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Semi Final - Group One

The voting details for the first group of Girl Vs Girls are:

Last night the first group of boys took to the stage and battled each other in the hope that they'll make it through to the finals. Tonight however the first group of girls roll out the jelly tank and prepare themselves to wrestle their way through to the finals.... mmmm there's a pretty picture, Reigan jelly wrestling with Klancie...

Oh... Ummm... where was I again?

Ahhh that's right... the girls...

The girls...

Now, where did i put those tissues...

Group ONE Verdict:

After last night's gig and subsequential votes these two people have made it through to the Finals:

Group Two Semi Final Performances:

  • Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke

  • Song Choice: Would I Lie To You by the Eurithmics

    Judges Opinions:
    MarK: That was a kick arse four on the floor for the girls. You're realy going to have to pick up the ante to stay in the comp.
    Marcia: I love it when someone takes the stage and owns it, and you owned it.
    Kyle: I've been up and down on you since you started, I think you're best when you do the new stuff and that was a bit of a naff song choice.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    Lyndelle's looking good for a chick who had to audition twice to be put in the top 100, vocally she's chosen a powerful song that seems to suit her vocals. Is she good looking? hell yeah. Is she a good singer? yeah. Does she look comfortable on stage? yes, actually she does...


  • Klancie Keough

  • Song Choice: Not Ready To Make Nice by the Dixie Chicks

    Judges Opinions:
    MarK: To me, that didn't exactly capture the moment of the song, you hit the right notes but you didn't hit my heart.
    Marcia: I'm in the same room as mark, i adored it though
    Kyle: I'm no fan of the Dixie Chicks and I think you did a really great job, excellent.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    Out with the tissue box fellas as it's Klancie the Jillaroo and the twins on stage... I probably shouldn't have said that... I probably shouldn't have said that... but WHEY HEY HEY I DID!!! Not sure if this is a great song choice, how many Aussie Dixie Chick fans out there are there? Vocally she's pitchy and nervous and the cameras aren't showing enough of the, well rest of her other than the face. After a while she loosened up a little and became more comfortable with the stage, but she could have done oh so much more, she needed to do oh so much more...


  • Jessica Mauboy

  • Song Choice: I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Housten

    Judges Opinions:
    MarK: I have a dilemmah with you, becuase you have one of the best voices and actually as far as a recording voice goes it's a glorious voice, but I'm sick of hearing Whitney Housten. It feels like something that you've learnt by rope, I wanna see a 17 year old girl grooving in her voice and not a 35 year old woman, can we please see the 17 year old?
    Marcia: a song is a song is a song is a song, that's a great song, and you really tore that up tonight, well done.
    Kyle: the good news is that you are electrifying, you look like you've come alive but I am so in the pocket with Mark because that song sucked arse, you need to choose newer songs.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    This is the second Whitney Housten song for Jessica allready in this year's show, spot the one eyed fan. Vocally she's good, she also seems to be enjoying the stage, I can see Jessica getthing through on this performance, but as I said I'd like to see her not do Whitney.


  • Amanda Streete

  • Song Choice: My Immortal by Evanescence

    Judges Opinions:
    MarK: You're a beautiful woman, you sang that well, you were pitch perfect, but if you're singing a lament like that I'm assuming that you've lived, but I didn't feel the pain in the song.
    Marcia: Pain is a very personal thing so we all expres it differently, i think you did a great job.
    Kyle: I think that you're good and there was a day when Good would have done it but Good's not good enough at the moment.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    Atlanta's one of those contestants that we've not seen a lot of on the television coverage, probably because she's not one of the best of the group, she sings well but she's no Ricki-Lee, at 30 she's one of the oldest cidols on stage too. Vocally she sings really well, she doesnt seem to be missing any notes, but on stage she seems to stand still too much, I don't feel the angst in this song from her. I heard my neighbour cry to this song for an hour straight after her relationship broke up, that's the kind of angst I liken this song too, but I didn't see anything of the sorts. Nice performance, but not a winner.


  • Atlanta Coogan

  • Song Choice: Trouble by Pink

    Judges Opinions:
    MarK: Rowl, look out world, here comes Amanda... It's cool to work the room but there are cameras out there and you need to work out the cameras too. Secondly I love that rasp in your voice but are you going to be able to sustain it?
    Marcia: You're just so sassy and I love that and I love the raspyness, the performance was great.
    Kyle: You look superb and i think you did a great job at it.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    She certainly knows how to dress for the stage, she reminds me of a female version of Lee Harding in that respect, vocally she's not that powerful, she's husky which fits in with her rock song, but it could also bring the death of her voice. She definately seems to be enjoying herself on the stage, not bad, but not fantastic either...


  • Reigan Derry

  • Song Choice: I wish I was a Punk rocker by sandi Thom

    Judges Opinions:
    MarK: That was a brave song choice, I applaud you for that, as for the look it's like you're an extra on Deep Space Nine. I hated the arrangement though, you dagged it and made it ordinary, but you did a fine job. I believe in you.
    Marcia: That is a cool song at the moment and the girl who did it is also really cool, but I thikn it was a little bit left of centre, but well done.
    Kyle: I totally disagree with these two, I think it was great, sweet, lovely, I love what you've got on, it's hot, I loved it.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    Reigan auditioned in a sexy colourful number and impressed the judges, but in sydney she managed to not really impress the judges, so let's hope to see something special tonight. I'm not sure what she's wearing tonight, I guess it goes with her song that's only recently hit the video hits circuit. Vocally there were touches of nervousness in her voice, but she seemed to hit most notes, one of the problems with this song will be that there's not really any powerful notes in it for her. Nice performance but not anything I've not seen before.


My top 3 for the night are Lyndelle, Amanda and (Reigan/Jessica).

Voting lines are NOW OPEN, and they'll be open until 6.30pm Tuesday, only TWO can make it through...

I totally agree that we need

I totally agree that we need different songs people!! Jessica could have done anything yet she chose Whitney AGAIN. still her voice is mighty fine and I think she will get through.

Amanda - really entertaining but her voice is not quite up to it.

Reigan - I really love her versatility, v. weird song choice though.

I think Jessica and Reigan will go through and Amanda for a wildcard. (or some other permutation of these 3)

PS Does anyone know if they have to choose from a list or do they have free rein over the songs they choose?

P.S.S Hope Chris Murphy gets a wild card!!!:)

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