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Semi Final - Group One

The first "Live Semi Final" (Sunday 27th) was Boy Vs Boy, here is the voting details:

Yes, that's right, tonight it's time for the first group of boys to jump on stage, in an Idol First with a live band and audience cheering them on. 6 boys will take the stage to sing, but only 2 can make it through to the finals and you will get to vote for your favourite contestant.

The Idol producers have been fairly tight lipped about this year's process wanting to keep the "shock value" for each episode, but here's what we will think will happen this week:

Sunday to Wednesday we'll watch the groups perform, each night being able to vote for our favourite two performers for the night, we're assuming that the results will be announced each evening before the show. This will leave us with 8 finalists.

Thursday will be the Wildcard show, the Judges will announce who will be performing on the following Sunday's Wildcard performance show. We're not too sure about how many Wildcards will be going through, this will depend on if Channel Ten want a top 12, or a top 10 for the finals. Tradition is that there will be a top 12 which could mean two Wildcards voted through by the sms/phone votes and two by the Judges. Thursday night will also play host to Guy Sebastian who will be performing live.

In any case I'm just freaking out because there'll be an episode of Idol every blooming day for 5 days, I can feel my brain imploding as I type...

God help us all...

Group One Semi Final Performances:

  • Chris Murphey

  • Song Choice: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

    Judges Opinions:
    MarK: You were strong and you did that song justice.
    Marcia: I like your maturity. You gig, and its obvious that you do gig, thankyou.
    Kyle: I want to see you grubby, no more ironed shirts, you're a grubby rocker and i want to see more of that.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    Chris was first up on the stage, we were "treated" to a four minute flashback on his Idol journey thus far. No guitar in hand Chris took stage in a black jacket and bright pink shirt, I'm not too sure about his song choice, I think it goes down well live due to his gig experience but he looks a little geeky on stage. Vocally he pulled a great gig out of his butt, not one bad step or note, but if it's about song choice... I don’t know. I do find it amusing that the flashback was longer than the song.


  • Nathaniel Willemse

  • Song Choice: Vertigo by U2

    Judges Opinions:
    Marcia: Song's are about the interpretation and I think you sang that with a lot of respect.
    Kyle: In all honesty I thought you were going to destroy the song, but you were great, you surprise me every time you've performed.
    Mark: Incredible camera presence, you chose an arrangement that suits your voice but that song to me is about frustration, but I didn't feel that from you, I would have liked to hear more angst.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    Yet another flashback that'll be longer than his performance. Way to ruin a U2 song dude, you may have boyish curls but there's no way that song should sound like that. his high notes made me cringe, but I can see how the girl voters may find him cute and worth voting on. After he got up from the chair in which he sat on for the most part of the gig his voice became pitchy... Kill me if he wins and makes this as his single B-side.


  • Paul Vercoe

  • Song Choice: Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: to me I felt like I was at the last call at the country pub, there was no melody and there was a lot of shouting. It didn't do anything to me.
    Marcia: I saw you thinking so much, don't think, just live the moment. Think of everyone in teh audience as someone you know to bring you to life.
    Kyle: I agree with Mark and Marcia, I didn't see any stage presence there.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    Third on the block the 28 year old country boy Paul Vercoe hit the stage (after yet another flashback) in blue jeans, tshirt and hoodie. He started pitchy, actually no he didn't he started nervously and incredibly out of tune. He started to feel a little more comfortable on stage, and started to walk around but his performance was definitely a notch down from Chris' gig. Paul needs to loosen up a little more and enjoy himself. Great song choice, crapola performance.


  • Damien Leith

  • Song Choice: You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: Here's my dilemma, you just sing so well, seriously you do, beautiful golden tones and incredible tones, you are incredible and what really annoys the crap out of me is that you could bloody well win this thing. That would just annoy me because we'll have a val doonican as an idol.
    Marcia: You actually have one of the finest falsetto's I've ever heard in my life. My husband thinks you’re brilliant and the audience thinks you're brilliant.
    Kyle: brilliant stuff, loved everything.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    The flashback only reminds me why I'm pissed that we didn't get to hear the solo auditions in Sydney. Ok, this song really suits Damien's voice, and if it is really about song choice he really knows what his voice can pull off. I've got a query about his pop sensibilities though, can he do RnB or Rock? I didn't hear one bad note, even when he stretched for the high notes. It even looks as if they've straightened his teeth a little for the show, amazing what a tonne of makeup can do. Good gig, incredible control, strong vocals, ugly dude.


  • Brendon Boney

  • Song Choice: Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: You picked a super tough song to sing, the phrasing is so tough. It felt like you didn't get entirely on top of it, there were some pitch problems and breathing problems.
    Marcia: Most important you came on stage pumped and psyched and got the audience attention but you have to be ready. Stevie Wonder is hard to sing.
    Kyle: I hated it, you're better than that, I hope that people will forgive you for tonight and remember how goor you are.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    The Wagga boy was second to last to hit the stage this evening, the flashback showed us in his jockeys and his individual guitar style. He took the stahe in a white tshirt, jacket and hat and tried to hammer out the vocals. His power's been in singing songs in a quiet style, so I'm not sure about his vocal strength here, it sounds pitchy. His stage presence is there, he jumps around a lot and is very aware of where the cameras are, in that respect he seems to be having a ball. Nice performance, pitchy vocals, nice guy, although he did jyrate and shake his pelvis in front of his family during the performance...


  • Dean Geyer

  • Song Choice: If You Could Only See by Tonic

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: You're telegenic to the max, times ten, times 304. That was great, I just wish that you were able to build and interpret the song better.
    Marcia: You are goodlooking, but this Is Australian Idol and you did a darned good rendition of that song.
    Kyle: You're the million dollar package, you can only get better from here, love your work, well done.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    I wonder if they put Dean on stage cause he's the cute'st in the group, personally I'd love to see Chris and Dean head through to the next round and not Nathan (especially after he mutilated a U2 song). This dude will pull the chick votes, there's no doubt about that at all. Vocally he starts the song slowley but soon jumps into the performance with a lot of confidence singing to the audience and to the camera, I think some of them have had training of how to look at the cameras. This is a strong vocal performance without any pitch problems, Paul and Brendon could learn a lesson or two about how to sing rock from Dean.


My top 3 for the night are Dean, Chris and Damien, but I guess it'll come down to the public votes and we'll know more tomorrow evening.

Voting lines are NOW OPEN, and they'll be open until 6.30pm Monday, only TWO can make it through...

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