General: Fourth Eliminiation Show - October 02 - Nine Turns Into Eight

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-10-02 19:45

GOING HOME: Guy Mutton

Yes, the nice guy with a voice that could shake rooms, a head with hair that defies physics, a heart larger than Kyle's bum and a maturity that has impressed people all over the country is going home to re-join his band Soulframe and see what happens from here on in. No doubt we'll be seeing more of Mutto as his fanbase has grown over the last few weeks and that can only mean big things.

Farewell Mutto, we'll be seeing you around (Actually, I'll be seeing you at NCYC in January again...)

Apologies for not being around last night, While thecritic's been running around flirting with NZ Idol Finalists I've been camping at a arts and music festival all weekend long, hence my not being around for a live recap, I hope that thecritic's gonna be able to do one later this week for people to comment on, but until then let us know here what you thought of last night... and of tonight's eviction.

After saying farewell to Klancie last week and realising that the only female eye candy is way too young to perve on Australia has hit the phone lines with energy and fever in the hope of seeing their favourite Idol hopeful for at least one more boogy filled week.

Last week was a big week for the Idols, with a massive live concert with the Divas and Guy Sebastian as well as the opportunity to sing the national anthem at the AFL grand final on the weekend where (thank god) the West Coast Eagles defeated the Sydney Swans by one entire point in a captivating game of football.

Marcia sang a song from her new cd in a show that is well known for it's ability to look more like a Danoz Direct advert than a television show...

When the votes closed the rumour was that there was less than one percent between the two people with the least amount of votes... Who will be going home????


Kyle is a idiot.. he said

Kyle is a idiot.. he said the bottom 3 that was there, had been performing poor from the 3 weeks !


is he saying Mark doesn't know how to judge ?

he obviously doesn't know the difference between a good and bad performance.


I agree, Kyle is an idiot.

I agree, Kyle is an idiot.

I reckon mutto should have

I reckon mutto should have gone last week instead of klancie, but ohwell, hes gone this week. Thank God Lavina was not in the bottom 3 and thank God Jess was not in the bottom 2. Can anyone remind me what last weeks group song was, I thought it was great, they all gel'd well for that song, the theme was disco and I can not remeber what it was.

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