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My tips of the Idols to go

My tips of the Idols to go through to the next round are (assuming it's two per live show):

I think the wildcards could be:

The only other possability in the groups could be :

  • Nathaniel Willemse who might get through because of his looks.
  • Joseph Gatehau who might become a judge favourite.
  • Klancie Keough who might get the "Kyle likes her breasts "vote
  • Rebecca Pearce shouldn't be allowed to continue, however she'd be the only blonde in the group if she were to be allowed in the show.

If I were to make some comparisons between the last couple of years and this group of hopefuls I'd be saying that.
Jessica might have the same issue that Roxanne had.
Emily and Lavina are too easy to compare, as are Courtney and Chris.
Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke and Emalie are pretty close in looks, although Lyndelle can sing a tad better, perhaps Tarni would be a better comparison, although Amanda Streete sang a Baby Animals song for her solo and I'm sure Tarni did the same.
Bobby reminds me of Chris Luder, possibly a lot of potential but lacking in Idol reality.
Joseph Gatehau reminds me of Anne Robertson.
Paul Vercoe and Daniel Spillane could be relatives...

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