General: Third Eliminiation Show - September 25 - Ten Turns Into Nine

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-09-25 23:33

GOING HOME: Klancie Keough

Did you hear that sound? that was the sound of sheer fear as thousands of screaming, delirious, teenage, hormonal women realised that their worst ever fear was possible, Dean Geyer was in this week's bottom three! The sound of fear and the long silence that lasted the length of an advert break was almost unbearable as Australia waited to hear if it was going to be a goodbye to Klancie or to Dean, two performers that had enamored themselves to the Australian public in the last few weeks.

The sound was shortly followed by a deafening scream of joy and a soft sigh as the announcement of Klancie's demise was broadcast nation wide. The teenage girls screaming for joy that is and a number of hormonal and slightly deaf country men sighing at the sight of Klancie singing her final song.

Farewell Klancie, wipe the tears away, you did well and we look forward to checking you out in the next edition of RALPH magazine!!!


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