonder if it’s got anything to do with the punishment that his gf gave him after his recent pashing with Christy from Big Bogan.

Dan England did the same thing that he’s done every single flipping night, he stood there and sang, how flipping boring, and to sing an Eagles song when there were so many other choices that could be made was a joke. Mark’s awarding Dan with a touchdown was a blatant attempt at getting Dan through another week, who’d vote off someone who got a touchdown?

Daniel wasn’t as great as he was last week, but at least he moved around, and chose a song that was a tad out of left field, not like Dan who week after week has sang the same boring old thing. Daniel didn’t get a touchdown, but he didn’t deserve one, neither did Dan!

Kate’s performance wasn’t that great this week, her voice Is giving out and it was very obvious that she was missing vocals and that her voice gave up when she needed it. Kate’s facial expressions were ones of disappointment in herself and anger, but after hearing her interviewed afterwards we realized that she was actually really crook and battled the way through it, well done to her, but it does beg the question as to if Kate will be this year’s Cosima...

Idolblog Poll:
The poll tonight is fairly convincing, it looks like Dan Spillane will be heading home with a low 8% of the popularity, but who knows…

Group Song:
Oops, sorry, wasn’t paying attention, I was too busy calling Emily stupid… The song wasn’t anything special, it didn’t even make me look up from the screen…

The Verdict:

Bottom 3 but Safe:

Going Home:

Yay, that’s it, I’m going to go read a book and listen to some REAL music by REAL musicians who can actually sing, not like Lee…

Lee has personality, he just

Lee has personality, he just can't sing. 

Thank you for amit he can't

Thank you for amit he can't sing.

Lee has

Lee has personality?


That was a joke, right?

Dan was totally deserved

Dan was totally deserved that touchdown !!! IMO out of the 5 touchdowns this season, Dan's Desperado is the most and only deserving TD...

Way to go, Dan !!!!

Dan vs. Kate finale !!!!

Hahahahhahahahhahah. That's

Hahahahhahahahhahah. That's funny.

Wait, you're being serious. That's sad


HAHAHAHA...loyal_audience ans son of chiefy....have it down packed....and also use r all spot roxane lover....pleasee shh...lmao

good on use......LEE TO GO

You know it won't happen.

You know it won't happen. You know they'll vote for him now since he nearly got kicked

Actually, if he does make it to final 2 he'll have to sing one of those Celine Dion songs they pump out as the winners' single. That could be funnier than "Ben" - or sicker and sadder. The choice is yours.

lmao it would be a disaster

lmao it would be a disaster lol.....i choose both SICKER and SADDER...

indeed old friend, you truly

indeed old friend, you truly be wise


lol would be worse than just SICKER and SADDER....

cumon leave emily alone she

cumon leave emily alone she and kate r the best there. i agree lee shulda gone ages ago he duznt hav the pop luk, the personality or the voice to win australian idol compared to kate and emily. u go gurls i want emily to win if not kate!! how the hell did lee get thru that elimination he shulda gone! cumon ppl vote the ryt ppl thru =)

I sincerly hope your second

I sincerly hope your second favourite wins... KATE

i don't care who wins as long as it isn't you favourite... EMILY

So go home Emily... cause Kate should win... or........................ DAN

Your opinion is about as

Your opinion is about as valued as Roxanne's voice, roxannelover. >.>

Thankyou ... i know roxane's

Thankyou ... i know roxane's voice and my opinion are always the best...

And Emily's voice and opinion are always the WORST...


Can we point out what is the

Can we point out what is the strengh of LEE??? Hm......... hard to tell. Basically, just dance a bit, sing a bit rock song with crap vocal, and walk into Audience crowd.... hm..... probably that's it. Do you think that's hard to do??? Every idol can do that, Emily, Dan and Kate just dont want to follow the way he perform, because they know that they have a great vocal and great singing skill and no need to do those simple stuff. Walk in the audience's crowd, you think Emily, Dan and kate can't walk?? Ha hah a.... so funny. His holloween make up and his hair color, everyone can do it easiely, just need to put some eyes shadow on and panetrate the few holes on face, coloured the hair a bit. That's it. All idol can do that, but they just refused to do that, because they dont want to be a clown. HAhahahah.... What Lee could do others idol could as well; but what others idol could do Lee could never do that.  

It will be easy for Lee

It will be easy for Lee because Elvis is kind of rock... and punk ends up somewhere in their...

Dan will have no problem because he sings rock sometimes...

Kate and Emily will have trouble because there Diva's and his no where near that


stop being mean to lee...

stop being mean to lee... his awesome...

well not as good as Dan but still really good




WINNER: DAN   :) :) :) :) :)

the day i stop being mean to

the day i stop being mean to Lee is the day he gets off my TV, and the day that people wake up and smell his stinky singing

Yeah well get used to it

Yeah well get used to it cause your ganna have to hear him this Sunday

Lee doing Elvis could end up

Lee doing Elvis could end up being in Funniest Home Videos the next week.

And Dan doing Elvis could end up as elevator music zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

How about no... the guys

How about no... the guys will do good...

Emily may do ONLY ok... but really wouldn't impress...

I think Kate will stuff it up


Certainly you're the kind of

Certainly you're the kind of person can't tell who can sing who coudn't sing. You're no different with the "Funny Contestents" in the Audition who tought him/herself can sing but actually sucks.

I know who and who can't

I know who and who can't sing...

Did you know that Emily stuffed up her audition when she went into the Top 100... when she had to line up and sing some song... lol...

