General: Sixth Eliminiation Show - October 16 - Seven Turns Into Six

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-10-16 19:01

GOING HOME: Bobby Flynn

Sorry about the technical difficulties peeps, but we're back on board now... (what technical difficulties you may well ask... well, I was in Sydney, then appin, then Sydney, then Melbourne and now I'm back home for the last two weeks). And after last night's performances and TWO touchdowns AND Tuesday's all originals concert we're back just in time for the competition to heat up.

Yes, Australia was presented with a world Idol first as the Idols were allowed to take tot he stage with their instruments (if their instrument is anything but their voice) and we saw all but two of the contestants hit the stage with their guitars...

Last night both Dean and Damien received touchdowns while Lisa finally was reaquainted with her guitar, Chris sang a love song to his wife, Jessica sang a RnB favourite and wowed the judges while Bobby failed to impress the judges and I think Ricky sang his final song of the competition.

The competition's getting tougher and tougher and, with Tuesday Night's original's performances on the table it'll be interesting to see who makes it through and who gets evicted tonight...

The group song tonight was James Taylor's "Shower The People," a song that the Idols were allowed to accompany themselves with, the four boys and Lisa sitting there with their guitars while Jessica sang with soul and Ricky showed his voice is crumbling under the pressure while his case of "crazy eyes" seems to be getting worse.

Off the subject for a while, what do people think about these adverts about supposedly concerned McDonalds staff going on a road trip to prove that their food is healthy or not made of the leftovers of cows or that their chickens are actually real chickens? I've known a lot of McDonald employees over my lifetime, and none of them could give a crap about their food, nor about the rumours re their food... So why do people think we'd believe that some staff would care enough to do their own research?

Actually, now I think about it, what makes the advertisers believe that we'd even believe that the staff could read or are old enough to drive!!!???



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