General: Second Eliminiation Show - September 18 - Eleven Turns Into Ten

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-09-18 19:33

Going Home: Reigan Derry

After a rocking night where the Idols showed us how to Rock and how to Roll, the Judges told us how to suck eggs and the music was left to speak for itself we gather again to say goodbye to one of the top eleven. This can be a sad time, but it's necessary to weed hout the Idol hope-less from the Idol hopefulls, and it's the name of the game.

Who will be told it's time to leave?

Who will be joining whats-his-name from last week's eviction?

Let's find out!


at the moment my faves are

at the moment my faves are lavina and jessica, they off tha hook.

God - i'm hoping that there

God - i'm hoping that there are more smarter people out there voting than the "shallow deaf fans". I'd die if those two were at the final.

Big fan of the blog..

Big fan of the blog.. finally found the effort to sign up.

Should've been Dean tonight.. but the guy has a free trip to the Final 2 because of all his shallow deaf fans.

Look out because this year it's going to be Jesse McCartney Junior vs Missy Higgins Wannabe at the Opera House.

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