General: Final Three - Top 10 Performances - September 24 2006

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Last week the top eleven became the top ten as we bid farewell to Reigan Derry after she received the lowest number of votes after her Rock performance the night before. Tonight the top ten will battle it out while singing some of Australia’s top musical hits in tonight’s top 1 hits show.

The Idols are ready, the Judges are set, Andy and James are on stage and the band is in tune, bring out the Idols!

After watching all the perfomances I hazard to guess that this week's bottom 3 will be Mutto, Lavina and Bobby, maybe Klancie or Ricky replacing one of the three, it's such a close competition...


  • Klancie Keough Phone 1902555561 or SMS "KLANCIE" to 191010
  • Song Choice:

    "If You’re Not In It For Love" by Shania Twain

    Djwright's Comments:

    Klancie’s decided to stick with the country vocal with a Shania Twain classic, I think that she started out too flat, and not as fast as I recallt he original going. She seems to have fun on stage and quite comfortable in moving across the stage , but there’s no power notes in the song, nothing spectacular just a good performance.Performance: 6/10

    Judge Comments:


    At least you’re getting closer to this decade, it’s like you’re trying to get the barbie sizzling but the sausage was a little under done for me. You always try hard and you’re an enormous dag, so dagy that you’re cool.


    I think that you did a darn good job, it’s hard to move when you’re not used to it, you did a great job.


    I don’t think that you’re a dag, I think you’re damn sexy.

  • Damien Leith Phone 1902555562 or SMS "DAMIEN" to 191010
  • Song Choice:

    "If Tomorrow Never Comes" by Garth Brookes

    Djwright's Comments:

    Damien sounds like one of those Irish greatest hits cds I’d purchase from a late night television infomercial cd collection that I “simply must have

My Verdict:Klancie: 6.5/10..

My Verdict:

Klancie: 6.5/10.. sang well, didnt do anything special for me

Damein: 7.5/10.. that song choice was a cool song to sing, the way he delivered it was even better

Lavina: 7.5/10.. she performs well everyweek, i liked the motivation she had in the song. Great work

Chris: 7/10.. he sang alright, i liked the beginning and i thought he was going to improve as the song went on, shame that he didn't

Dean: 7/10.. he sang well, but doesn't have the voice like others ! needs to improve on his ability in getting the audience up and rocking

Guy: 6.5/10.. was shocked with mutto's performance, i thought he would pull the song, would be lucky if his here next week !

Jessica: 8.5/10.. without a doubt the performance we've had tonight, and the best performance that she's performed. she deserved the touchdown and gets better everyweek ! one of my favourites

Bobby: 7/10.. did well, but needs to get the audience going, he has a different voice which is good, but that performance never pulled it off for me !

Ricky: 7/10.. seemed boring then usual weeks, but did delivered well.

Lisa: 6.5/10.. Lisa was a favourite, but has gone down hill since Australia met her. Her performances are to plain, and the act with her eyes is seriously getting to me.

Who i believe Australia would put in the bottom 3 (not based on my opinion)

Mutto (going home)



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