General: First Eliminiation Show - September 11 - Twelve Turns Into Eleven

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-09-11 19:28

Going Home: Joseph Gatehau

That's right, tonight one of this year's top twelve will be giving a tear-full farewell, for tonight your votes will make sure that twelve turns into eleven. Who will be left? Who will go? Will Bobby Flynn's 12 magical lines (4 of which were the same line repeated) from last night be enough to get him through another round? Will Lisa Mitchell get another chance to charm the public? Will it be a shock exit?

And how will the producers manage to fill out an entire hour for a job that should only take 15 minutes? How boring will tonight really be?

Tonight's show was what we'd come to expect from Behind Idol, what with flashbacks, behind the scenes clips, interviews about the evening, press conferences, limmo rides, a Idol HQ tour and the creation of the new Idol stage...

The Idolblog Poll suggests that tonight we'll be saying goodbye to Mutto, Joseph or Lisa with each of the artists sitting pretty with 2% of the overall support each, will the poll be correct tonight, what's the chance?

The Top Twelve sang Rock and Roll, a Led Zepp favourite, and it was the men who shon in the energy filled performance while the women kind of took a back seat to Chris and Mutto and the others, while near the end Lavina had a small chance to shine in the crew as well.


i missed the first eviction

i missed the first eviction show, i wish i saw it, i was lost in brisbane city tryna find my way home lol.

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