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The countdown's began, soon we'll find out who's going to win the title of "Australian Idol" for 2005...

Will it be Emily?

Will it be Kate?

Stay tuned for the 2.5 hour live concert finale from 7.30pm EST Eastern Daylight Savings Time, for those of you stuck in a time warp we'll be here letting you know just how painful the concert experience actually is...

2.5 hours for a verdict, aren't I glad that this is an abnormality? Imagine a 2.5 hour verdict every week...

On second thoughts, perhaps not...

Tonight’s show started with voices from all over Australia telling us who they want to win, Emily or Kate… the votes were 50/50 afterall, you wouldn’t want any bias shown by Channel 10 would you? Andy and James welcomed us to the Sydney Opera House where thousands of people have gathered to see the Idols from the last three years take the stage…

Axel Whitehead interviewed Idols from competitions passed including Anthony, Shannon, Lee, Guy, Casey as they made their way up the red carpet into the main stage where in only 2 hours time the Idol will be announced…

And after that James announced yet another recap from last night’s performances… remember votes are open until 8.30pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time…

The cameras went to a live broadcast from Brisbane where a large number of family and friends have gathered to see Emily take centre stage in the Idol final.

Milsey was in Kate’s home town in Bendigo where her family and friends from all around had gathered to watch the show and barrack for their home Idol. The large number of fans who have no idea who he is have gathered to make a lot of noise and watch the final in the hope that the next Idol will be from Bendigo…

The first artist to take stage is Shannon Noll, who jumps on stage and belts out his second single titled “Lift

good on kate...emily will do

good on kate...

emily will do bigger, better and greater things though...


you are my idol...:)

hehe - see the judges

hehe - see the judges clapping 'politely'.....

everyone looks so flat and disappointed including Kate....

lol - they keep showing a clapping crowd....but it's the bendigo one......

Emily peaked too early I

Emily peaked too early I think - Kate was good the whole year but never amazingly stunning - Emily was a bit eratic I think. Much better when she was hot but kind of lost her way a little in the last few weeks.

Interesting to hear the crowd after the announcement - they were not really as exstatic as they were earlier in the show....I think it's a bit of an anti climax for many....

not just an anti-climax but

not just an anti-climax but a complete tragedy - and yes the crowd was so NOT pumped after the verdict - even kate looked deflated, and the judges, well we all know what mark holden was thinking....

how did this happen??? well australia, here's your 'true blue' aussie girl, self-confessed dag former fat kid....i am so sick of sympathy winning out over real talent!!! i only hope emily gets out of this country and receives the recognition she deserves elsewhere!!

This is the worst Australian

This is the worst Australian Idol show I've ever seen. Terrible stuff. The medlies made me want to vomit - the recaps made me switch channels - I feel like I'm watching a show for 7 year olds.....yawn....

GO EMILY!(hehe I tried


(hehe I tried voting for her from NZ hehe)

Did it work??

Did it work??

I'm not sure.I hope so

I'm not sure.

I hope so :p

Ha!! Glad that

Ha!! Glad that sad-excuse-of-an-idol-judge Kyle Sandiland got his just desserts - literally!! lol

GO EMILY!! im a NZ'er too

GO EMILY!! im a NZ'er too :)

C'mon Emily  - *sobs* that

C'mon Emily  - *sobs* that we can't at least see the final :'(

Nice to read your words dj :D 

What seems clear about all

What seems clear about all this is the hole in the voting system. Clearly the phone voting is designed as just a money plunge for Telstra and not really in the best interest of the record company geting the winner.
This is why.
I believe (gut feel) that more people actually voted for Emily. But I think the people that voted for Kate voted more times. Thus giving Kate a win on more received votes, but by fewer people.
If this is true that would mean that less people will buy Kate's album than if Emily won.

So it is a nice gain for Telstra, but ultimately more of a loss for BMG Sony who are now stuck with Kate for 2 albums, when it clearly appears that Emily is liked by more people - seriously, just look at the crowd reaction.

So how to fix this?? I don't think you can limit the amount of calls from a phone number, but make the impact of 1 person dialling 10000 votes less of an impact. It still is 1 person, who will noly buy 1 CD in the long run.
So instead of a weekly kick-out based on that week, the voting should by cumulative across all weeks. Where not the number of votes count, but the position.
When it gets to the last 5, it is reset.


Week 1 this year; 13th Tarni, 12 Chris, 11th Roxanne are bottom 3.

Roxane stays but she is left with 11 points that carry over the next week. If she gets the 10th position the following week that would save her under the current system but likely eliminate her under my system.

It's a much more balanced way of doing it based on consistency across the weeks.

Don't argue!

hey i think you may be spot

hey i think you may be spot on....but can u elaborate on that system that u just introduced...because i didnt understand it fully..

Like this;In week 1 Roxane

Like this;

In week 1 Roxane comes 11th. She doesn't get eliminated, but has 11 points next to her name. In week 2 she comes 10th (by votes). Therefore she now has 11+10=21 points.

Under the current system she would be safe because the 10th person in week 2 just escapes the cut. But this system would most likely get here eliminated because it's unlikely anyone else could be on 21 points after 2 episodes. Therefore she is getting thrown out for lack of consistency on the show.

When you get to the last 5 you reset it back to zero.

Simple and fair.

yes yes....that was smart of

yes yes....that was smart of you to come up with something like that...i agree....but how is anyone going to find out about that....

they should change the system...its getting abit boringg...




I KNEW SHE WOULD WIN............


I think it ended the way it

I think it ended the way it should have. I was happy to see Dan and Daniel and Lee, things don't seem the way we think, Emily was obviously relieved that she did not win, and Kate needed to win.
Any how, I just hope Dan will release a CD, and I think Lee will do OK. Wish Lee and his band Bedrock would have crashed the Opera House singing his version of Maybe Toinght.
Really the whole idol thing has to die out, why do we have to have all the diva sh*t, let some of the contestants play their own instuments and make idol a whole format for talent not just singers.

hey was emily's

hey was emily's grand mother that struggled...i dont think her mum would have struggled like that....

I would like to take this

I would like to take this opurtunity to say something to the writer of this blog. You are an absolute dick head. It's as if you have nothing to do but pull the piss out of people who are obviously far more talented than yourself. And for your information, at the end of Ryan Leckis song... he did not dribble on himself after his spectacular performance... in fact he looked down in shook to see that his fans were throwing money at him. He is an incredible singer and even now that his voice has broken he still has an extremely wide vocal range and will definately have a career in the industry. You on the other hand probably stay at home all day making websites and acting as though you are king of the world. I feel sorry for people like you who only put others down to make themselves feel better... you mustn't have any self worth what so ever.

I sincerely hope that know one ever has to hear your opinion on anything again.

if you have any comments email me.


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