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Jessica Mauboy
Song 01: Butterfly by Mariah Carey
Jessica hits the stage ll dolled out, her vocals are pretty quiet when she starts, almost sounding a little nervous, but perhaps that’s because she’s trying to build to a stronger finish. The performance was pretty much spot on vocally, which is hard to do given that it’s a Mariah song. Bit too much vocal gymnastics for me though, just gets in the way of a song.
Mark: what a great way to start viewers choice, the public got that so right, you did that really well, that was beautiful.
Marcia: that was incredible.
Kyle: as nice as you sung it, you looked a little uncomfortable in the beginning, you looked a little nervous. Beautifully sung, but I could see that you were feeling uncomfortable…

Song 02: Karma by Alicia Keys
This should suit Jessica a little better than Mariah, but then again it’s a lot of words to throw together and breathing becomes important. Vocally she seems to be enjoying herself more than the previous song, but then again there are parts where I wondered if she just missed a few words because her breathing wasn’t 100%. This is a fun song and the audience got into it, it was better than the previous performance but it wasn’t her best night.
Mark: Jess, I’d love to give you a touchdown but it wasn’t all there for me, but you are natural and I love you.
Marcia: I want you to know that that was the most comfortable and sassy I’ve seen you on stage, I want you to find that in our performance.
Kyle: I’m there with Marcia, performance tonight was perfect, it wasn’t your most seemless but it was great.

Chris Murphy
Song 01: Beautiful by Robbie Williams
Idol fans should know by now that you shouldn’t choose Robbie Williams songs for Idols to sing. That being said Chris doesn’t try to mimic Robbie instead he sits there with a piano and with a band that sounds like the bog band night with trumpets galore and sings a great version of the song. Half way through the song Chris leaves the piano to perform the rest of the song standing up , vocally this is a strong, but unstretched performance, nothing incredibly special, but he doesn’t fluff it completely up.
Mark: Right now you’re number 4 in the race, where did your brother come? Three? I just hope that the curse of Robbie Williams doesn’t haunt you.
Marcia: Well done
Kyle: To be quite honest I was quite disappointed by that, are you unwell or something?

Song 02: Mean to Me by Crowded House
This is an odd song choice again, not a hugely popular and well known song the audience participation is showing to be lacking. Chris took the stage with his electronic guitar and started the song with just him and his guitar, the band only kicked in wen the chorus took over. Vocally this is a fun performance and while he may not be all too well this is a good performance but it still lacks a huge belting…
Mark: That was a great choice for you, that’s one of the best versions of that song I’ve heard, I love your work.
Marcia: Its great to see a performer so comfortable with his guitar.
Kyle: That is you back in business, that was you all over…

Dean Geyer
Song 01: Dare You To Move by Switchfoot
Dean stands on stage with his guitar and starts the performance with just him and the guitar, the rest of the band kicks in after the first half of the verse. Vocally he sounds a little out of practice on the quieter noted and doesn’t sound like he’s in ful swing until he is able to sing louder, but even then he sounds out of key and nervous. There are parts where I think he forgot his lines, the performance unfortunately is a little out of pace and just doesn’t sound right at all…
Mark: I’m not sure how to handle that Dean, that was not a touchdown dean, you were under the note for a lot of the time, including in your lower nots but something just went off the tracks there.
Marcia: With all the performing and PR stuff you’re doing I don’t think that others understand what pressure you’re under. I think you did well.
Kyle: I worry sometimes that you give a half effort, Marcia and I think that you’re better than you think you are and you need to open up…

Song 02: Saving Me by Nickleback
He’s put his guitar away for this performance, it’s just him and his microphone doing what he does best, which is look good and sing semi-well. It’s an off night tonight for the Idols, Dean’s had one bad performance and this wont pull him out of the evening’s slump. Vocally he doesn’t seem comfortable but he still gets the girls screaming…
Mark: I don’t know whats up deano, but I was expecting serious jock rock, it’s like you’re holding back. I wish you luck and lets hope tht team Deano get behind you but that wasn’t nearly as hard rock as I wanted.
Marcia: I believe that you can win this thing, if you need to do a backflip again then do it, make us believe your performance.
Kyle: Is there something on your mind? Are you carrying too many monkeys around?

Damien Leith
Song 01: Crying by Roy Orbison
This is a song made for the crooner that is Damien, I think this has been the best audience choice thus far and might (and did) end up with him getting a touchdown. Standing by his microphone and not moving, while displaying a decent 3 day growth Damien uses his falsetto to hypnotise his audience and, might I add the ugly bugger may have pulled off the performance of the night, could he win?
Mark: Can I just say the viewers know exactly what works for you, I could have listened to that all summer, TOUCHDOWN
Marcia: What can we say? To have a gift like that it just swoons, it’s wonderful.
Kyle: You and I had a lot of talk at the Arias about what to do and what not to do and tonight you were absolutely aperfect.

Song 02: Hallelujah
This is a song that we’ve heard him sing before in the auditions back in Sydney, and back then that was enough to get him through to the finals, vocally this suits him to a tea and musically he plays this so well with just him and his guitar. The audience goes dead silent while he sang, which is a good sign, probably another touchdown, the only performer tonight that really deserved to be there… and might I add the final two notes WOW
Mark: You’re haunting mate, you’re stealing the show, you are absolutely stealing the show, TOUCHDOWN
Marcia: You know, I’m going to be as fair as I can be about this, I think you are setting an amazing precedent man and everyone’s going o have to step up.
Kyle: It’s clear that tonight you are the best on the show, tonight you have been the best.

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