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Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-09-04 19:30
Idol top 12

After what was a fairly lackluster wildcard evening we gather tonight to find out who the public think should continue in the competition and who the judges would like to see hit the stage in the finals of Australian Idol 2006. Last night Mark showed that he's lost his edge, Marcia showed that she's still as nice as an apple pie and Kyle, well he continued to be as opiniated as a piece of soggy spaghetti.

Who have you voted through?

Who will join the top twelve?

Who will go home tonight?

Here's my beef with the process of choosing the Wildcards to go through to the final twelve. The process is that the Judges name their three Wildcards, THEN we name the next person with the highest amount of votes from the public vote... note that as 3 people have allready be chosen it's possible that the next person through was the fourth popular Wildcard not the most popular. I'd think it;d be more logical for the phone voted to be named BEFORE the Judges choice thereby allowing the top ONE AS VOTED BY THE PUBLIC to be named first. The current process is pretty FUC&$%^ up..

The process the Judges have chosen is to call up two people at a time and let them know that one of them is going through while the other is going home, this worked for the first two names, but now we find that we've got 4 people still sitting in the Wildcard space but only one more Judge nomination... oops, methinks we shold have pulled three people up twice leaving the final name to be chosen between two people...

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