General: Final Two - Top 11 Performances - September 17 2006

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Last week we bid farewell to the youngest male in the competition, Joseph after he picked a crap song and fluffed his vocals up, his departure upsetting a large number of teenagers who have a thing for dimples. But lets face it, the best thing about Joseph was his dimples and they alone don’t sell cd’s… although that’s yet to be challenged.

So after Joseph’s departure the 12 contestants were taught some basic mathematics as they were taught that twelve minus one is eleven, a lesson that has hit them hard as they’re well aware that another lesson in basic mathematics is well on the way tomorrow, and that he only thing standing between them and that lesson is one performance.

Tonight’s theme is ROCK, the producers and judges obviously choosing to allow the contestants to ease into the process before they bring on in the heavies of “MUSICAL

lavina and jessica are the

lavina and jessica are the bom, yup yup.

Dean and Lisa were the worst

Dean and Lisa were the worst but obviously the public doesn't care.

My Verdict:9-10 -

My Verdict:


7-8 - GREAT


Under 4 - POOR

Ricky: 6/10 … sang well, dressed well. Did alright.

Lisa: 4/10 … boring song choice, nothing to be excited about.

Guy: 7/10 … tonight was his night, and did a great job from it.

Klancie: 6/10 … sang well, but her country voice stuffs her performance every week.

Bobby: 5/10 … would have been a good way of making me sleep. BORING!

Reigan: 4/10 … what kind of song was that? Stuffed it up!

Damien: 7/10 … sang well, didn’t do much for me. But he has an awesome voice.

Jessica: 7/10 … Sang excellent! Did a great performance. KYLE’S A MEANIE!

Chris: 8/10 … A great song choice. Sang Terrific!

Lavina: 7.5/10 … sang well, but she seemed to have shouted some areas. I hope shes not becoming the next Emily.

Dean: 6/10 … did alright but blew it.


i dont understand your

i dont understand your grading and end result as you gave klancie a 6 while only giving Bobby a 5, yet still said she was worse than Bobby in your bottom 3...

re the song reigan sang it's actually a great track by KArnivool who are touring atm and have been picked up by the alt crew, great song unfortunately its a bit too left field for idol and she didnt pull it off...

 regarding your first

 regarding your first issue,

i believe klancie performed better than Bobby,

however, the bottom 3 i put in my verdict is based on who i believe the public would put in the bottom 3.

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