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I've only just got home and need to cook tea, so I'll get onto writing up tonight's episode after I eat (I have to have my priorities straight). Not that we'll actually see any decent talent tonight, noone from Adelaide seems to have made it through to the top 24 so tonight's show will be full of crap acts and probably a few decent ones from Perth.

The second audition show started in Perth, let's face it most of the show was crap, it started with a nice young Sudanese girl, Jovana Ngbadurezere singing Atomic Kitten which was enough to make me switch off for a while, she was cute but sang bad. Micah Simpson tried singing "time of my life" from dirty dancing, honestly, if I were to suggest a show in which idiots sang crap songs badly to channel ten and then sold it to them suggesting that we'd disguise it as THE TALENT SHOW in Australia we'd have Australian Idol.

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The first person through from Perth was Chris Murphey, he sang the Black Crowes song "She Talks to Angels" and then an original, he got through with three votes, as he walked out we realised that Chris is Courtney Murphey's younger brother.

Other people who sucked include Andrei Martinskis, Toni Davies, Scott Sullivan, Christopher Giddings, Denver the Dinosaur,

Reigan Derry, a 17 year old real estate receptionist and musician from Perth hit the stage and grabbed the attention of, well, absolutely everyone, she's gorgeous and, well... she did say that she felt like a fruitbowl in her brightly coloured dress, so I guess it'd be ok to say that she had a nice pair of melons... ummm *cough.* Anyhoooo she sang really really well and was unanimously through to Sydney.

Paul Dunn, a 23 year old security guard impressed the judges by singing MISTA's song Blackberry Molasses and doing a little freestyle. Points to the dude for being the first person this year to get Marcia to say "be true to yourself."

Tenielle Musulin and Alex Campbell both seemed to impress the judges making it through, as did the final performance for the day Danny Haines

Through to Sydney from this series of auditions:

The crew then headed to Adelaide...

People who sucked included Ashton John, Emma Berecz, Melanie Whitford, Leah Donnelly, Kevin Scheldrick, Nicholas Breslauer, Martin Glowinski, Sarah Dent, Mark Velenski, Asleigh Owens (although she was original)

People who assaulted Kyle included Jonathon Brennan. Yes, I did say assaulted Kyle, destroyed audition room, broke the table, poured water all over Kyle, made Mark call for security...

People who made it to Sydney, (who didn't suck as much) include

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On my Podcast i

On my Podcast i called Chris the genetic refuse of his much talented older brother. I think that was harsh but i reckon only he and Reigan Derry showed any great promise and are likely to at least last a fair way in.

And yes the melons were indeed mouthwatering!!! I have missed the eye candy.  LOL

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