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Semi Final - Group Three

Want to put in your vote for the second group of Boy Vs Boys?:

Time to put the tissues down and put the ear plugs in because the girls have gone and very soon we'll be treated tot he smooth sounds of the second group of male performers in the Idol top 24. Who will woo the audience, will it be Bobby with his pimple scarred face and sultry voice or Joseph with his sweet and innocent vibe and boyish charm, will it be the Yoda, the mature and wise one of the group Guy Mutton who makes the women cry and men scream for more or, will Ricky Muscat, still recovering from his recent breakup with long time lover Jorge Bec win us over with his spikey hair and bullet proof wit?

Yes, it's that time of the week people where the last 6 boys from the top 24 take the stage in order to impress the public and the judges, who will go through? who will be dumped? who will never be heard from again? Only YOU can decide!!!

But not before we find out who, out of the first group of chicks will make it through to the finals...

Group TWO Verdict:

After last night's gig and subsequential votes these two people have made it through to the Finals:

Group Three Semi Final Performances:

  • Ricky Muscat

  • Song Choice: So Sick by Ne Yo

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: Another great start to a semi final, this has got to be the best year we've ever had, you look great, in the pocket.
    Marcia: You look like you dug it and you built the song and it was beautiful.
    Kyle: You did an excellent job with that, you're a sex symbol, well done.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    First up was Ricky, dressed in an all white jacket n shirt combo, torn blue jeans and with a shark finn hair cut, he seems comfortable in the song, but he doesnt move on stage much at all and focusses on one camera, he looked constipated but sang well and didnt miss a note at all.


  • James Steele

  • Song Choice: Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: That was a committed performance, it was intense. I love what you do, I wonder if you have the people power but great job.
    Marcia: Fully committed performance, I really liked your song choice and I really like you.
    Kyle: I think you can do better than that, I think you're still holding yourself back.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    The only Tasmanian in the 24 was next to take stage, (I bet he's glad that they cut off the head that couldn't sing eh?). I'm not sure about James, he's chosen a rock song and he's screaming a lot, the camera doesnt do him any good either, each time he screams it looks like his head's going to explode. Not a great vocal performance, although he was fully into it seemed a little too jumpy.


  • Chris Graffiti

  • Song Choice: I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: It felt really awkward for me, it seemed all self concious to me. You were sort of in the pocket some time, good song choice.
    Marcia: You've got attitude and I think you did a great job.
    Kyle: You did an excellent job, I enjoyed it.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    19 year old Pie Maker Chris was the third guy to hit the stage and try and impress the audience and judges. Vocally this is a great performance, he seems a little too jumpy on stage though, I guess he's trying to dance but as the song progresses you can hear him start to puff and pant. Great gig, needs to remove the ants from his pants.


  • Bobby Flynn

  • Song Choice: Under The Milky Way by The Church

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: I think that you are totally unique and I love that, you're a Ziggedy Boo from Zanadoo and I love where you're coming from.
    Marcia: I am so pleased to have you in the competition, you're doing a great job and I really hope that people vote for you, I think you are the bomb.
    Kyle: Sideshow Bobby, I know that you're great and that you might feel uncomfortable singing covers, I hated that song, but they're right, you are great, you are a bit left of centre but that's what I love about you.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    This dude looks like an absolute geekazoid, who dressed him!!!??? His song choice is a bit left of centre as is his vocal interpretation, I'm not sure if I like it or if it was a little too left for me. Vocally this was interesting, he still looked odd on stage, bit of a challenge but I liked it... I think...


  • Joseph Gatehau

  • Song Choice: Let me Love You by Mario

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: There were some obvious pitch problems but I don't think it'll be a problem to get the girls to love you. Don't restrict yourself to RnB.
    Marcia: So important that you feel the love in the room, that falsetto thing in the end you got so nervous but you still did it, you're a good boy Joseph.
    Kyle: Everywhere I go people are talking about how cute you are, and hopefully they're so into your looks because there was a lot of stage fright there.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    The young 18 year old school student James jumped on stage looking very nervous and sounding even more nervous. Vocally this is very pitchy and uncomfortable, his breathing is out of place and the performance is showing his age and experience. When he tried to hit the high notes he sounded like he was stretching for somewhere that he wasnt going to reach... Bad song choice for him at this time. I've got a bad feeling that the judges will give him a wildcard position over Chris Murphy...


  • Guy Mutton

  • Song Choice: Meant To Live by Switchfoot

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: Your experience shows, you rocked the camera, you maxed the melody, the only thing I'd say is have you thought abotu a bandanna...
    Marcia: You did great and that was a compelling performance.
    Kyle: I love your voice, I think you're gret. I just don't like the hair cut...

    Dj's Thoughts:
    Mutto took the stage and imidiately took his band experience to sing to the crowd and the cameras, actually I've rarely seen a contestant make use of the stage and cameras with this ease. Mutto's voice is great with this song, with no nerves (well at least not visable) no pitch problems... great.


My favourite three for the evening were Guy, James and Bobby although I think Ricky and Joseph might get through...

See you tomorrow night!

Why do you want Joseph to go

Why do you want Joseph to go through?

He was nervous, he's too young, blah blah blah... give him another year or two.

because we know what joseph

because we know what joseph is capable of !

it was just a bad song choice and he was nervous.

i mean who wouldnt, your on live tv for crying out loud !

I don't know, still think

I don't know, still think that mutto or even bobby might do better in the long run...

either way dean will wipe the floor with joseph.

ahaha , even you thoght

ahaha , even you thoght ricky and joseph will get in !

theres a difference between

theres a difference between thinking what the stupid public will vote and what i hope :)

Well , i want to say that

Well , i want to say that Ricky performed quite well.

My prediction from best to worst...

1. Ricky

2. Bobby

3. James

4. Guy

5. Joseph

6. Chris

that is the order who i thought was best, however i want the following to get through..

1. Ricky

2. Joseph

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