Australian Idol 1: Shannon Noll wants a crack at the big screen

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2006-04-27 19:46
Shannon Noll

Australian Idol season one runner up Shannon Noll has set his sights on crossing over onto the big screen.

According to the Adelaide Confidential Shannon is asking movie producers "What About Me" in that hopes that he'll score a roll in a feature length movie for the silver screen.

i hope shannon gets a roll

i hope shannon gets a roll in a movie........... his a good entertainer so i dont see why his not so good in acting!!

but for now he should focus on singing.... maybe in two more years when he goes a little old he should act to bring his profile higher again!!

like shannon will be famous everytime he releases a CD but they'll be a time when he won't ... so he should use the time when his not famous and  act!!

i think shannon shoudl spread his time out and not do everything at once....

but whatever he does im sure australia will be behind him!!

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