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Semi Final - Group Three

Voting Information for Group Two...

No tissue box jokes here tonight because this is the sweet and innocent fourth group performance with the perfectly innocent and sweet Lisa Mitchell (sweet 16) without her guitar to hide behind and the good sister Lavina taking stage to try and impress the rest of Australia with their Idol potential, and let's not forget the family-band raised Raechel Lee who wants to make a name for herself outside of her family band's tough schedule.

That's right, there'll be no guitars on stage tonight, just the girls and the band, who will come out on top, who's cuisine will remain supreme!?

But it's not all sweet and innocent tonight, heck no, what with the rebellious and talented Jessica and the ex-Moulin Rouge dancer Rebecca fighting it out on the dance floor there might be a little blood spilt in their endeavor for the Idol crown.

So, as the scouts say "be prepared" for what could be an amusing fight between the last of the chicks on the Idol stage, who's skirt will be the shortest, who's cleavage will be the most noteable, who's voice will impress?

And then we get to vote! Oh how exciting!!!!

The Group TWO Verdict:

After last night's gig and subsequential votes these two people have made it through to the Finals:

Did anyone hear that? I think I just heard Sony BMG absolutely crap themselves as the realisation that they could be funding a cd for Sideshow Bobby or Damien the Leprechaun... This show's quickly becoming more and more amusing as the days go by. My money’s on BMG hoping that either Dean, Lavina or Ricky win the competition, so don’t be shocked to see him make the finals… If Damien or Bobby win it’ll be the last ever series of AI…

Group Three Semi Final Performances:

  • Raechel Lee Phone: 1902 5555 6? / SMS RAECHEL to 191010

  • Song Choice: Dumb Things by Paul Kelly

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: Great aussie song, great aussie chick, great aussie twang. If you do get through I'm looking forward to seeing a wider range from you.
    Marcia: Your individuality is what really gets me, well done.
    Kyle: I'm a fan of your voice but I thought that was a little bit boring.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    Broken Hill girl and Kasey Chambers wannabe Raechel Lee was first on stage, this alone should frighten anyone. I think this girl tries too hard to sound like Kasey, the vocals are pitchy, even on a song like this in which you really don't need to try too hard to be in key. It took a while for her to remove the microphone from the stand and move around the stage and make use of the camera. Ok, but pitchy and the girl's voice is a tad painful.


  • Lavina Williams Phone: 1902 5555 62 / SMS LAVINA to 191010

  • Song Choice: Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: You Williams girls sure do know how to sing, great interpretation, impressive range, I can't fault it really, but I I want to see that burning fire.
    Marcia: That song is steeped in tradition, you tore that up girlfriend, that was beautiful
    Kyle: I loved it, loved it loved it, you look beautiful I think you've done a sensational job.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    Emily Williams' sister hit the stage with a serious look on her face and a lot of confidence. She actually looks very comfortable on stage and her notes were fairly spec and spot on, and, as much as it pains me to say this, but this chick could do what her sister didn't and pull off the entire competition.


  • Rebecca Pearce Phone: 1902 5555 63 / SMS REBECCA to 191010

  • Song Choice: Show Me Heaven by Mariah Mckey

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: tick tick tick tick tick, I think I drifted into the twilight zone and I'm in an australian version of Seinfeld and I've just seen the talent section of a Wagga Wagga talent show.
    Marcia: Sometimes it's hard to sit here, especially when I have to listen to that dribble. Your nerves are the things that get to you the most, next time get them out of your head and show everyone how beautiful you are. Well done darling.
    Kyle: You know if the old clown hates it I'm going to absolutely hate it. That was a dog's breakfast and I'm really disappointed cause I think you can do much better.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    Let's get this out of the way, I don't like Rebecca, she seems too ditsy and her vocals are unimpressive and, well, she gives me the shits... So, with an open mind let's talk about her performance. Song choice - CRAPOLA. Performance - Bland. Dress sence - Anyone say "summer at Sussans"? Vocals - pitchy, unremarkable. Stage presence - seen more in a cocopop commercial.


  • Jessica Griffin Phone: 1902 5555 64 / SMS JESSICA to 191010

  • Song Choice: Fire by Christina Aguleira

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: Ahhhh Jess... Ahhh Jess.... Ahhhh Jesss, you're tearing my heart out girl... I dig you so much, you look incredible and that song you were singing your life, what happened girl, what happened? you have to learn to put that energy and weirdness into a focus and the performance you're gonna crash and burn.
    Marcia: Woah is right, that was a hard one, I must tell you that a large part of being a musician is trust, your job as a singer is to come down the stairs and know the melody of the lyrics and the performance and trust the band, they will never let you down.
    Kyle: I'm not going to say anything, we all know that it was a joke, why should I go on and on...

    Dj's Thoughts:
    The "out there" 19 year old Jessica from Adelaide jumped on stage in a "Goth Sex Queen" costume including the fish net stockings and absolutely bombed her performance. She started confident but somewhere through the performance she seemed to allow the nerves to get to her and she started to be pitchy and it was all downhill from there.


  • Lisa Mitchell Phone: 1902 5555 65 / SMS LISA to 191010

  • Song Choice: Diamonds on the Inside by Ben Harper

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: You're straight forward, delicate interpretation its absolutely your own, you imediately make me want to protect you and at the same time you have this great strength. I have shivers. I think you are magic.
    Marcia: I se Mark every once and a while when he melts, it's when he speaks to his daughter and that's how he speaks to you. There are people who are born to do this, and that's who you are, you're a natural.
    Kyle: Apart from the fact that I think you will win this even if you don't I think everyone should get off their arse and clap cause you could be the best thing that's come out of this country musically.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    This girl can probably sneeze and make the Idol Judges orgasm on the spot, to be truthful I like her vocals too but I wonder ho far the young girl can go. Lisa sits on a chair for the entire performance allowing her voice to do the job, I guess the nerves of performing live on TV might be too much if she had to move around. This is the song she sung in Sydney for her solo's, so it's not anything new for us. She sings the song with nice control and a sweet voice, it's nice, very nice... She has a cool smile


  • Lydia Denker Phone: 1902 5555 66 / SMS LYDIA to 191010

  • Song Choice: One Moment In Time by Whitney Theme song

    Judges Opinions:
    Mark: If you're going to be a real player in this business you've got to have either the voice or the talent that noone else has, you've got a great voice but it's not an individual voice to me.
    Marcia: You did a great job and the theatrics were well done too.
    Kyle: Forget about anything he said, I think we were cooking with gas right there. You were great.

    Dj's Thoughts:
    Lydia's got a strong performance, a very strong voice. It's strange but I've not seen much of Lydia in this competition as yet, I think the producers have been concentrating on Ms Williams and Lisa too much in the hope that they'll get through, but to tell you the truth Lydia's vocals are as good as Lavina's. Sure, there were parts which were pitchy, but she shows moments of strength... But then again it's another bloody Whitney song.


I think the public will be putting through Lavina and Lisa... Raechel and Jessica might be the only chicks from this round to make it through to the wildcards... let's face it everyone else was crap.

Ok , well from last nights

Ok , well from last nights permformance this is how i rate it.


1. Lisa
2. Lavina
3. Raechel
4. Rebecca
5. Lydia
6. Jessica ( even though i think shes really cool, she stuffed up the performance)


2. LAVINA ( i think lavina is a really good singer, i just hope the public vote her for her voice, not because shes em's sister !)

In the wildcard i'd really like to see Jess get it ! she may have stuffed up her performance but hey.. boii is she good !

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