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Idol Gets A Facelift...

Submitted by djwright on Thu, 2006-08-03 13:01
NETWORK Ten has overhauled Australian Idol and canned half the audition shows in an attempt to arrest last year's slide in ratings. The fourth Idol series, which begins on Sunday, will also include older contestants, the performance of original songs and live semi-finals.

Inside Idol, which will air on Thursday nights, will be folded into Monday's "results" show, men will compete against men and women against women, and the number of audition episodes will be halved.

"There are some significant changes this year," Idol executive producer Stephen Tate said.

He said ratings for Idol 3 were down but "if it hadn't performed well it wouldn't be back".

the article goes on to say...

Some of last year's Australian Idol finalists have been supporting themselves by pulling beers, picking fruit, raising children and studying, as the reality of life after reality TV sets in.

Sydney-based Natalie Zahra returned to Queensland to pick bananas and work in a bar.

Zahra is managed by industry veteran Constantine Nellis, who oversaw the launch of Cosima's career.

Nellis is keen for Zahra to leave Idol behind and is seeking $1.25 million from private investors to launch her career.

"Natalie was offered $5000 to sing two songs on the Idol tour, but went back to Innisfail to pick bananas for $500 a week," Nellis said. "It was the right thing to do for her career."

Laura Gissara, a finalist in 2005, returned to university after Idol, but is preparing to launch her debut single via a small independent label next month.

"I honestly think being on Idol allowed me to get this deal," Gissara said.

"People would pay lots of money for that type of publicity."
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Yes, I'm afraid to say it folks, but Laura Gissara is going to release a cd!!! RUN FOR COVER!!!