Auditions: Australian Idol ­ Audition Show 5 - Sydney Solo's and Trio's

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-08-21 00:06

Tonight we enter phase two in this year’s Australian Idol competition as 125 contestants face the judges and each other over three days of more auditions and performances. Yes, over the next *sigh* two nights that’s what we’ve got ahead of us as the Judges turn 125 to 24 in order to give us the top 40 contestants for us to vote on next week...

There’s a good 5 minutes of the Idol contestants arriving at the Sydney airport, making a lot of noise and looking all cool and excited, getting in cars and heading to the stage. This allowed space for Andy and James to welcome us to the next painful stage in the Idol Journey. As the hopefuls all arrived at the hotel and started to settle in the awful truth of the day was forced on them, that as there are 125 people and not 100, at least 25 of them will be heading home immediately.

Mark tells the crew that tomorrow the 125 will be separated into groups of ten and ask them to line up and sing for them, and… if you’re in the first 3 lines then the judges actually have doubts of your ability anyhow and you’ll probably be going home. Shocked and exhausted the 125 hopefuls went to their rooms for a good night’s sleep.

The first three lines included:
Lauryn Winton
Amy Hanson
Daniel Kellarse
Mark Atkinson
Sam Soulio
Claire O’Connell
Catrina Underwood
Kenny Mcullich
Melanie Whitty
Phebe Starr

From the first line only one person (Amy Hanson) made it through to the next round of auditions while no one from the second round was good enough and only 4 from the third group of ten made it through. After saying bye to the 25 people who were not good enough we found that we now had a top 100.

Noone however was in an easy ride in this round of auditions, bobby Flynn for example was lacking in energy and didn’t’ impress the judges at all, actually he sounded like crap. Paul Dunn couldn’t remember his lines and was overcome by nerves before pulling himself back together. James Steele however realised as his line was pretty crap he decided he might be able to pull out something special and stood out in his group. Kasey, Jordon, Steve and Teddy from this group didn’t make it through.

Jess Griffin from Adelaide impressed the judges, as did LAvina Williams while others just failed badly, like Nadia Colbourn who had issues with her song and really didn’t impress the judges at all with her nervousness and unplanned audition. Jessica Mauboy continued to ompress as did Ricky Muscay and Lancy Keough and Joseph Gatehau, all up however 55 people are sent home.

The next assignment for the leftover hopefuls is the trial in which they’re given a song and two partners to practice with in order to create a performance overnight with two people that they’ve only just met. This job’s given to the crew after working from 6am in the morning.

The men are given U2’s “Beautiful Day, Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer

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