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Natalie Zahra wins Music Oz award...

Submitted by djwright on Thu, 2005-12-22 16:53
Natalie ZahraNatalie Zahra picked up an award at the recent Music Oz Awards.

Natalie won the award for "The Legit Music Development Best R&B Artist"

A mp3 of her song "Essence of You" can be downloaded here: Essence of You

From the Music Oz website:

Natalie is a naturally gifted singer who not only excels in vocals but is also very musically minded. She’s been singing since the age of four and has exceptional piano playing skills which have further led into writing her own material. Originally from the country town ‘Innisfail’ in Queensland she recently travelled to Melbourne to visit family and met up with a Melbourne based producer/songwriter by the name of ‘Jhay C’ who immediately saw the potential in her. The two hit it off in the studio and have created 3 hot tracks within the space of one week.
Congratulations Natalie!

wow! this blog is really

wow! this blog is really something. congratullations to all the talent over here.

i will be coming back. if you like, you can go to mi rock band's blog and listen to somthing of our own. hope you like it :)


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