So thanks for the insult because your insulting Emily too... YES...

loyal_audience.... YOU ROCK cause you insulted Emily

1st, Funny Contestent in the

1st, Funny Contestent in the Audition not equal to Mistake in Top 100. So i was not insulted her.

Yeah, I know that she stuffed up in the Top 100. However, judgers let her through. So what?? LOL.... you know why the judgers let her through?? You tough they just want her for nothing?? That's because those judgers know that she can sing and even she did a mistake but the judgers still know that she can sing with great vocal and skill.

For lee.. Mark said " you know your product", another word for that is " you know you crap in the vocal, so you do a lot of clown stuff to entertain audiences".


You mabye misunderstood

You mabye misunderstood Mark... when he meant by you know your product he meant you know who your aiming your audience for you know what style to remain on and so his message in other words is... " Continue Doing What You Are Doing" because people are enjoying it... which is why he reached the top 4...

and theres nothing you can do about it... you can't turn back time... so just deal with it...

as for Emily everyone knows she's crap... so there is always something to deal with her...

And for your information if anyone who does stuff up their performance in the top 100 they should go... that's another example of the judges favouritising her...

Yes, i agree with you what

Yes, i agree with you what you said about Mark's meaning.....hehe.... so you agree with me that :" continue doing what you are doing (the clown stuff), because people enjoying it (who's not enjoying clown stuff??).....

And everyone knows Emily is crap?? let's look at the voting in the this website,,,, who got top vote??? Hahahahahahah

That's right Emily is

That's right Emily is crap... it was just a fluke that Emily has had the most votes on this website...

however this is only one source... if you go on the official iinside idol website Lee is with the top vote...

url please

url please




YEEEHHH MAATEE....keep dreaiming emily is the worst....lmao....

u make me laugh....u spend too much time talkin bout emily n highlightin her VERY FEW bad points....

instead of trying to boost every ones perspective on dan...


I am working on boosting

I am working on boosting Dan...

You see i don't care is Dan doesn't win as long as the other winner is either Lee or Kate...

I got a bigger challenge and that is to get reid of Emily... which will happen when the public how shocking she is...

And believe me she ought to stuff up Elvis Presley night...

hey....thats what people

hey....thats what people said before the big bang night aswell....and what happened...emily got the first ur funny...

emily suits any style...i no ur going to disagree...but u r going to only because u dont like emily...well i reckon ull wake up someday soon...

Did you watch inside idol...

Did you watch inside idol... she's planning on changing the song... and Mark isn't ganna be happy about this because his ganna want to expect her to try something different


oh man, how boring is Dan!

oh man, how boring is Dan! He took a generally boring song and made it more boring. Who the heck is voting for this joker?? The deaf?? Oh yeah, they're voting for Lee.

Dan rocks... that was

Dan rocks... that was probably the only deserved TD this year...

In order to get a touchdown you don't have to sing a song that will blow the house off... (WHICH EMILY TRIES TO DO BUT FAILS)...

I don't why i either bother talking to you... your clearly a person who can't judge correctly...

haiya, Dont say people cant

haiya, Dont say people cant judge..... you're the most obvious one can't judge who can sing and who can't sing.

Emily never failed, as she get 3 touchdown so far. Wherease your Dan and Lee only get one so far...... hahahahhaa.......... Did you watch Idol or not??? She failed??? Hahahahahahahaha.............  

Yes she did fail... she's

Yes she did fail... she's been only getting those touchdowns to boost the ratings which have fail too



all this time I thought you

all this time I thought you were just having a joke - but you're serious.

You need to take some advice from Charlotte Church and get some professional help

Well what do you

Well what do you think...

I've seriously hated her since she wasn't my third favourite...



If Dan England wins Idol his

If Dan England wins Idol his album should be called "Sleeping Pills", and his songs should be;

"Stand and sleep"
"Good to sleep everyone"
"Oh my smile, it's the cheese"
"Tonight's the night for sleeping"
"A thousand days of sleeping"
"My face is to fat for my sideburns"
"Caught napping"
"Slower than an elevator"
"Baby I can't move"
"Marcia lied to Lee"

Lee was so close in going,

Lee was so close in going, 0.2%

yes the dream was nearly

yes the dream was nearly lived

i only fear that Lee fans will vote harder for him now because he nearly got kicked.

well THAT i'd agree with you

well THAT i'd agree with u DJ..idol's not as good now, nothing big..NO JAMES!! :( hahaa jk, knew u'd hate me sayin that xP

OMG... LEE was in the bottom

OMG... LEE was in the bottom 3??!!


I have a funny, not-so-good

I have a funny, not-so-good feeling that that'll be the last time we'll see Lee in the bottom three. Oh, the injustice!! Okay, Spillane sucked but not as much as Lee!!

Does Lee spend like about 2

Does Lee spend like about 2 minutes a week practicising his song. Gees, who couldn't walk around, point, and bash out that piece of garbage.
Clearly they need to throw away these judges and get Simon Cowell in, at least that dude is honest and has a reasonable eye for talent.

Yes... totally agree with

Yes... totally agree with you... if they bring Simon atleast they would know that Emily sucks... and that Dan rocks...

Do you what is Rocks???? It

Do you what is Rocks???? It doesnt mean standing there like a stiff. Do more reseach for the Rock stuff.....heheheheh

Well you've just insulted

Well you've just insulted the judges to... because Marica always says you "rocked" the house to Lee or the other contestants... NOT REFERING TO EMILY...


I vote for Emily, not for

I vote for Emily, not for the judges..... so...... so what if i insulting them??? LOL

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