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Submitted by djwright on Wed, 2006-10-04 09:57

Kyle's come under attack recently for calling Jessica fat and again this week for referring to Bobby as a "Mong," a term that refers to mongoloids and has been used in the past as a label for people with Down Syndrome. To be frank I do not see what he offers to the show apart from bad publicity and a mug that's uglier than Mark Holden's. Where Dikko once was blunt he seemed fair being constructive rather than just saying "you're a loser" he would talk with the contestants and earn their respect. Where Marcia will apparently sit through the rehersals Kyle however apparently turns up 30 minutes before the show, enough time to get make up on and do a big crap I suppose. Where Mark offers the perspective of someone with years of experience recording and producing Kyle is a "shock jock" on a radio station, he basically plays the music he's told to and makes rude comments about people on his shit list for the day.

The question I have is "does Kyle offer ANYTHING constructive to the show at all, and if not who could we replace him with? If you had your wish, who would you replace the fat, ugly, untalented, boring dude with a haircut that makes Bert Newton happy that his is fake? Who and why?

Suggestions welcome here...

this place seems like its

this place seems like its got heaps of cobwebs and dust that needs cleaning? - when was the last time someone was in here?

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