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Submitted by The Critic on Sun, 2006-05-14 18:05

Bouncing around the internet on a lazy Sunday afternoon can be a lot of fun, especially when you get to read what those contestants who have auditioned have been posting on their blogs about their Australian Idol experience.

Take Melbourne auditonee Nati who has documented her Australian Idol audition experience. Nati made it through the first audition and got her blue ticket but was told in the second round that her voice just wasn't quite there.

As with a number of other people who have blogged their experience, there were plenty of photo opportunities with the hosts, James Mathison and Andrew G and while Nati didn't make it through to Sydney, she did get to enjoy some of the free stuff including the free hair and makeup.

With the major centre auditions now underway with the huge crowds of people filling the audition halls the excitement is really building toward season 4. The normal complaints of "why did I not get to sing in front of the judges" and other such complaints are bound to ensue. What fun though. It will be interesting to keep an eye on the blogosphere to read about what other contestants are saying about the audition process.

I think the way they go

I think the way they go about auditions is pathetic! Myself and another girl who were waiting in line saw this awful looking girl go in who couldn't sing at all (we could hear her from the little corridor) and she went through. Now I've come to the conclusion that awful people get through so that they can be ridiculed on t.v as being the worst and then booted off. I feel sorry for these people because even though they sound like crap and may be tone deaf, they don't realise this and then they're put on camera and made to feel like s**t for entertainments sake. I think channel 10 have a lot to answer for and I'm totally disgusted at this! You wonder why there's so much depression these days don't yah. Why not tell at the initial audition that you're not what we're looking for and leave it at that. There is no reason to give someone false hope (by giving them a ticket) and then embarassing them on national t.v!



Why feel sorry for them? If

Why feel sorry for them? If anyone is stupid enough to turn up and audition when it is painfully obvious that they have no talent then it is completely their fault if they get the piss taken out of them. If you audition for this competition then that is what you should expect. People need to take responsibility for themselves and stop blaming the likes of Channel 10. So what if they exploit other people's stupidity? If you're stupid enough to let them then it's your own fault.

I have no pity and will enjoy laughing at them as well!

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