Who will be crowned Australian Idol tonight?

Submitted by The Critic on Sun, 2006-11-26 18:57

So we're down to the final two and tonight, the Sydney Opera House once again plays host to the Australian Idol grand final where either Jessica Mauboy or Damien Leith will take home the same crown that Guy Sebastian, Casey Donovan and Kate DeAraugo have won over the last three years.

Who is your pick to take out the title of Australian Idol tonight?

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Final 4 - Audience Choice Final

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-11-06 00:30

Jessica Mauboy
Song 01: Butterfly by Mariah Carey
Jessica hits the stage ll dolled out, her vocals are pretty quiet when she starts, almost sounding a little nervous, but perhaps that’s because she’s trying to build to a stronger finish. The performance was pretty much spot on vocally, which is hard to do given that it’s a Mariah song. Bit too much vocal gymnastics for me though, just gets in the way of a song.
Mark: what a great way to start viewers choice, the public got that so right, you did that really well, that was beautiful.
Marcia: that was incredible.
Kyle: as nice as you sung it, you looked a little uncomfortable in the beginning, you looked a little nervous. Beautifully sung, but I could see that you were feeling uncomfortable…


Eighth Eliminiation Show - October 30 - Five Turns Into Four

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-10-30 19:06

GOING HOME: Ricky Muscat

Last night the Idols performed their favourite Aussie tracks, Jessica and Chris both received a touchdown while Ricky hit a low note causing a judge fight between Mark and Marcia, Damian brought out his piano and sang a sweet tune to put the oldies to sleep and Dean failed to pull the "big crowd pleasing note" out of his bottom and up the ante. Who will go home tonight, from the sidelienes it looks like it could be anyone's night, (although I'd like Ricky to go home soon)?

Tonight the Young Divas joined the crew on stage for a live performance of their soon to be released new single, and may I add that Ricki Lee is looking rather, well *cough* *ahem* while the top five performed a rather lack luster version of Eagle Rock. Alsot tonight we watched Idolcam go to the Arias and saw how the Idols experienced the evening...


Seventh Eliminiation Show - October 23 - Six Turns Into Five

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-10-23 19:28

GOING HOME: Lisa Mitchell

Last night the Idols gave the big band the workout as they chose a number of their favourite modern songs and twisted them in order for them to fit the swing beat. Yet, as there were no sure stand outs from last night's acts the question that noone seems to have an answer for is "who will be going home."

So, as the promotional tour of Andy G's hair, John Foreman's new television show, Kyle's big mouth and the Street Idol competition is used to fill in the spare air time the Idols sit there quiet, stunned, knowing that very soon (we hope) one of them will be heading home...


Sixth Eliminiation Show - October 16 - Seven Turns Into Six

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-10-16 19:01

GOING HOME: Bobby Flynn

Sorry about the technical difficulties peeps, but we're back on board now... (what technical difficulties you may well ask... well, I was in Sydney, then appin, then Sydney, then Melbourne and now I'm back home for the last two weeks). And after last night's performances and TWO touchdowns AND Tuesday's all originals concert we're back just in time for the competition to heat up.

Yes, Australia was presented with a world Idol first as the Idols were allowed to take tot he stage with their instruments (if their instrument is anything but their voice) and we saw all but two of the contestants hit the stage with their guitars...


If You Were To Replace Kyle...

Submitted by djwright on Wed, 2006-10-04 09:57

Kyle's come under attack recently for calling Jessica fat and again this week for referring to Bobby as a "Mong," a term that refers to mongoloids and has been used in the past as a label for people with Down Syndrome. To be frank I do not see what he offers to the show apart from bad publicity and a mug that's uglier than Mark Holden's. Where Dikko once was blunt he seemed fair being constructive rather than just saying "you're a loser" he would talk with the contestants and earn their respect. Where Marcia will apparently sit through the rehersals Kyle however apparently turns up 30 minutes before the show, enough time to get make up on and do a big crap I suppose. Where Mark offers the perspective of someone with years of experience recording and producing Kyle is a "shock jock" on a radio station, he basically plays the music he's told to and makes rude comments about people on his shit list for the day.


Fourth Eliminiation Show - October 02 - Nine Turns Into Eight

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-10-02 19:45

GOING HOME: Guy Mutton

Yes, the nice guy with a voice that could shake rooms, a head with hair that defies physics, a heart larger than Kyle's bum and a maturity that has impressed people all over the country is going home to re-join his band Soulframe and see what happens from here on in. No doubt we'll be seeing more of Mutto as his fanbase has grown over the last few weeks and that can only mean big things.

Farewell Mutto, we'll be seeing you around (Actually, I'll be seeing you at NCYC in January again...)

Apologies for not being around last night, While thecritic's been running around flirting with NZ Idol Finalists I've been camping at a arts and music festival all weekend long, hence my not being around for a live recap, I hope that thecritic's gonna be able to do one later this week for people to comment on, but until then let us know here what you thought of last night... and of tonight's eviction.


Third Eliminiation Show - September 25 - Ten Turns Into Nine

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-09-25 23:33

GOING HOME: Klancie Keough

Did you hear that sound? that was the sound of sheer fear as thousands of screaming, delirious, teenage, hormonal women realised that their worst ever fear was possible, Dean Geyer was in this week's bottom three! The sound of fear and the long silence that lasted the length of an advert break was almost unbearable as Australia waited to hear if it was going to be a goodbye to Klancie or to Dean, two performers that had enamored themselves to the Australian public in the last few weeks.

The sound was shortly followed by a deafening scream of joy and a soft sigh as the announcement of Klancie's demise was broadcast nation wide. The teenage girls screaming for joy that is and a number of hormonal and slightly deaf country men sighing at the sight of Klancie singing her final song.


Final Three - Top 10 Performances - September 24 2006

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-09-25 01:02

Voting Details:

Last week the top eleven became the top ten as we bid farewell to Reigan Derry after she received the lowest number of votes after her Rock performance the night before. Tonight the top ten will battle it out while singing some of Australia’s top musical hits in tonight’s top 1 hits show.