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Australian Idol ­3

Submitted by djwright on Tue, 2005-07-26 17:59
Yes, that's right... from 7.30pm tonight (26th July) the new season of Australian Idol kicks off in a one hour audition spectacular, over the next few episodes we'll see all of the good and the bad that Australia has to offer. We'll also get to check out how the new judge on the block Kyle Sandilands fits in with the two remaining judges. Apparently Kyle's been told to play nice and not upset Marcia, however the promotional material up to now has been selling him as the new "bad boy" of the Idol competition.
Sydney 2Day FM breakfast radio host Sandilands has been chosen to step into Dicko's shoes alongside Hines and fellow judge Mark Holden. While Sandilands insists he's not the new Dicko, he says the 2005 Australian Idol will be the toughest one yet and cautioned that "weaklings will not make it". He's already admitted conflict with both Hines and Holden over contestants he has put through at auditions. "Marcia's walked off the set," Sandilands said last month. "Him (Holden) and I have argued and argued and argued until the producers told us to shut up and get the next person to come in.

Woop! Woop! Go DJ :D

Woop! Woop! Go DJ :D

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