General: Kate DeAraugo, Emily Williams, Paulini Curuenavuli and Ricki-Lee Coulter form all-girl band

Submitted by The Critic on Sun, 2006-05-07 21:02

Kate DeAraugo and Emily Williams, the winner and runner-up from last year's Australian Idol, have joined forces with Ricki-Lee Coulter from season 2 and Paulini Curuenavuli from season one to form a new girl group, Young Divas.

The band released their first single today, a cover version of the 1970s Donna Summer hit This Time I Know It's For Real, ahead of a 17-date national tour.

The girls insist that despite forming Young Divas, their solo careers will still come first

i'm so glad that these 4

i'm so glad that these 4 talented young women have decided to work together in forming Young Divas. I'm sure with the combination of their gifted voices we should expect anything less than the best from them. Good luck Young Divas and may your sound please people from all walks of life.....

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